Democrats turn on their own…..

Donald Trump and ray Moore have been acused of misdeeds that make John  Conyers and Al Franken look like Boy Scouts….Yet?

Democrats are now going after their people while the above Republicans  march on….

Republicans are STILL beating on Nancy Pelosi…..

If it hasn’t become clear to you ?….It should….

Republicans want to win and keep their power…

They don’t give a shit about much of anythibng else….

If you show weakness?

They will pounce on you and then do it again….

Democrats on the other hand?

They are doubting and worried about doing the ‘right thing’…..

No woman should be subject to these actions…..

But the spotlight should apply equally to Democratic lawmakers, Republicans lawmakers , Media guys and YES…..Even a NY Real Estate guy who fell into the American Presidency….

The sexual harrasment wave has changed directions….

The media is now featuring the daily male news anchor that is getting fired along with  Republicans and Democratic talking points against Conyers and Franken and yes…Pelosi….

While Donald Trump is working hard against his Grand Ole’ party?

Democrats are working hard to support them….

Go Figure?


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50 thoughts on “Democrats turn on their own…..”

  1. This rant is largely incomprehensible and I do not expect much in the way of comments from james’ liberal allies.

    I think it’s sad that he has to look at this as a contest or that the term “Boy Scout” could be used to describe the actions of John Conyers or that Democrats should let him off the hook for partisan reasons. Who cares what Moore did or what Trump might have done as a comparison? Bad is bad and the victims of Conyers or those who were assaulted or felt mistreated by Franken should not be dismissed just because james views everything as “all is fair in politics” which he used to justify his cheering on the deliberate slanders of Harry Reid.

  2. “Bad is bad”

    Sorry while I may not agree that Franken or Conyers are “boy scouts” there is a difference between touching a grown woman’s butt in a photo op (as both Al Franken and GHW Bush have been accused of multiple times) and molesting a 14 yr old girl as the Republican nominee for Senate in Alabama us accused of doing.

    No it’s not a “contest”–just as it’s not a contest between someone who shoplifts a few items and one who steals millions ala Bernie Madoff. But there are degrees of difference. The shop owner is not “dismissed” if the person who stole a loaf of bread isn’t sent to the same prison as an embezzler who runs off with people’s retirement money.

  3. Franken was accused of more than the butt grabbing, and it is less circumstantial than the evidence against Moore (and I do not believe Moore is innocent, but just stating a fact)

    The entire crux of james rant seems to be that Conyers should be left alone and that Nancy Pelosi should be above criticism for the way she went on tv to defend Conyers and dismiss his female accusers.

    Bernie Madoff and shoplifters should all be held accountable to the law. A shoplifter doesn’t get to say to a cop or a jury, “hey compared to Bernie Madoff, I’m a Boy Scout!”

  4. I think Conyers should resign and I think Pelosi should encourage him to do so.

    As to your last paragraph I’d like to see someone with experience in courtroom proceedings (i.e. Jack) address that.

  5. Not as an attorney necessarily ,but just common sensically ,I think one would understand the difference between a shoplifter who momentarily deprives a store of a commodity and an embezzler who cost some their life’s savings.

  6. Does a shop lifter not have to make restitution? They can’t just say, “hey, I reject being prosecuted or being held responsible because Bernie Madoff is worse.”

    The management of the store can certainly bar the offender from returning which would be an equivalent of Congress acting on Conyers or others.

  7. I was talking about the penalty therefor.

    There is a great deal of difference between making restitution and maybe attending a diversion program(common sentences for shoplifters) and spending years in prisoners Maddow is doing.

    That was my response to Scott’s inquiry of me.

  8. I would like james, or anyone else who feels the same way, to state the rationale for why Conyers should not resign from Congress or face disciplinary action by Congress.

    1. Conyers Will go before a group of his peers….
      He made a deal with the party involved…
      I believe the case is over….

      He has stepped down from a minority chair spot for the time being….

      My feeling is that his peers will NOT take away his job..
      To do so would let the genie out of the box and other lawmakers of both parties could
      Then be expected to lose their jobs…
      The collateral damage could be extensive

      Censure on his record is about it….

      Of course if Conyers is dragged thru the mud?
      Then Trump will be also for his actions???

      1. If Conyers says he’ll quit next year?

        Let‘s wait and see what happens?


        It’s about quitting
        NOT getting fired by the House or Senate..

  9. Conyers will be gone soon. Nancy will take the necessary steps to “remove” him, and Franken is being investigated. There is a thing called process.

    And, if Moore is elected, the Republicans will seat him, and not use the process to deny a pedophile a seat in Congress.

    There are huge differences between all of these cases and it’s a false equivalency to compare grabbing a woman’s ass with molesting little girls. But, the Republicans have done a great job of deflecting from a Senate candidate who has been banned from trolling young girls at shopping centers and someone who staged a stupid inappropriate picture on a USO tour.

    Franken’s actions are reprehensible and stupid, and Conyers has been doing this shit for years and will exit soon. But, even here there is no comparison of the acts that were committed.

    So why not talk about taxes and Pocahontas. Our President appears to have dementia and his Party is still giving him their total support.

    All of this as we appear to be headed to another war (what a way to change the subject). But, by all means let’s fixate on Al Franken.

  10. Since Al Franken is “rephrensible and stupid” and since he did more than grabass, then he should have quickly resigned, (to be replaced by a left-wing Democrat) and then Democrats would have had firmer footing to keep the pressure on Moore and Trump.

    Instead, it just all turns into a game of “your team is worse than our team.”

  11. I might add that I find the fate of an 88 year old Congressman of little importance compared that the Republican tax bill that will effect millions in this country.

    Indeed, demanding that posters here “take a stand” on Conyers ,while basically dismissing the most important legislative measure of this session of Congress with a few little tart comments about Democratic”horror stories, “ indicates to me nothing more than a partisan Republican reluctant to defend what he believes is a deficient bill trying to change the subject in what has become something of a daily ritual here.

    1. You ARE RIGHT Jack
      The tax transfer bill IS MORE IMPORTANT….
      The GOPer’s always seem to have the knack
      To having the Democrats give then cover fire….

  12. I didn’t demand anyone “take a stand” on Conyers, but simply invited them to, and in the case of james, I asked him to defend a stance he already took by writing this post.

    It is a much easier issue to understand though than the minutia of details of tax reform legislation. Which story do you think would get more clicks?

  13. Indeed, except for an occasional obligatory swipe at Trump(gotta kept up that nonpartisan facade) ,these sexual harassment stories seem to occupy almost all your time here anymore.

    As I said a few weeks ago,there are going to be a lot more of these .My view is that all these offenders ought to exit the stage .Why one feels the need to essentially “hector” all the other posters here,most of whom have essentially a position similiar to mine , especially one who claims he has not the “time” to learn about the most important item on the Congressional agenda, is striking.

    Perhaps you could use the time you are consuming on this little daily ritual here to learn more about these issues you haven’t been able to study up on?

  14. Who’s obliging me to swipe against Trump?

    I’ve talked about various things on here recently, and you must have certainly noticed that I had some very pointed disagreements with RepubliCAN on Moore but the hypocrisy shown on Franken, Conyers, et. al, by the people here as well as leaders of the party such as Pelosi are definitely worth mentioning.

    And yes, as I have stated from the start, anyone in Congress who has this issue or who has to pay a settlement for sexual harassment should resign, regardless of party. It doesn’t matter who was “worse” than whom in what they did.

    If you think though that taxes are more interesting than sex, that’s your right. Most people would disagree with you though. I’d probably rather talk about sports myself.

  15. I don’t understand why it matters what my position on the issue would be.

    If I were to say that I agreed with the lefty herd on here, am I going to be granted “points” by you folks and shown a secret handshake? Do you just want me to say I agree with the Republicans so you have something to throw against me here? You all are going to be doing that anyway, so don’t even worry about it..

  16. You’re more interested in sex eh?

    Then pray tell,what the Hell are you doing on a political discussion site?

    This has now crossed over into being humorous.

    This all reminds me of a guy who used to post at the Politics1 site called “arch conservative.”
    I never understood his “conservatism “ as he spent almost all his time posting about the various pornography he had purchased.He later claimed to have married an Israeli stripper.

    Anyhow,since we agree that these offenders should resign ?No I don’t get the daily rehashing of the subject.

    Finally Who here is being hypocritical ?

  17. The tax cut for the rich will likely be an albatross for Republicans next year if it passes .

    No wonder CG wants to talk about Al Franken.

  18. Yeah why would one be interested in another posters position on the major political issue of the day on a political discussion site.

    Yep that is sure weird!

    Now got any salacious stories on what old man Conyers was doing?

  19. Compared to a tax policy debate?…. but no, especially not at work. I have traditionally found politics/elections itself to be more interesting at times than something else, which of course makes me weird, but so what? Thanks for the memories of “Arch-Conservative.”

    The point I am making is it is much easier to understand why John Conyers conducting meetings in his underwear or rubbing up on female staffers is wrong than an esoteric discussion about tax rates, or why the photos of Al Franken groping a sleeping woman while he has a demented look on his face can generate a more visceral reaction than pie charts about taxes in a committee hearing. Maybe I’m not bookish enough to think otherwise. Perhaps Jack Kemp would have disagreed on the sexiness of the issue.

    None of this would have even been a “daily issue” had Democrats gotten the Franken thing out of the way early on or if Nancy Pelosi had not made a fool of herself on Meet the Press this past Sunday as it relates to Conyers.

    Sure, they may force Conyers out now, after days of backlash. Well, I guess there was a reason for the backlash to occur if that’s what it takes for them to act.

  20. I’m more than willing to have a discussion though about Israeli strippers and how the free and democratic society in which they grew up is superior to that of those who wish to kill them.

  21. Scott thinks I really give that much of a damn about what happens to Republicans next year?

    I already know much of what is going to happen. There are large, large areas of the country where a Democrat has no chance, just because they are a Democrat, (and vice versa.)

    I will be paying my taxes, as I always do, regardless of what they are.

  22. Well there was about a week between the Moore story broke and Franken’s where CG did not post daily. In fact we heard very little from him those 7 days.

    So I guess not all sex scandal stories are the same after all.

  23. I posted about the Moore story the day it broke, and from home on a Friday, the day after, but if you must know, I did take a couple of days off work for doctors appointments. Then, there’s stuff to catch up with at work and the end of the month is typically busier for me (until everything gets done early and I have extra time like right now), but thank you for missing me or something.

  24. And I had several posts on here about other matters (probably mostly related to Moore) the morning the Franken story broke, before it broke, so the conspiracy theory doesn’t hold. The first I read about it was an aside james made on here.

    Of course, when the story did broke, we heard the various reasons why his accuser was a liar or should not be believed, until it was realized that was not going to fly.

  25. Do you refer to us as “bastards” over @HHR?

    (Not being critical as I often refer to myself as an “old bastard”)

  26. Speaking of making fools of themselves,

    Mo Brooks, the Republican Congressman from Alabama, has referred to a Moore accuser as a liar and blasted the “socialist “media.

    Brooks is supporting Moore and why not?They agree probably 99% of the time,

  27. Possibly, but I don’t recall a specific example. Probably just “left-wingers” or “the left-wing site/blog.”

    They feel too important to care what the five people here are talking about. Zreebs tried to communicate with them for a couple of days over there several months ago, but then must have gotten tired of it.

    1. Franken now has a 5th accuser….


      Guardian US‏

      Fifth woman accuses Senator Al Franken of sexual misconduct

      1. Conyers Supporters Rallying in Detroit

        Supporters of Rep. John Conyers are set to hold a rally for the Michigan Democrat calling for “due process” amid accusations about sexual harassment. Read more

  28. And as soon as the Franken story broke, what Scott is saying here is what they were saying about me over there, “where is CG now that a Democrat is in trouble? ” and “I bet he won’t call for Franken to resign like he is Moore quitting.” So, I had a very quick drive by post there that morning to say that Franken should resign and take Moore and Trump with him.

  29. Of course Lauer has no one to blame but himself. Why does that deserve such a post?

    Your extreme interest in this stuff is noted.

  30. Fair enough. I figured you just like to get our goats here.

    So do the posters over at RRH think Moore’s accusers are all liars or like RepubliCAN here do they think he did it but it doesn’t matter because he is supposedly forgiven?

  31. It’s HHR, and people say both, but more that they don’t trust the media or that the facts don’t matter because the media is out to get Republicans. A lot of people were calling on him to leave or for Trump to use force to get him out of the race, but they seem to have given up on that.

  32. Zreebs, the Lauer story was big news today. If I have “extreme interest” in it, so does the entire media. Lauer was one of the most powerful people on tv news until today. It was the first comment I made about it here. His misconduct, per the Variety piece, was worse and more widespread that I imagined. So, it raises the question on what he was thinking or if he was expected this all to come down on him, as he was reporting on or interviewing various people in regards to this swath of stories.

  33. Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch,who uncharacteristically exploded recently at Sen Sherrod Browns thoroughly justified analysis of the Trump/Republican tax cut for the wealthy bill,today described Donald Trump as

    One of the best Presidents we’ve ever had.

    Is this a result of the Senators advancing age or just another example of the Trumpization of the Republican Party?

  34. Politicalwire is reporting that John Conyers will announce he is retiring at the end of this term. My guess is he will soon resign outright.

  35. And in the coup de grace to the supposed “concerns” of the “Tea Party”(remember them?)

    Four in ten of self identified TPers now say that it’s ok to increase the deficit for a tax cut.Now remember that the deficit was one of the main planks of the Tea Party’s supposed “concerns.”

    The question arises ,what’s the difference between today and the heyday of the Tea Party 2010-2012? Well, Barack Obama isn’t President and there were unmistakable racist tendencies among many of these so called”grassroots concerned citizens” who just “wanted their country back.”

    Nah that wouldnt be be the reason for their rejection for one of their reasons for existing would it?

    Is this hypocrisy?

  36. Marco Rubio is now saying this tax cut for the rich is just the first step in “restructuring” Social Security and Medicare.

    This will be hanged around the neck of every Republican next year. Every. One.

  37. Mo Brooks is a piece of shit.
    And since CG is more concerned with sex scandals than tax policy maybe he can answer if Brooks should resign for calling Moore’s accusers liars?

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