With Trump No Foreign Policy/State Dept….The Senate moves into the vacuum…

Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy consists of threats from last years campaign and in-action….

His Sec of State is in the process of taking his department apart  by neglect….

His Sec of Defense spend his first six months on airplanes going around the planet assuring foreign leaders that his boss would NOT just ignore pass agreements other president’s had done…

With all of this and President who STILL has the hots for the Russian President…What does the Congress do?

It seems that the Republicans have begun to band together to keep and eye on the Excutive branch….

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“Clearly, Congress has taken on a stronger role. You see that with the sanctions bill we passed with Russia—and, by the way, also with North Korea and Iran—that discretion that is normally given to the president has been taken over by Congress in our role as the policy arm of government,” Cardin told me. “We have been more prescriptive on the responsibilities of the president on foreign policy, and that’s Congress’s prerogative, and we’ve done that under President Trump. Yes, we are taking a more active role.”

Corker offered a highly symbolic – or at least seriously trollish — signal of how far he’s willing to take his feud with Trump last week when he held a hearing on the president’s authority to order a nuclear strike – the first time in 40 years that such an issue has been discussed on Capitol Hill. The session was widely – and correctly, Cardin said – interpreted as a senatorial rebuke of the president’s loose and inflammatory rhetoric about the “fire and fury” he might unleash against North Korea. “Congress is looking for a way to assert itself in that regard,” Cardin said….

Congress isn’t about the wrest control of nukes – or any other major levers of international power – away from the commander-in-chief anytime soon. Despite post-Vietnam efforts to rein in the imperial presidency, the executive branch retains nearly all the control over American foreign policy. And many members of Congress are just as happy to punt when it comes to taking responsibility for decisions of war and peace that might prove unpopular with voters, a fact painfully underscored when President Obama decided to seek authorization for a retaliatory strike on Syria after a chemical weapons attack on its own citizens—and members of Congress all but hid under their desks.

So no one’s suggesting Congress has suddenly grown a spine under Trump.

But the bipartisan talk of constraining and at times openly contradicting the president is something genuinely different about Trump’s Washington, and it already extends to a wide range of issues on the foreign policy front – a contrast to the fractured politics of such domestic issues as health care and taxes, where consensus is as elusive as the election results would suggest….


image of Senator’s Corker(R-TN) and Cardin (D-MD)….politico.com

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