Poll…Republicans do NOT want Moore kicked out of the Senate if voters elect him…


The march of sexual hrrasment and assault stories will NOT stop Republican voters from supporting Republican candidates ….

It is my feeling that if Roy Moore gets elected?

There WILL BE a hard pushback against his accusers and the sexual harrasment issue will go away just like it did with Donald Trump….

Republican voters see being the majority party as their OVERIDING goal no matter what...This has been sentiment about Donald Trump who keeps dropping in approval among ALL Americans , but only slightly among Republicans…

The big new finding from a Quinnipiac University poll is this: About half of Republicans say GOP senators should let Roy Moore serve in the Senate. By a margin of 49 percent to 33 percent, Republicans say the Alabamian, who is accused of sexual misconduct with multiple teenagers, should not be expelled if he wins next month’s special election, as some Senate Republicans have threatened to do.

But that’s hardly the only finding in the poll that suggests the GOP has taken a softer view toward sexual harassment.

The poll also shows sexual harassment isn’t a dealbreaker for Republicans when it comes to President Trump. And it’s not even that they just doubt the accusations against Trump (which has been the case ever since nearly a dozen women came forward at the end of the last election). The poll shows Republicans also oppose trying to remove Trump from office even if it was proved that he sexually harassed the women who have accused him. By a margin of 63 percent to 28 percent, Republicans say Trump should not be impeached even if we know for a fact that he sexually harassed women.

More generally speaking, Republicans are also less likely to say alleged sexual harassment is a dealbreaker when voting for a candidate. The poll asked that if a candidate faced multiple sexual harassment allegations, whether people would “still consider voting for them if you agreed with them on the issues.” A plurality of Republican, 43 percent, say they would, while 41 percent say they definitely would not…..


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92 thoughts on “Poll…Republicans do NOT want Moore kicked out of the Senate if voters elect him…”

  1. If Franken sent nude photos to someone who requested them that was of age and against his wishes they leaked online, it would not be an assault on anything except our eyes, unlike the physical and intentional assault he committed on Leann Tweeden. Not remotely in the same ballpark.

  2. Here is the real answer: If nude photos, leaked or intentional, had been posted on the internet there would have been universal outrage on the right. Same response, same calls for resignation. The Republicans need to deflect as our Republican friend has tried to do for three days now.

  3. As long as it was not an Anthony Weiner situation, there would not have been calls for resignation.

    There would have been plenty of jokes though of course and talk about what a dumbass he was for even taking the photos, same as with Barton.

    The Hollywood celebs who have their nudes hacked or are victims of vengeful people are not lumped in with those who commit actual physical assault or unwanted harassment on others.

  4. Franken doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to take selfies like that though. (Maybe Stuart Smalley might)

    However, he does have a long history in his “comedy” though of joking about sexual assault against unconscious people and how unconscious people could be posed for photographs. It’s kind of more disturbing now.

  5. In regards to this Barton thing, it is worth remembering that it was just a few years ago when a Republican Congressman from New York was found to have sent out a far more innocent by comparison photo and then was successfully pressured by Republican leadership to resign (and the seat went to a Democrat temporarily)

  6. Wow Keith I didn’t even catch the “reformed gay man” comment from RepubliCAN.
    How bigoted can you be?
    That is what CG is going up agsinst in his party. Or actually NOT going up against as he either willfully or subconsciously ignores such great thinking right out of 1837!

  7. To CG’s 1:34, if Kevin Spacey was a nominee, I would want him to resign. He has some serious issues that go way beyond Franken’s tasteless jokes. It is my understanding that Spacey has assaulted children. I view Spacey as worse than Moore because his activities were more recent and probably more frequent. But in the exceedingly unlikely event that Spacey was elected, he should be allowed to serve provided that he is not in jail at the time of the election. Allowing voters to decide is a principle of democracy. Trust the voters!

  8. To CG 3:41, I was not yet in school. My next door neighbor came over to tell my mom Kennedy was shot. I recall my mom was sad. I remember the day.

  9. I was in school, gym class when Kennedy was shot. They dismissed us after the President was pronounced dead. I came home in a fog. My mother, although not a Kennedy fan, was extremely upset. Our next door neighbor, a local Republican Party leader, invited my father (who was a lifelong Republican) over to celebrate with a few friends. I remember my mother was so upset that she never spoke to that “horses ass” again, and she never voted for a Republican again. I recall the stories of the U.S. steel executives partying after Kennedy was killed. I could never understand that type of hatred until I saw the hatred Republicans had/have for Obama.

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