Trump goes after Sen. Flake on the tax bill….

Typical Donald Trump….

When in doubt attack….

He knows the Republican Senator from Arizona does NOT like him …..

He needs his vote though for any tax cut bill…

So what does Donald Trump do?

He disses the guy….

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Donald Trump and perhaps his top congressional GOP critic are sparring again, this time with Sen. Jeff Flake’s office disputing the president’s claim that the Arizona Republican plans to oppose the party’s tax overhaul plan.

The president started the duo’s latest back-and-forth with a Sunday evening tweet predicting the retiring Flake — whom he mocked by referring to him as “Flake(y)” — will “be a NO on tax cuts because his political career anyway is ‘toast.’”

Losing Flake would put the bill in serious jeopardy of failing, robbing Trump of a year-end legislative victory.

Trump wrote that Flake is “unelectable in the Great State of Arizona (quit race, anemic polls) was caught (purposely) on ‘mike’ saying bad things about your favorite President…..



11 thoughts on “Trump goes after Sen. Flake on the tax bill….”

  1. Disappointing, but not surprising given her Libertarian views. Libertarians hate taxes more than the rest of us

  2. Sen. Lisa Murkowski has announced her support of Republican efforts to repeal the health insurance mandate.

    Republicans now believe she will support the Senate tax cut bill.

    Some had speculated that because of her earlier opposition to Republican repeal of Obamacare efforts she might oppose this and maybe the entire tax cut bill.

    1. So?….Murkowski now attached her vote to the Murray/Alexander Bill, eh?…

      The complete look at the Alaska Senator’s postion…

      ….A spokesperson for Murkowski told POLITICO that the comments should not be construed as support for the tax bill, which does not yet appear to have sufficient support to pass the chamber….

      …”While I support repealing the individual mandate, I strongly support enacting the bipartisan compromise Alexander/Murray legislation into law as fast as possible to stabilize our markets, provide more control to states and more choices to individuals,” Murkowski wrote…


      Her postion puts her at ODDS with those who want NOTHING but a REPEAL of the whole Healthcare Law…

  3. James, I am back and forth whether this thing will get passed and get to the President, but overall I do tend to agree with Jack…if the Republicans can’t deliver on tax cuts for their wealthy donors, then what purpose do they really serve…

    1. I’m thinking another busted try to get a bill passed into a law….

      Republicans manin purpose is to rob the poor and middle class to give to the rich….

  4. Which bill?

    The Senate bill?TheHouse bill?

    it Is almost inconceivable that some bill ,maybe not one of these ,will.If the Republicans can’t pass a tax cut for the wealthy ,then what is the rationale for their existence much less retaining their Congressional Majority?

    The key is making their well known fealty to the wealthy as non transparent as possible so they can lessen opposition to the extent that they can pass something to attain their chief objective.

    In my view the odds that they will pass something substantially true to their purpose is around 90%.

  5. Yeah Flake hadn’t announced whether he’d vote for the tax bill or not. If he was for it before he’s almost certainly not now. Great “negotiating” Donny.

  6. Weird.

    I would think Flake, a conservative, would fully support this bill.

    Does Trump know something or is he just popping off at the mouth?

    1. Flake dosn’t say he won’t….

      It’s just Trump trying to muscle….

      He just attacks…

      It’s why a lot of his past stuff turned to shit…

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