Senate and House Mandates annual Sexual Harassment Training…

Will it stop lawmakers advances?

Or is this just window dressing?

The House on Wednesday adopted by voice vote a resolution that would require all House employees — including all members — to be trained annually on workplace harassment and discrimination.

The bipartisan measure comes on the heels of allegations against Democratic Rep. John Conyers Jr. of Michigan, the longest serving member in Congress, and Democratic Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota. As those cases work through the congressional ethics process, there’s a renewed focus on how sexual harassment can be reported on Capitol Hill.

“We must make it easier for women to come forward, provide them an advocate or counsel,” said sponsor Barbara Comstock, a Virginia Republican, during a brief floor debate. “We need to have a prohibition on any kind of member-staff relationship with subordinates; no taxpayer settlements, and transparency and accountability about who are the harassers.”…


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105 thoughts on “Senate and House Mandates annual Sexual Harassment Training…”

  1. The more they say, especially the “GOP Establishment” types, the more they fire up Moore’s voters. Maybe they are thinking of that.

    That crowd is pissed that Republicans are calling for Moore to leave at the same time they are being far more circumspect about Franken.

  2. It’s still 12 days till the election. Already Collins is saying they can’t deny him a seat and Mo Brooks is vociferously defending him. The latter is a definite kook, but the former just seems resigned to it. McConnell will likely echo what Collins is saying–“oh well, nothing I can do”

  3. Yeah so?

    It wasn’t me who babbled that garbage about Ryan really believing about what was in Trumps heart.

    The point is you know it’s bs but still,because he’s aRepublican, whom you like, you try to make some mushy response that he really believed it.

    I never defended Pelosi or Clyburn so what does that have to do with anything I said?

    Paul Ryan was trying to placate Trump and his supporters.Thats all but you just can’t help yourself.

  4. That’s the same thing they have been saying and I believe Collins has said he should leave the race, as I believe almost every current GOP Senator has.

    I guess time will tell, but if Moore wins, I believe that there will be an effort led by McConnell to expel him, and you folks can align yourselves with the small minority of Americans, most of which are Republicans Trump fans, who believe that Moore should not be kicked out under that circumstance.

  5. The only person doing a whole lot of talking about this not seating a victorious Moore is CG.

    I think you’ve summed it up pretty well Scott.

  6. I told you this would happen CG. And you were comically stating that Senate Republicans were the real heroes in that they would be the only ones to stop Moore if Democrats secret wish came true and he won.

  7. I believe Ryan has had private conversations with Trump when he comes away saying, “yeah, he means well (at least on some things)” and I bet Chuck and Nancy have had the same thoughts. They basically said as much at a press conference a couple months back after he sided with them.

  8. What do you think Mitch McConnell wants to happen with Moore?

    I still do not think you people see the big picture. What it sounds like to me is that you actually want Moore to win, so you can run the “all Republicans are pedophiles” tv ads, including against 73 year old moderate Republican grandmothers running for Ste. Genevieve County Council in Missouri.

  9. No I want Jones to win. I’ve sent him money–not much but some.

    If Moore wins though I won’t feel a damn bit bad about making he and Trump the face of the GOP next year.

    73 yr old grandmothers in Ste Genevieve notwithstanding.

  10. My position was and continues to be that Democrats and the Jones campaign in Alabama should get their act together, instead of blowing this golden opportunity like it appears they want to, and win the race. Since the will of the voters will have spoken, and there is no reason to deny Jones a Senate seat, he would then be seated, until 2020, when I assume a Republican with far less baggage would unseat him.

  11. Money isn’t going to be the reason Jones wins or loses. He seems to have a money advantage, and all the out of state librul money going to him may have the reverse effect.

    It would have been more effective in regards to the Alabama race for liberals across the country to have saved their money and instead called Al Franken’s office and said, “Al, dude, we love you, but you gotta go… right now.. Lay low for a couple years and we will sign up for your podcast.”

  12. How politically dumb is Doug Jones for not calling for Franken to resign while on the campaign trail. Is he even doing so today as new accusers pile up by the hour?

    He should have been on this day from Day 1, tying Moore to Franken (whether you folks think its fair or not) and saying he will “drain the swamp” of pedos and gropers.

    Is he worried that if he wins , it will be awkward between him and Al in the Senate?

  13. Jones and the Democrats aren’t blowing anything. They are outspending Moore and working like crazy to elect him.

    If he loses I will put the blame solely on the voters of Alabama who will have decoded they would rather have a bigoted child molesting Republican than a Democrat who worked for civil rights.

  14. They are b.l.o.w.i.n.g. it.

    Jones should at least lie and say he has one conservative position. He can’t even say that abortions in the 9th month are wrong? He needs to get Republican votes. Bill Clinton would have taken a fake position in a heartbeat to try to win.

  15. Did Doug Jones even watch the Iron Bowl?

    Was he there outside the stadium trying to get votes or was he at a feminist poetry reading?

  16. Again your silly notion that voters in Alabama were all set to reject a bigoted child molester except that the other candidate didn’t call on Al Franken to resign for much much lesser offenses involving ADULT women.

  17. OK, I wanted to be fair, so I looked it up. Doug Jones did attend the Iron Bowl. Roy Moore likely stayed away because the cheerleaders were too old.

    Still, it was not a good look for Jones to ask when the goalkeeper was coming on the pitch or if Barry Manilow would be performing at Halftime.

  18. Nobody should vote for Moore (for various reasons), but you just do not see how the defense mechanism of “they were over 18, it’s not as bad” comes across.

    Just.let.Franken.go. Resist all urges to defend him in anyway (it’s not like he facing criminal prosecution or a lawsuit) I know he’s a hero, but there are and will be other leftists to root for. I would be willing to bet that Elizabeth Warren never tried to force herself on anyone.

  19. Apparently Moore taught a class 5 yrs ago where he said women shouldn’t run for public office. Ironic that the tide started turning in his favor when the female Republucan Governor of Alabama endorsed him–even though she says she believes he molested a 14 yr old.

    Alabama Republicans have to be about the most despicable knuckle draggers outside of the Trump family.

  20. How come Kirsten Gillibrand, who said two weeks ago that Bill Clinton should have resigned as President for the way he reacted when Monica Lewinsky voluntarily showed him her thong cannot bring herself to say that Franken should resign for touching several women against their will, even still today?

    Is she worried her fundraising is going to dry up? Franken is far more valuable to Democrats in 2017 than Bill Clinton is apparently.

  21. Child molestation is worse and always criminal but that does not mean we have to in any minimize the abuse of adult women (or men) by comparison.

    My assumption is that an adult woman is far more likely to run into these problems in the workplace than a child is to be the victim of a predator. There should be zero tolerance across the board.

  22. I’m not Kristin Gillibrand

    If we are talking about “defense mechanisms” your reflexive ones regarding the multiple accusations against GHW Bush certainly don’t help your cause.

  23. GHW Bush is not in office, so he has nothing to resign from. If he was in office, I would think he should resign because he is not in the best condition to serve.

    I disapprove of what he might have done in limited occasions from his wheelchair, but understanding the narrative of what his spokesman said happened, I cannot put it on the same level. I also believe he has been the target of false accusations in regards to previous encounters for people who have political agendas, and I have given my reasons why.

    Both liberals and conservatives could be falsely accused and if they are, they should be defended. Look at the instance this week of Project Veritas trying to put forth a false accusation against Moore, in order to entrap the Washington Post, and then having it backfire on them.

  24. For instance, I reflexively defended Hillary Clinton when she was accused of being part of a child sex operation out of a pizza place or that she was involved in the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich. The same kind of people who made those accusations are among those saying that Hillary-voting GHWB groped them years ago. So, it makes me very skeptical.

    I also had dozens and dozens of posts last year on another website about how the claim made by a woman that “Hillary Clinton got my rapist off and laughed about it” regarding something that she did as a lawyer in the 1970s, was completely unfair to Hillary.

  25. I don’t define the wheelchair incidents as sexual assault, which I would define what happened between Franken and Tweeden. There might be nuance in his photo-op stuff too, but he would have had far less excuses. With Bush in the wheelchair, his version was that the incidents occurred after he made unintentional physical contact and he tried to play if off as a joke. Franken might have just been grabby as a much younger person in better health.

    But, assuming that GHWB is of sound mind (many people over 90 are not) I say, “Bad Poppy! Don’t ever do that to anyone again.”

  26. There’s a new poll by a pro. Trump group that shows Moore and Jones basically tied. For all his projections that we Democrats want to see Moore elected so we can make him the face of the GOP CG sure seems to be reveling in the idea of a Jones loss.

    Oh sure he says he wants Moore to lose but the prospect of a Democrat losing is just too tasty for him to pass up. Also he can’t seem to blame voters who would pick a bigoted child molester over a candidate who might have *gasp* read feminist poetry.

    I think he needs to go down there and see what these folks are REALLY like

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