Trump invites Hillary to a second round come 2020….

Ain’t gonna happen though Donald…

You won’t be that lucky….

(Please no pundits saying this is a smart move by Trump…It isn’t..It’s just a wish to replay his ego…)

First of all?

This Dog thinks you ain’t gonna be President by then, if so?…You ain’t gonna get the nomination…


Hillary Clinton zero to no chance of getting in the 2020 democratic nomination sweepstakes let alone winning it…

So Donald?

Ya did it once?

No second try is coming your way…

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President Trump on Saturday invited his former Democratic presidential rival to try again in 2020.

He attacked Hillary Clinton as “the worst (and biggest) loser of all time” in a tweet.

“Crooked Hillary Clinton is the worst (and biggest) loser of all time. She just can’t stop, which is so good for the Republican Party. Hillary, get on with your life and give it another try in three years!” Trump tweeted.

Trump has said that he wants Clinton to run against him again in 2020, but she claims that her career “as an active politician” is “over.”…



9 thoughts on “Trump invites Hillary to a second round come 2020….”

  1. It’s funny that McGovern, who lost 49 states in 1972, resurfaced to run for the 1984 nomination when the ultimate nominee also lost 49 states. He also briefly considered running in early 1991 when it looked like GHW Bush might roll to a similar victory.

  2. Yeah Stevenson’s Name was placed in nomination by Eugene McCarthy, who was to launch an anti Vietnam War candidacy against LBJ in 1964.

    Theodore White,in the Making Of the President ,claimed that a lot of delegates would have bolted to Adlai if he would have given them any encouragement.Instead , White noted ,Stevenson,on the night before the balloting, said he was tired and literally turned in early.

  3. Adlai was briefly a candidate in 1960 although he never entered any primaries. The enthusiasm for him was more based with the convention spectators than the delegates.

  4. I was aware of Mondale in 75.

    However,as I remember it,he announced that he was looking at running,and a short while later,announced he wasn’t going to run because he didn’t have the”fire in the belly” (or words to that effect) for the campaign.

    I remember that was used against him when he became the VP candidate and was even resurrected during the 1984 campaign.

    1. Well people….

      I believe that at THIS TIME?

      Ole’ Joe Biden is the leader in the 2020 Democratic Presidential nomination sweepstakes….

      I do NOT think Bernie Sanders has a chance anymore than he did last year….

      And by the way?

      Sanders is TWO YEARS OLDER than Biden….And five years older than Trump…

  5. I think Mondale ran a very short campaign for President in 1976, at least I recall that from “Marathon” a book about that election I read a few years back. Very brief, like announced early in 75 and quit two months later.

  6. In modern times Thomas Dewey sought the Republican nomination in 1940 unsuccessfully.Then, in 1944 and 1948 was the nominee.losing both times.

    Adlai Stevenson was the Democratic nominee in both 1952 and 1956,losing to Eisenhower.

    Richard Nixon was the Republican nominee in 1960,lost to JFK,won the nomination again eight years later and gets elected.

    Hubert Humphrey unsuccessfully sought the Democratic nomination in 1960,wins the nomination eight years later,losing to Nixon ,then makes a late bid in 1972 when McGovern becomes the nominee.

    McGovern himself made a late bid in 1968,wins the nomination in 1972,loses in a landslide to Nixon,then twelve years later makes a sort of nonserious attempt but drops out quickly.

    Ronald Reagan made a half hearted attempt at the Republican nomination in 1968 ,but amuch more serious one eight years later,losing the nomination narrowly to Gerald Ford,then comes back in 1980 to win the presidency.

    George H Bush lost a bid for the nomination in 1980,becomes the VP candidate ,and wins in his own right in 1988.

    Bob Dole is the GOP VP candidate in 1976,makes a weak effort to win the nomination in 1980, amuch more serious one in 1988,then after being a two time loser,wins the nomination in 1996 only to lose to Bill Clinton.

    Al Gore ,unsuccessfully sought the Democratic nomination in 1988,serves as VP for eight years,then is the nominee in 2000 and loses in that controversial finish.

    John McCain loses the 2000 nomination to George W Bush,then eight years later is the nominee and loses to Obama.

    Hillary loses the nomination in 2008,is the nominee eight years later.Another try?In my view unlikely.

    The following nominees were one and out:Goldwater(1964),Gerald Ford(1976,although he served as President for about two and a half years after Nixon resigned),Walter Mondale (1984),Michael Dukakis(1988),John Kerry(2004).

  7. I wish I was as sure of you that you here is no chance Hillary will run again. She seems to be more visible than other failed presidential candidates. Still, I would be surprised if she runs.

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