A look at Robert S. Mueller III….

The LA Times does a piece on the guy after Donald Trump & Co….

It has some of the good, the bad and bit of the ugly….

But points to a man who is dogily on the case, and who’s legacy will be written about in the end as a federal cop….

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When he was named special counsel in May, Robert S. Mueller III was hailed as the ideal lawman — deeply experienced, strait-laced and nonpartisan — to investigate whether President Trump’s campaign had helped with Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

The accolades squared with Mueller’s valor as a Marine rifle platoon commander in Vietnam and his integrity as a federal prosecutor, a senior Justice Department official and FBI director from 2001 to 2013, the longest tenure since J. Edgar Hoover. He was praised by former courtroom allies and opponents, and by Democrats and Republicans in Congress.

But at 73, Mueller’s record also shows a man of fallible judgment who can be slow to alter his chosen course. At times, he has intimidated or provoked resentment among subordinates. And his tenacious yet linear approach to evaluating evidence led him to fumble the biggest U.S. terrorism investigation since 9/11.

Now, as he leads a sprawling investigation aimed at the White House, Mueller’s prosecutorial discretion looms over the Trump presidency.

On what terms would Mueller offer immunity from prosecution to investigative targets? How broadly will he interpret his mandate to probe not only the 2016 campaign but also matters that “may arise directly from the investigation”?

Will he target Trump’s sprawling family business and financial empire and the years before the developer ran for the White House?…

Investigators and lawyers who have worked with Mueller say that his legacy as special counsel will depend, ultimately, on his resolve, his integrity and especially his judgment.

“If he believes somebody has committed a crime, he’s going to do whatever he can to hold them accountable,” said a former FBI colleague. “Trump’s name or brand is not going to back down Mueller.”…



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5 thoughts on “A look at Robert S. Mueller III….”

  1. “Do You Think They’ll Get The President?” Jared Kushner Asked A Friend.

    ….Despite Kushner’s efforts to project confidence about Robert Mueller’s probe, he expressed worry after the indictments of Paul Manafort and Rick Gates about how far the investigation could go. “Do you think they’ll get the president?” Kushner asked a friend, according to a person briefed on the conversation.”…


  2. No shit, eh?

    Anger at Mueller burns hot on the right

    Anger at Robert Mueller is burning white-hot on the right and in conservative media, where calls for the special counsel to recuse himself from the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election have reached a fever pitch.

    President Trump has largely held his fire on Mueller, even as the probe into his campaign officials has intensified. White House lawyers are hopeful that the investigation will end soon and absolve the president and his inner circle of wrongdoing.

    But the influential conservative media outlets that Trump is known to follow closely have been building an expansive case against Mueller.

    From Fox News to Breitbart and talk radio, conservative media has been drawing attention to Mueller’s relationship with fired former FBI Director James Comey and his hiring of Democrats for his investigative team. They also argue Mueller has gone far beyond his mandate of investigating Russian interference in the election….

  3. What are these extremists “angry” about?

    That Trump might get caught committing illegal acts?

    Republicans reserve that law and order crap for minorities and people smoking marijuana.The far more serious crime committed by the wealthy and those with uh”conservative values”concern them little.

      1. The closer Mueller gets to taking out Trump people?

        The more these guys are gonna want him gone…

        Making Mueller gone ?….they do NOT realize would make things worst for them..

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