Could Doug Jones pull it off in Alabama by keep the Red State social values?

Politico argues that Democratic  Alabama Special election US Senate race candidate Democratic Doug Jones , who currently leds in the polling averages by a hair, CAN win in that Red State….

But….Only if he makes sure he doesn’t rock the deep South Red State’s social issues boat….Alabama is NOT New York, Califonia or even ….

THAT is what the Republicans are using to make sure their party people support Republican/Conservertive Roy Moore who has sexual harassment /assult issues and a checkered past….Related image

Moore looks like a prophet to some, because he’s warned all along that Washington would force its values on places like Alabama. In 2006, 81 percent of Alabama voters supported a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, and less than 10 years later their vote was overturned by the Supreme Court of the United States. Jones should be able to affirm that decision, while also making clear that he does not think it mandates the government to exert pressure to change the teachings of Alabama’s churches or faithful. This may sound obvious, and it is, but that is exactly why Jones should say it: Demogogues like Moore prey on the fears of evangelical voters, relying on Democrats’ unwillingness to make even basic attempts to speak their language or appeal for their votes.

None of this would require Jones to compromise his integrity, though national Democrats and some activists might get queasy if, say, he does promise to vote “present” on abortion. If that happens, they should remember: Jones would represent another key vote on protecting Obamacare, the social safety net, voting rights and criminal justice reform. It would also mean that Alabama would no longer be sending two pro-life votes to the Senate, which would be extraordinary in itself and could play a deciding factor in key votes. And even more importantly, a morally repugnant candidate would be kept out of the world’s greatest deliberative body and denied a national platform to spread his noxious, divisive views….



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    Moore has suggested that the 9/11 attacks may have been a punishment from God because abortion and sodomy are legal.

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