New poll has Democrat Doug Jones ahead in Alabama US Senate race…..

The race IS close….

A new Washington Post-Schar School poll in Alabama finds Doug Jones (D) leading Roy Moore in the U.S. Senate race, 50% to 47%.

“The survey shows that allegations of improper sexual behavior against Moore, a former Alabama chief justice, hang heavily over a race that would favor a Republican under ordinary circumstances in this deeply conservative state.”


The RealClear Politics average for the race has Moore up +2.5 at this time

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73 thoughts on “New poll has Democrat Doug Jones ahead in Alabama US Senate race…..”

    1. Kyle Griffin via Twitter

      Trump hits his record-low approval and record-high disapproval again with Gallup.

      33 Approve
      62 Disapprove
      NET -29

      1. Pay Little Attention to the Alabama Polls

        By Taegan Goddard
        Politico: “Roy Moore appears to have inched back in front of Democrat Doug Jones in the latest Alabama Senate election polls, according to the oft-cited RealClearPolitics average — a change in fortune from mid-November, when sexual misconduct allegations against Moore first surfaced. The reality? No one really has a clue about where things stand with Alabama voters in the December 12 special election.”

        “For all the national attention and the millions of dollars spent to win the seat, there’s relatively little public polling in the contest. Only three public surveys in the average have been conducted since the Thanksgiving holiday, and odds are you’ve never heard of two of the three pollsters. And that’s precisely the problem. The most important and closely watched election in the nation is taking place in the equivalent of a polling black box.”

        G. Elliot Morris: The media stopped covering Roy Moore’s sex scandal, then he bounced back.

          1. The lid is off in the Alabama Senate race..
            It is reported that the RNC is back in the race helping Moore….

            I don’t want to hear any more shit about Franken or Conyers quoting

  1. Yeah all that talk from CG about how the Republican were going to do this and that surely rings hollow now.

    They are all in with the child molester.

    Just another example ,

    Conservatism is bunk.

  2. I wonder how many more times CG will be fooled.

    It cracks me up how just a couple weeks ago he said us. Democrats really wanted Moore to win so we could unfairly say the GOP was all in with a child molester even though such men of principle like McConnell and Orrin Hatch were the only ones who wanted to actually deny him a seat.

    My guess is CG will steer clear today to avoid eating crow–hoping there will be another Al Franken story.

  3. You do want Moore to win and you mischaracterized what McConnell said. He said it is up to the people and then the Ethics Committee should do what is appropriate.

    But in any event, since Moore being seated, if he wins, is what you all think is appropriate, how do you have any room to complain on this?

    I hope the site issues get resolved here. It’s very hard to post otherwise.

  4. Yes I sent money to Jones because I want Moore to win.

    I. Want. Moore. To. Lose.

    BUT if he wins?
    Your goddamned straight I’m going to say he is the Republicans problem

    They bought him. They own him.

    So I “mischaracterized” McConnell. Please explain how he has not backtracked.

    You are in denial here CG.

  5. Again. You are in denial over what your party is in the South. But keep blaming Democrats, Al Franken and Jimmy Kimmel. Yeah we are the ones that made a homophobic bigoted child molester more acceptable than soneone who prosecuted the KKK to Alabama Republicans.

    Gimme a damn break!

  6. McConnell wants Moore to lose to the Democrat. He is smart enough to realize that he is an issue in that race and a lightning rod for Moore supporters and thus he is acting accordingly.

    The RNC, which is controlled by Trump, is back supporting Moore financially. Shame on them. The NRSC which is controlled by McConnell is not. The difference is clear. McConnell said on the Sunday show that the Ethics Committee will need to act if Moore wins. If that happens and the GOP majority does not move forward appropriately on Moore and Franken, then I will criticize them for that. However, it is impossible for the Democrats here who have said that if Moore wins, “the people have spoken”, and that should be it, to take any other position. If you want to be honest, you would say the Republicans would be doing the right thing in dropping it if Moore wins. But the hypocrisy knows no bounds.

    I want to know if Scott would vote for a Democrat pedophile from back then as long as they opposed the tax reform bill over a conservative Republican who supported that legislation.

    Something tells me that pedophilia would take a backseat for him, just like it does for the Moore apologists.

    james, the email leak issue is not solved and the other changes done to the site since yesterday are not improvements. Sorry.

  7. The box was auto-filled with someone else’s name and email address.

    Yes, people can post, but it is *much* harder to keep up with the discussion if the comments are not lineal or chronological but instead jump all over the place as “replies.” A lot of other sites have that, but that is why I do not comment or read those regularly. It’s must too frustrating to be worth the bother.

    Also, I am pretty sure most people rely on “Recent Comments” on the right to read along, and instead of the first few words of the new comment appearing, it is just saying who commented on what headline, so there is really no way of knowing if it is “new” or not, without clicking.

  8. Would you vote for the conservative Republican over them who took positions you find wrong?

    I have said (even before the pedophilia story came out) that I would vote for Jones in this situation against Moore.

  9. Yes. I would hate to have to make that choice if a bill as truly awful as this one is in the balance. However to have a child molester Senator would not only be personally reprehensible to me it would make my state a laughingstock.

    Now if the choice were between Al Franken and a conservative Republican in favor of this giveaway to the rich I would wish there were another Democrat running but I would vote Franken if he were the nominee.

    I’m sure you’ll rip me for that but child abuse is far worse.

  10. ok, so you would vote for a conservative Republican over a Democrat version of Moore but not over Franken and you would explain it to his female victims as thus. Ok.

  11. I’m pretty sure you would vote for a Republican groper of adult women who supported Republican tax cuts over a liberal Democrat who wanted single payer and supported the Iran deal.

    But this is all hypothetical.

    Republicans are all in on a child molester

    That much is true today.

  12. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t. If it was about the tax cuts, I’d vote for the Democrat as a protest. Since the Iran vote would be a bridge too far, I would write someone in.

  13. Donald Trump and his fans are in on Moore.

    Others, like Mitt Romney are most certainly not, and deserve the recognition of separation when you refer to “Republicans.” McConnell and most other Senate Republicans are most certainly not saying that Alabamians should vote for Moore. They don’t want them too. It just is a shame that the one Democrat there that can stop Moore is so liberal he cannot even try to appeal to disaffected conservatives.

    That is why in a traditional one on one race in 2020, Trump would at least be even money to win again at this point.

  14. So if you’d write in a candidate against a groper but vote for the opposition candidate against a child molester you agree there are nuances and degrees of wrongdoing then.

    Again this is all hypothetical and a diversion from the FACT that the Republican Party has completely backtracked and now supports bigoted homophobic child molesting Roy Moore for the US Senate.

  15. The facts don’t bear that out. When the party’s Senate leader, most elected officials, and the NRSC are not explicitly supporting a nominee, it’s fairly unprecedented, and that is what is happening here.

    We can see what happens in the election and what might happen afterwards. I think McConnell knows that the more he goes after Moore publicly before the vote, the more votes Moore is going to get.

    It is also immensely true that the actions and stubbornness of Franken, Conyers, et al on the other side of the aisle, and the inaction and equivocation of Democrats are going to bank Roy Moore votes he would not have otherwise gotten. Blame the voters for that, but the key to politics is understanding voter behavior whether you agree with it or not.

  16. I do give Mitt Romney props on his continued opposition to Moore while the rest of his party folds like a cheap suit. . It may coat him a Senate seat as Orrin Hatch now seems on board with Moore too saying the allegations were a long time ago. Trump definitely wants Hatch to run again to screw Mitt.

    As for what McConnell ‘wants”–who gives a damn. The man is spineless. This is playing out exactly as I said it would and exactly the way GOP opposition to Trump melted in the weeks after the Access Hollywood tape. It’s laughable how in denial you are over that.

  17. We don’t know how it will “play out” until after the election. We knew that Moore would be too stubborn to quit and nobody here really expected Trump to push him out, because of his own history.

    There isn’t really anything else McConnell can do at this point except hope Moore loses, and he should not be doing anything to counter that.

  18. and in spite of your “props” to him, if Mitt Romney were to become the Republican Senate nominee in Utah, based on your past posts, you still would want ads to be run against him calling him a pedophile by association. Or are you going to backtrack on that now too?

  19. In the case of Mitt I’d rather highlight his position on the extremely unpopular but very Republican tax bill.

    But anyone who chooses to run as a Republican next year will have to answer to how his or her party capitulated on a child molester.

    1. Trump the ‘hands’ guy endorsing a guy who was running around with teenagers….

      The Grand Ole’ party of ‘morals’?

  20. So, yes, you still would be ok with calling him a child molester and you do not see how that cheapens such a label and makes it easier for the Roy Moores of the world.

    Anything though to fight for those higher taxes!

    What is Romney’s position on the bill by the way and how do you know?

  21. Oh please with the dramatics. I never said Romney should be called a child molester.

    I said the Republican Party will face questions over how they backtracked on having a child molester as their nominee.

    And they will. As much as you want the party to spmehpw be above it all they aren’t. You lie with dogs you get fleas. Not to denigrate flea ridden dogs by comparing them to a creep like Roy Moore.

  22. I don’t know Romney’s position on the tax bill. 51 of 52 Senate Republicans supported it so….

    And are you for or against it?

  23. That’s hypocritical of you though because you keep saying we should respect what the voters say. He became the nominee before those allegations came out publicly. You said Republicans were stuck with him because he won the primary and you were opposed to any effort to postpone the election, etc. If he wins, you say oppose any effort by Republicans to keep him out of the Senate or kick him out.

    So, as long as you want Republicans to backtrack on this, which based on your previous posts you believe they should, it’s complete hypocrisy, once again.

  24. I know Jeb came out in favor of it, which I think is a plus for the effort. I don’t think Romney has taken a formal position. It’s in Conference Committee now. I don’t have an official position but the hysterics about how this bill signals the end of the Republic is a bit much. It’s phony outrage designed to rile up a dispirited Democrat base that has lost so many elections.

    If nothing else, you know how we felt when Obamacare passed.

  25. I’m talking about the mage of the party in the voters minds.

    Would it have been so hard for McConnell and the RNC to simply do what GHW Bush did in 1991 and endorse the Democrat over a seriously flawed GOP nominee?

    It would have pissed off Trump and Steve Bannon but either way the Alabama race turned out they could say they didn’t sacrifice their opposition to pedophilia over one vote

  26. The RNC is controlled by Trump, not McConnell.

    Gardner, head of the NRSC, (subject to the leadership of McConnell) is sticking by his position that they cannot support Moore and that Moore should be expelled if he wins. You do not. You think Moore should serve if he wins

    I do not believe GHWB formally endorsed Edwin Edwards in 1991. That race of course turned out to not even be close, unlike what is likely here.

  27. james, can you see how unwieldy this new “reply” system is instead of the way you have always had it? (I know you briefly considered changing it before only to change your mind when people complained.)

    Also, is what I said about the format of the “Recent Comments” something that made sense?

    1. Actually CG?

      The other regulars handle the separate posts commenting pretty well…

      The recent comments give everyone who has answered what and ideas when people are on the site…

      I know it’s not perfect …
      And I am working on the leaking email issue …
      But I don’t want to bust the site…
      Please be patient…

  28. “If nothing else you know how we felt when Obamacare passed”

    Obamacare meant millions of Americans would get health care. The Trump tax cut means millionaires can write off their private planes (while teachers can’t write off school supplies)

    You are definitely still a Republican!!

  29. GHW Bush did endorse Edwards in 1991–he said something along the lines of “what other choice is there”.
    McConnell coukd have done the same.

    I think the will of the voters should be honored.
    Even if I find that decision odious.
    Not doing so sets a dangerous precedent.

  30. Apparently, the Senate bill not only included the school supply write-off provision, but increased it.

    But never let the facts get in the way of a talking point.

  31. The other “regulars” can chime in on the changes involving the reply option (and the change in how Recent Comments are presented), but in regards to the reply change, I would have joined Red Racing Horses years ago if not for their having that system.

    If other people decide they prefer it this new way, then that’s great for them, but as a “consumer” it really, really makes it far more uncomfortable to take part and I will have to decide if it is worth it.

      1. Some GFOPer’s in Alabama still DO have morals….


        Jordain Carney‏
        Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby asked if he has any regrets on not voting for Roy Moore: “None. None.”

  32. Well forgive me for being wrong about sinevof the details of a bill that was still being hastily hand written hours before being passed.

    Speaking of Obamacare Republicans lambasted Pelosi for saying “we have to pass it to see what’s in it”–but does anyone think for a minute Republicans read this tbing before it was passed??

    And if you support this bill–as it sounds like you do–you have no standing to talk about the debt or the deficit considering the trillion and a half this adds to it!

  33. They all look like hypocrites. I don’t know if I support it or not, but no offense, I really can’t take your denunciations of it seriously, when you never even attempt to back anything up (except for one time you linked a Mother Jones article) and when you can be so easily fact-checked on the claims you made, such as the school supply thing.

    I am going to lunch. When I check in later, I imagine I will have no idea how to catch up with comments, assuming there are going to be any.

    When it comes to blogs, change is not always better…

  34. We all should ignore it, but if it gets used, we are going to completely miss the post, if what we are used to is scrolling to the end of a thread to see newer comments.

    I am sure james will examine all of this and do what is right for his consumers.

  35. Here’s my favorite quote on the Roy Moore issue.

    “There are a lot of non accusers who haven’t accused Roy Moore of anything.”

    Maybe Franken and Conyers ought to join in with that “logic?”

  36. Yeast but those were colleagues .Whioe I regard that as of no value to him, I could see some friends backing a transgressors up.Moores buddies have done the same.

    The idiocy of this comment is that ,presumably, all of us,indeed everyone except for his several “accusers” are in the group known as “non accusers.”

    I will admit that Roy Moore has never done anything to me ,nor to anyone I know.

  37. The latest updates (via Ron G’s Twitter feed) have McConnell being more emphatic than ever today in saying that if Moore wins, he will face an Ethics inquiry.

    Those here on the left will insist that such a thing is inappropriate because “the voters have spoken” and any criticism of McConnell will be for his wanting to get rid of the pedophile, not for wanting to have him or keep him.

    1. Who are you referring to? I don’t have a problem with Moore (or Trump or Franken) facing an ethics inquiry. There should be consequences for what they did – and removal from key committees should be considered. We differ only in that I believe more strongly in a democracy than you do. I don’t believe that Trump’s sexual groping is grounds for impeachment. It is only grounds to not vote for him. His treason, though, is.

      1. Some observations that are sure to set the house on fire…..

        No one is ‘responsible ‘ for people they vote for…

        Those elected are responsible for their OWN. Actions…

        If the guy leading the party is in a Alternate Universe WTF does most of the party people follow him?
        Is it party/seat ..or are you elected to help ALL the people in ur state….not just the one from your party(political ethics 101?)

        Being a lawmakers means you don’t do the ‘ WHOLE PICTURE?’

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