Poll…Republicans do NOT want Moore kicked out of the Senate if voters elect him…


The march of sexual hrrasment and assault stories will NOT stop Republican voters from supporting Republican candidates ….

It is my feeling that if Roy Moore gets elected?

There WILL BE a hard pushback against his accusers and the sexual harrasment issue will go away just like it did with Donald Trump….

Republican voters see being the majority party as their OVERIDING goal no matter what...This has been sentiment about Donald Trump who keeps dropping in approval among ALL Americans , but only slightly among Republicans…

The big new finding from a Quinnipiac University poll is this: About half of Republicans say GOP senators should let Roy Moore serve in the Senate. By a margin of 49 percent to 33 percent, Republicans say the Alabamian, who is accused of sexual misconduct with multiple teenagers, should not be expelled if he wins next month’s special election, as some Senate Republicans have threatened to do.

But that’s hardly the only finding in the poll that suggests the GOP has taken a softer view toward sexual harassment.

The poll also shows sexual harassment isn’t a dealbreaker for Republicans when it comes to President Trump. And it’s not even that they just doubt the accusations against Trump (which has been the case ever since nearly a dozen women came forward at the end of the last election). The poll shows Republicans also oppose trying to remove Trump from office even if it was proved that he sexually harassed the women who have accused him. By a margin of 63 percent to 28 percent, Republicans say Trump should not be impeached even if we know for a fact that he sexually harassed women.

More generally speaking, Republicans are also less likely to say alleged sexual harassment is a dealbreaker when voting for a candidate. The poll asked that if a candidate faced multiple sexual harassment allegations, whether people would “still consider voting for them if you agreed with them on the issues.” A plurality of Republican, 43 percent, say they would, while 41 percent say they definitely would not…..


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92 thoughts on “Poll…Republicans do NOT want Moore kicked out of the Senate if voters elect him…”

  1. And it’s also true that the 49% of Republicans in the poll are taking the position (if he is elected, he needs to serve, the people have spoken) that the Democrats who comment here have taken.

    This Republican has taken a contrary position of course. I want Moore serving in the Senate a good deal less than anyone else here does apparently.

  2. So just let the record reflect that none of you have grounds to criticize those 49% of Republicans since you take the same view.

    I can criticize them though and I think it’s noteworthy that the number is as low as it is.

    In regards to Franken, this poll shows that 55% of Likely U.S. Voters (45% of Democrats) believe he should resign if the allegations against him are true.


    1. No….

      We do NOT like Moore….

      He’s a knucklehead….

      But it’s up to the Alabama voters…

      Not the guys/women in DC…

      We ARE tired of your comparison of Moore and Franken, which we ALL think is without merit…

      1. BTW?

        There is NO WAY that GOPer Senator’s would actually get rid of a Republcan Senator…

        Won’t happen…

        And there is NO guarrantee that Moore will folow the GOP line if he gets to be a US Senator…

  3. Ah, a Rasmussen poll, the only pollster who finds Trump popular. Give it up Corey. Try doing a little work today, the five people who visit here regularly are done with responding to your straw men.

    1. He, he, he….

      More than a Hundred people visit the site everyday…

      But only a half dozen comment….

      And yea…

      The comparison just doesn’t work for us….

  4. If he is elected, every Republican Senator will try to get rid of him. He would be replaced by a Republican just like Franken would be replaced by a Democrat. You aren’t seeing the big picture.

    By the way, a Democrat State Senator and a Republican State Rep. resigned in Minnesota today over past sexual misconduct. Somehow, I think the state will survive.

  5. Who should Franken be compared to then? Bob Packwood?

    I don’t think I was comparing him to Moore. Just stating that unacceptable behavior should be unacceptable, regardless of what form it comes in.

  6. If Doug Jones can’t beat a likely child molester that might be on Doug Jones. I think there were less liberal candidates in Alabama who could have done better for Democrats. But as of today, I think Jones probably wins.

  7. If Alabama picks a racist homophobic child molester over someone who prosecuted the KKK it says volumes about them as a state.

    Strictly Republican and Deplorable.

  8. I thought you were taking a break….

    So, if Alabama does the wrong thing and can’t distinguish between a child molester and a liberal, then the U.S. Senate can still do the right thing on their behalf and for the sake of its own institution.

  9. I saw something yesterday that said if it was discovered Roy Moore had sex with a consenting male adult instead of molesting teen girls this would be over. Alabama Republicans and these “pastors” would have chucked him to the wind. Sad but true.

  10. I’m pretty sure those who are supporting Moore just because he is not a liberal or because the media has made allegations against him similarly wouldn’t care if he was involved with men or goats.

    None of those things matter anymore post-Trump.

  11. It bears repeating over and over again there’s a lot you don’t know about the South in general and Southern Republicans in particular CG. I’ll just leave it at that.

  12. Look how the alt-right crowd defended the openly gay and flamboyant Milo Y, and his advocacy of relationships between adult males and young boys. Values don’t matter to that crowd anymore.

  13. These evangelical pastors cool with Roy Moore picking up 14 yr old girls at the mall would not defend Milos.

    Have you been around many southern evangelicals?

  14. Until now, I never heard about Milo Y. So I don’t know much about whether or how the alt-right defended him, but my guess is that CG is misstating Evangelical Christian views on the topic just as he has misstated liberal views. I’m pretty sure the alt-right is not supporting sex between adult males and boys – even if they are willing to support someone who had sex with a 14 year old girl.

  15. The alt-right will excuse anything on behalf of Trump. Many Evangelicals are falling into the same trap. Those who are overlooking the concerns about his preying on teenage girls would overlook homosexuality as well, especially if they could justify “well, nobody has accused him of anything wrong in the past 40 years.”

    This might be something that RepubliCAN can speak to better.

    If Kevin Spacey were a Senate nominee, should he be called on to quit or should we “let the voters decide?”

    1. If Spacey was running as a Republican in a Red State ?
      The GOPer’s would support him…
      I believe it’s just about their majority

  16. Why do you have a problem with letting the voters decide?

    Is it because you are afraid that your fellow Republicans are going to elect Moore?

    The political landscape is littered with all sorts of nutjobs and characters in both
    Parties whom have sought election to office.

    Sure anyone can “call” for them to quit.If they don’t,then what?

    Well you vote against them.Its been a political tradition in the country for two hundred years.Why ,all of a sudden, are you obsessed ,and that is indeed the proper word ,with this increasingly shrill demand that five posters here “demand”, “ callfor” etc. that this or that person resign, drop out etc?

    Is gotten to be daily comedy here.

    I gave my view that Franken will likely leave soon and that Moore will not drop out ,has at least a 50/50 chance of winning and has a better than even chance of being seated.I don’t believe “every” Republican will vote to not seat him ,if he is elected, and I think many of them will make statements similiar to what has been said here.

    It is quite obvious,to me at least, as I said yesterday, that this little daily minuet whereby you “blame”the Democrats for your frustrations with your fellow Republicans,like your brethren down in Alabama,has some type of cathartic effect upon you and your intimation that the views of the five posters here on Franken would somehow be revealing of exactly what?

    I don’t expect you to let it go however.

    Apparently it’s all you’ve got left. Politically that is.

    Finally ,in answer to your question, no I wouldn’t call for Spacey to drop out if he wanted to run and suffer the tons of disdain he would receive as a candidate.We have seen that Roy Moore apparently has no problem dealing with it .

    I wouldn’t vote for Spacey myself We will see how the Republicans in Alabama feel about Moore.

  17. And if Spacey were running as a Democrat in a blue state, he might very well get elected over a conservative Republican, so it would be equivalent to Moore.

    It’s like how back in the 1980s, two Congressmen were involved in affairs with teenage pages. The Republican with a female page. He apologized and resigned. The Democrat with a male page. He remained defiant (even as he got reprimanded by the House) and continued to get reelected.

  18. Because in all candor, I believe this “let the voters decide” thing is b.s.

    Besides the fact that if somebody did something so wrong they should face the consequences for it, I just think Democrats want Moore to be in the Senate because they want to be able to run ads in every swing district in the country calling the Republican candidate a pedophile or (“Grand Old Pedophile” as Scott phrases it) just by association, and regardless of what that candidate has said about Moore or Trump or anyone else.

  19. The Alabama race is a bit of a different situation than other hypotheticals though because it is a special election.

    Yes, Sessions resigned and thus there should have been a special election held the next statewide general election, which would have been the 2018 midterms. There was never a legitimate reason to make the election held in 2017. The Governor made a mistake in doing so and now, once the nominees are settled and it’s very late in the game, we have this sort of major development. Voters should be able to do the right thing but there was no reason for them to even have to be in this situation. The election should have been next year.

  20. Milo wouldn’t get single digits in an Alabama primary. He is an unrepentant freak show straight out of Sodom and Gomorrah.

  21. RepubliCAN, had Moore been gay in the 70s, would that change your views on him visa vis his race now against a liberal Democrat?

    As for Milo, no he wouldn’t win a primary, but if were the pro-Trump candidate running against a liberal Democrat, the Trump cultists would still be for him.

  22. It should also be remembered that you and I and everyone else here ,except for RepubliCAN ,opposed Moore Before any of this stuff about the young girls came out.

    It remains ,for me at least ,the prime issue.Moore,in my view, is aRight Wing kook who has shown total disdain for the United States Constitution.

    I hope he loses ,but if he is elected, I really don’t understand the basis for not seating him.Accusations,that I believe, have been made.He denies them.I don’t see how then he can be denied a seat to which he has been elected.Without some rather lengthy hearings and investigations into the matter ,I don’t see how expelling him can be justified.

    Indeed, if it happened, I imagine. Moore ,as he has done before, would simply run again.

    So if you favor this approach,be aware that such an act may in fact keep this buffoon even more of a problem for the Republicans than seating him.

  23. So, Packwood should have fought on….

    It worked for Ted Kennedy. Now there was a guy who should have resigned after Chappaquiddick.

  24. Well you can call it “bs.” All you want.

    Unfortunately,for you I guess,this is the system in this country.Anyone,However reprehensible can run for office and your fantasy speculations as to what if this and what if that merit the same bs label in my view.

    That ,and pointlesss beside.

  25. Once again, Packwood made that decision .Kennedy didn’t.

    Quite obviously, you have a major problem with the American political system.

    Keep “calling”for this be or that one to quit if it makes you feel better.There are a whole lot of people of both parties I would like to see gone.

  26. On the local level it happens all the time that people get elected to something and it turns out they didn’t disclose a previous arrest or conviction and then they can’t sit on the local city council or whatever. Somehow, the system survives.

    The Senate sets its own rules and if they cannot get 2/3 to expel Moore, if he is elected, the Republican Conference can just refuse to give him any committee assignments, etc., refuse to give him an office, whatever. He should have gotten the message and quit over a week ago.

  27. Packwood would have been expelled with plenty of Republican votes had he not quit.

    Kennedy just played the brothers card and it didn’t matter what he did or who he killed.

  28. I’m tempted to ask jack to list five or more elected Democrats he would like to see “gone” but I doubt he would “take the bait.”

  29. I can’t imagine Moore being gay. Word gets around in those small towns. He wouldn’t have made it this far…

    Let’s say your weird fantasy came to pass though. If he had been a gay pedophile, I would not support him. It is much different from what he did for many reasons. I would sit out the election.

  30. There’s no justification for what he did, but at one time, it was indeed normal for men to take teen brides.
    I recently did the ancestry.com thing, and several of my ancestors married teen brides. The youngest was 15 in my family history. You might check your family tree too!

    It IS pedophilia, but in a different time was normal and is part of our tradition – whether you want to admit it or not. I owe my existence to it.

    The other thing is just an abomination.

  31. Oh I’ll give you five.Thats easy…

    John Conyers
    Dianne Feinstein(walking advertisements for term limits)

    Bob Menendez(he’s a crook)

    Al Franken(he’s gone anyway,why not just leave)

    Party Murray (admittedly this one is weird,but for some odd reason,I just never liked her)

  32. With that big of an age difference between spouses?

    I am familiar with my family tree and there was nothing like that, as far back as I can tell.

    If he wanted to take a virtuous teen bride though, then he should have waited for marriage before he tried to make them touch him or vice versa. It doesn’t sound like he was a guy in his 30s looking for a life-partner. He sounds like a guy who was looking for easy prey.

    And it’s also extremely similar to what Milo says about older men and inexperienced young male partners and how such things are “normal” in that culture.

  33. Thanks for the five.

    (Whenever I think about Patty Murray I am reminded that she once claimed that Osama bin Laden was popular in the Middle East because he “built day care centers.” Yes, he was quite a champion of the working woman.)

  34. Actually a nationwide poll showed that Republicans are the only group that want Moore seated if he wins. Overall and Democrats by a large margin think he should be denied a seat if he won.

    Yet here we are treated to an alternate reality where Republicans–despite voting for him in a primary and insisting he should be in the Senate if he wins–are the only ones who are really trying to keep him out of office
    If he wins it’s Doug Jones fault and we’ll just reset the game.

    As Jack said yesterday its high time CG realizes this is who the Republicans are and this is what they want.

    I hope to God Jones wins and I even sent him a few bucks. In the end I think women will put him over the edge but it will likely be close.

    And if Jones doesn’t win. In that scenario I disagree with most Democrats and agree with most Republicans about what should be done then –Moore should be seated. The people have spoken.

  35. The people have spoken and then you will feel free to call every Republican candidate for office in the country (even me if I ran for something) a “pedophile.”

    Or are you going to say here that you do not believe in guilt by association?

  36. I’d like to thank RepubliCAN for proving my earlier point about molesting teen girls being more acceptable to hard right evangelicals than homosexuality.

  37. He didn’t exactly say that but he should further explain himself. He seemed to make it about pedophilia in both cases.

    The Moore apologists would still be voting for him against a “librul” if had been hooking up in bathhouses during the Saturday Night Fever days. They would assume that it was all in the past. And it would have been easier for Moore to have admitted to that, said that he found religion and is a changed person, than his being able to admit or apologize for what he was apparently doing with teenage girls in his 30s.

  38. I want to “subvert the will of the people” to protect the country. Get it right.

    The people will have another chance. They didn’t need this one in 2017 anyway. It was and is completely unnecessary.

  39. This sounds analogous to you guys not being willing to give somebody emergency medical care if they were injured by their own bad decision. What compassion..

  40. Texas Republican Congressman Joe Barton has apologized sending a nude picture of himself exposing his penis to woman after his divorce.

    The 68 year old Barton is said to be reconsidering he reelection bid.

  41. Let me be the first to say that Joe Barton shouldn’t resign. Or rather that he can resign or not resign. Run for reelection or not run for reelection.

    Or rather I should say in these minutes after this news has broke I WON’T beat my chest calling for him to quit and berating any Republicans who do not call him to resign in the next 15 minutes.

  42. It sounds like he is the victim of revenge porn. Ughh.. He shouldn’t run for reelection. Whenever you have to release a statement saying “While separated from my second wife, prior to the divorce, I had sexual relationships with other mature adult women”, you probably shouldn’t be running for office.

    However, this is not Anthony Weiner. He apparently did not do anything that was not consensual at the time and thus there is no need for him to step down and trigger a special erection.

  43. Yeah I won’t pontificate on it either.

    Just noting it.

    He can do what he wants as far as I’m concerned and if the voters of his district want to re-elect him, so be it.

    I would never vote for Barton anyway.

    If one is really brave,TMZ has what is purported to be a copy of the picture he sent,with his private part blocked out.I would think he might step down just from the embarrassment.

  44. CG,

    In a few cases there was a decades age gap. Was it a Southern thing? A pioneer thing? An 1800’s thing? I’m not sure, but those times are passed and it is criminal now. Forgive me if I see one evil as lesser than the other though.

    As an aside, on a less disgusting and embarrassing note for the political junkies here, I also found out that I’m distantly related to the late SC congressman Butler Derrick. He shares my mother’s surname and my given name. I sure don’t share his politics though!!

  45. Oh dear lord, looking at Twitter comments about Joe Barton, I accidentally saw a censored version of the photo and it’s even worse than I imagined!

  46. If Moore wanted an extra young bride to birth him children or whatnot, he should have waited until marriage per southern tradition then.

  47. As offensive as that photo may be (and since I’ve seen pics of a clothed Joe Barton I’ll just assume he’s no Adonnis underneath) but as long as it was sent consensuallu his biggest offenses are still his kowtowing to oil companies, the Koch Brothers, and
    the 1% and against working people, women’s rights and marriage equality.

    For that he deserves to be denied reelection. Not this.

  48. A 32 year old trolling the mall and high school football games for a child bride is every bit as wrong as doing it for a one night stand. Even in 1978.

  49. I didn’t know Barton had or is getting divorced again. (I know he has a young son who was at the baseball practice where the shooting occurred). By many standards, he is an adulterer and I think he is someone who should just not run for reelection, having been there for so long.

    And I remember in the 1990s, he was fairly skinny and let’s just say age has not been kind to him.

    Speaking of dark days for Texas, where were you people 54 years ago today?

  50. Rep. Blake Farenthold TX- “you know Joe, there is a photo of me online in duck pajamas. It’s pretty embarrassing.”

    Rep Joe Barton TX- “hold my beer”

  51. I was not yet born. My mom still remembers vividly how she was sewing curtains that day while my older brother and sister were toddlers then. She said my grandma called and told her to turn on the TV.

    She has trouble remembering yesterday but she remembers 11-22-1963

  52. A reformed gay man? I just love this conversation. What Century is this?

    Question: what would our Republican friends say if it had been Al Franken who had “accidentally” posted nude pictures of himself rather than his picture with Leeann’s bullet proof vest?? Would the pictures be met with outrage or humor?

  53. I was in the Eighth grade.

    My school was about a half mile from my home.As we left school,a guy in a car shouted that the President had been shot.I walked home from school and entered my home .I heard my parents in the living room.As I walked I could see my Mother was crying .The tv(black and white then was on).I asked what was wrong.I still remember her words,”Something terrible has happened,someone shot and killed President Kennedy.”

    I began sobbing myself.Kennedy was the first campaign I was involved in,if you can define a ten year old being paid a dollar to pass out brochures outside a polling place as being”involved.”

    I was watching live on Sunday when Jack Ruby shot Oswald.As a thirteen year old All this was hard to digest.

    Monday was declared a national day of mourning and school was cancelled.

    It was a sad few days.

    1. I was in JrHS , walking to a class in a crowded hallway when someone annouced that President Kennedy had been shot….

      We were all dazed and shocked in the minute….


      Head shaking….


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