NY Giants Bench Eli Manning…Will go with Geno Smith….


Plenty of Big Blue alumni are questioning the way the Giants decided to bench Eli Manning.


I have been preaching that old Eli Manning is long gone….

NY Giants fans that I talk to think the guy is the second coming…

He isn’t…

The two time Super Bowl ring guy has long passed his peak….

In a team with just two wins in the session ?

It is rocket science that a coach putin his other quarterbacks….

Yesterday the sports talking heads were complaining about two things…..

Eli’s number of consecutive game starting numbers and Geno Smith….

This dog really doesn’t care….

Eli needs to take a rest….


For next season?

The NY Giants need to get rid of the coach, and general manager….

They need to draft a moving QB and go on a search for Offensive linemen…..

The NY Giants need a future….

That future does not include Eli Manning…..

The Giants are benching Eli Manning to start Geno Smith on Sunday in Oakland and to play Davis Webb at some point late this season too.

“Geno will start this week,” McAdoo said in a statement Tuesday. “Over the last five games, we will take a look at Geno, and we will also give Davis an opportunity.”…



9 thoughts on “NY Giants Bench Eli Manning…Will go with Geno Smith….”

  1. There’s no way that Geno Smith is going to give the Giants any more of a chance of winning than Eli Manning at this point. He’s not their QB of the future.

    So, if they are just declaring this a lost season, why not just play the rookie Davis Webb and see what they have?

    If Eli goes somewhere else next year and revives his career, the Giants will feel very foolish of course.

    1. I am happy the Giants are looking at the future
      If Smith wins one or more of the next five games
      Of Webb
      Then McAdoo is a hero
      But Eli’s playing days are numbered
      And the Giants need to go forward
      The two rings don’t = Wins TODAY…

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