Less than 2 weeks from Alabama US Senate Special election…Close w/ Moore ahead …

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The RealClear Politics Average has Republican Roy Moore up by +2…

A pro-Trump outfit is out with two polls.…One from Nov. 13 to Nov. 16 with Democratic Doug Jones up by +8% pts…and a second poll from Nov. 26 to Nov. 28 with Moore up by 2%pts….

Almost all of the polling after Nov.16 show Roy Moore ahead by 2% to 6%….


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14 thoughts on “Less than 2 weeks from Alabama US Senate Special election…Close w/ Moore ahead …”

    1. Note…


      Nate Silver‏
      The conventional wisdom was overreaching on Doug Jones’s chances 2 weeks ago, and is maybe now overcompensating by declaring the race over.

      Moore is the favorite—and probably has always been the favorite—but lots of uncertainty because that electorate is hard to poll.

  1. I have a tough job dealing with dysfunction every day as a PO in Family Court…

    But as I was just on this site the days events really sickened me, I got a kid who is 15 years old and she had friends in her home and one of them had sex with her 28 year old brother…Rape in 2nd…

    In My mind I replaced Roy Moore’s name with the man’s and said US Senator…That is truly a sickening thought…

  2. Truthfully though, as we have seen in our own backyard…they voted for a local guy that doesn’t have a good rep with women based on his Domestic Violence…so unfortunately it aint just Alabama…though I would hope people of New York wouldn’t elect a known pedophile….

    1. I told you so….

      The same refrain

      Might be trouble

      But the person is our trouble….

      Another version?

      The devil you know

      Not the devil u DON’T KNOW

  3. Ted Cruz says the Senate should respect the will of Alabama voters if Roy Moore is elected in 10 days.

    So much for Senate Republicans being the “only ones” opposed to Moore serving in the Senate

    Yesterday there was discussion of Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. If you believe in those two still you probably still hold to the belief that McConnell and Senate Republicans will be the white knights to “save” our country from a Sen Roy Moore.

  4. Personally, I find the talk of the Senate not allowing Moore to serve after he is elected rather disturbing. People from
    both parties should demand it. If we continue to ditch our Democratic principles, then who knows where we are headed?

    Until then, maybe Moore can still be defeated. If McConnell wants Moore to lose, he should do so by endorsing Jones.

  5. McConnell is now backing off his promise not to seat Roy Moore if he wins saying it should be up to the people of Alabama.

    I told CG this would wind up being the case.

    1. Nothing like finally winning something to get the ole timer to fall in line, eh?

      Asked if he believes Roy Moore (R) should be in the U.S. Senate under a cloud of child molestation allegations, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) told ABC News, “I’m going to let the people of Alabama make the call.”

      (It’s like the Borg…’Resistance is futile’)

    1. The polling kinda points this way….

      Moore WAS losing two weeks ago…

      But the Republicans (Unlike the Democrats) have seemed to be able to get their voters to focus on the end game….
      A GOP Conservative senator from Alabama ….

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