Donald Trump IS very unpopular…

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The Gallup polling outfit has a running averages poll about President Donald Trump’s approval with the American people…..

While Trump might have the support of Republicans locked up?

He is breaking new records in NOT having the approval of MOST Americans….He took the record from Beorge W. Bush….

In the Gallup tracking poll as I type this (12/3/17)?

Donald Trump’s approval number is 33%…..

His disapproval number is 62%…..

Republicans seem to own this dishonor, eh?

Days to hit 62% disapproval (Gallup)

Carter: Never

Reagan: Never

H.W. Bush: Never

Clinton: Never

W. Bush: 1,932

Obama: Never

Trump: 316


3 thoughts on “Donald Trump IS very unpopular…”

  1. I think all one needs to do is look at the recent Virginia legislative election to see that even gerrymandering cannot protect many Republicans next year.

    Nothing in politics is a certainty, but one thing for sure. The growing list of Republican retirees is proof that many establishment GOP Members would rather hit the exit doors than face the voters next year.

    You can be assured that the Trump investigation, and his unpredictable behavior, will keep the outrage going into the midterms. I have never had such success making calls for the Boxer PAC here in California (a PAC focused on flipping seven seats here in California alone). People don’t ask questions, they just write checks. But, more importantly, there are people organizing in each of these seven districts before the Democrats even settle on a candidate. Couple that with the fact that there should be an all Democratic finish for the top jobs here in California (Governor, Senate, and State offices) and the Republicans might simply be wiped out next year as a party here. We shall see. Lots of people working on it.

  2. As to the upcoming midterms however,the question is whether Trumps personal unpopularity carries over to Republicans in general.

    That is still a big unknown.

    These generic polls mean little,in my view.They are too heavily influenced by anti Trump feeling.

    When confronted with the choice between voting Democratic or Republican for either the House or the Senate ,will this anti Trump feeling be the deciding factor or will the anti Trump voter seperate the individual Republican candidate from his party leader?

    1. I hear ya Jack on the midterms….

      But with better candidates, history and unpopular moves by the GOP led Congress and my expceted Trump crash and burn throwdown from Mueller I’d bet on the House going back to Pelosi….

      The Senate NOPE…

      McConnell should still have the gavel…

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