LA Mayor Eric Garcetti 2020?

Another major city Democratic Mayor could be joining the 2020 Democartic Presidential nomination sweepstakes race….

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….never in the 228 years since Gen. George Washington was sworn in as president has a sitting mayor been elected to the White House.

Eric M. Garcetti, the mayor of Los Angeles, may be out to change that.

The odds are long: Mr. Garcetti was sworn into his second term as mayor just five months ago, and has not built a particularly broad record of accomplishments to showcase to the nation.

But over the last few months, Mr. Garcetti’s sights have clearly been set beyond the Art Deco tower that is Los Angeles City Hall. He has traveled to Florida, Louisiana, and New Hampshire, and was in Las Vegas on Saturday, speaking to a convention of carpenters. He went to Indiana, to announce the creation of a group of mayors, business and labor leaders to promote infrastructure investments, and appeared on Chris Matthews’sHardball” to talk national politics.

And in the course of an hourlong interview in his office, Mr. Garcetti, 46, a Democrat, made clear that, as unlikely as it might sound, he is considering a run for president, after announcing he would not run for governor. “There are 23 states that have a population smaller than Los Angeles,” he said.

Mr. Garcetti’s attempt to test these waters — and the fact that he is being watched with some seriousness despite never running a national or even statewide campaign before — may say less about this city’s mayor and more about the national political landscape….



5 thoughts on “LA Mayor Eric Garcetti 2020?”

  1. The 1972 election was before I was interested in politics, so I didn’t know or at least don’t recall that either Lindsey or Yorty ran. I knew Lindsey a little bit because I grew up in NJ. I knew Yorty was mayor of LA and that he was conservative, but that is all I really know about him. I do recall that Archie Bunker liked him – his name came up in one of the episodes.

    1. Lindsey was viewed a Kennedy type….

      The snow storm lack of response was a big deal I remember….

      Most people do not know this but New York City/State has had a good amount of moderate/liberal GOPer’s running things

  2. I’m surprised Yorty didn’t back George Wallace. From what I’ve read of him he was kind of an out of place Dixiecrat.

    I don’t recall any other LA mayors running for Pres, though Tom Bradley was considered for VP in 1984 by Walter Mondale.

  3. I remember two Mayors who ran for President in 1972.

    New York Mayor John V Lindsay who had been a Liberal Republican,switched to the Democratic Party in 1971 and briefly sought the nomination in 1972.

    He didn’t do well in the first few primaries ,although being fairly well known nationally .

    Then there was Los Angeles Mayor Sam Yorty ,who ran as aConservative Democrat,and made a little splash in New Hampshire by picking up the backing of William Loeb ,the Republican publisher of the Manchester Union Leader,the states largest newspaper who was disgruntled with Nixon for a variety of reasons.Yorty never caught on though and later dropped out and supported Hubert Humphrey in an unsuccessful effort to stop George McGovern,

    1. John Lindsey was the mayor when I was a kid and got snowed in for 3 days….

      After that?

      They made sure the plows where out early across the boro’s of NYC….

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