Alabama expects lower turnout for Special Senate election next month…

The state election officals are also not inclined to change the date from Dec 12…..

The state’s top election official Monday said he is lowering his prediction for turnout in Alabama’s December 12 special election, a potential measure of how sexual misconduct allegations have roiled the Senate race between Republican Roy Moore and Democrat Doug Jones.

In an interview with NBC News, Secretary of State John Merrill also said his office has just sent local election officials more detailed guidance for processing write-in votes, a result he said of a higher volume of inquiries than his office normally receives from voters across the state.

“As Alabamians, we believe that its best for Alabamians and Alabama election officials to administer Alabama election laws,” Merrill, a Republican, said.

If President Trump were to contact him about altering the date, Merrill said he would hear him out.

“But I don’t see any circumstance today based on what knowledge we have that that’s something that would even merit consideration,”…


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4 thoughts on “Alabama expects lower turnout for Special Senate election next month…”

  1. Lower turnout in AL would mean Republicans are staying home. You have to believe that Democrats are excited about this race.

  2. I’m a little surprised that no Republican has announced a write-in vote. My guess is that they fear the Moore wing of the party would never forgive ’em, and it would be an up-hill battle given that the child assault allegations have only increased Moore’s support with Evangelical Christians.

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