Thanksgiving….What Are You Thankful For?

Take a minute….

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Thanksgiving is so close, you may already be able to smell your neighbor’s cooking.

Deep inhale. (Ah, that’s nice.)

We asked New York Today readers what they’re thankful for this holiday, but let us start by saying this: Thank you.

For your enthusiasm and energy in exploring the city with us. For waking up with us every morning. For writing in, day in and day out, with your poignant reflections, imaginative ideas and constructive criticism. For sharing in our love of New York.

And now, in your own words:

“I am very thankful for my son’s happiness, and proud of his courage to transition.”

— Jeff Carey, 62, Montclair, N.J.

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11 thoughts on “Thanksgiving….What Are You Thankful For?”

    1. DSD has dropped off the grid….

      I have reached out for him several times no answer comes back….

      I miss the guy….

  1. The list of those who were regulars, but drifted away: DSD, SE, c0nservative Dem0crat, Daniel, Brandon, and Leal (deceased). oh, and the bot whenever we talk about getting rid of the electoral vote.

  2. I don’t think you forgot anyone Zreebs, I’m grateful for my friends, family, and a community that helps one another (our recent fire proved that), and for the best most generous husband in the world 🌎!

    Is that being a reformed gay?

    1. I forgot to add….

      Thank You to the regulars who come to this place to carry on the legacy of Politics 1

      The best wishes to those who have been regulars and have drifted away
      We miss you….

      (Well most of them….Not all)

  3. I also want to especially thank the frequent contributors here for their insights and for challenging me when they thought it was appropriate to do so: Jack, Scott, Keith, CG and RepubliCAN (with my apologies if I forgot to mention anyone). In many cases, I feel I know you better than the people I work with.

    And thank you James for this place that enables us to discuss issues and events.

  4. Good health


    Have had a great career.No Oliver Wendell Holmes but a competent attorney.Have helped a number of people and sometimes receive notes thanking me for services rendered to them in the past that positively impacted their lives.Always makes me feel good.

    Good books

    Old movies

    Even this rather diverse band of fellow “knuckleheads”

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. I am grateful to my parents for teaching me both through words and example to strive to be the best person I can be, to care for other people, and of the value of working hard.

    I am lucky that I was born with good health and with genes that enabled me to succeed with a relatively comfortable life. I recognize that we as a society need to protect those who do not have good health or who start off life with enormous disadvantages. It is for that reason that I am interested in politics.

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