The tax cut bill the Republicans like isn’t gonna make American’s happy…

In their rush to something…ANYTHING passed?

They are working to anger the very people they SAY they are trying help?

“Why are you going to lower their taxes?” Stephens said, naming some wealthy auto-titan families as examples as he waited for his turn to bowl Wednesday night. “The level of lifestyle that they have versus everyone else — why do they need that? It’s not that big of an impact for them, but for someone making $30,000 a year? That would have a huge impact on them.”

Here in the Detroit suburbs and across the country, many voters say they view the Republican tax plan as a giveaway for the rich that will benefit only a small number of people in the long run. Trump and prominent members of his party promise that the cuts will spur economic growth — leading to more jobs and better pay — but many voters say they are skeptical that will actually happen.

Polls consistently show that more Americans oppose the tax plan than support it — including, most recently, a Quinnipiac survey in November that showed that for every two people who disapproved of the plan, only one supported it. That poll found that fewer than 1 in 6 Americans expect their taxes to be reduced, while more than twice that many expect their taxes to go up. When it comes to just Republicans, a third expect to personally get a tax cut….


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  1. Treasury Admits Tax Plan Won’t Pay for Itself
    Matthew Yglesias: “The administration’s analysis claims, basically, that the tax cuts would pay for themselves if and only if they are paired with a bunch of other ideas congress already rejected.”


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