The Sheep…Trump voter: If Jesus Christ told me Trump colluded with Russia, I’d check with Trump

Don’t laugh at this….

It is the story of those who would follow Donald Trump like lemmings if he asked them to jump….

They have drank the Kool-Aid and have come back for more….

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A man who said he voted for President Trump in 2016 said on Monday that if Jesus Christ told him Trump colluded with Russia, he would still have to check with the president to see if it was true.

“If Jesus Christ gets down off the cross and told me Trump is with Russia, I would tell him, ‘Hold on a second. I need to check with the president if it’s true,’” said Mark Lee, one of six Trump voters to appear on a CNN panel Monday morning.

Lee said he believes in the president and his mission of “draining the swamp.”

“Trump is there for the small guy; he’s there for people like myself,” Lee said….


Image….CNN screen shot…Mark Lee is in the upper right corner with the glasses….

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  1. Oh I’ll keep talking about Moore. He’s a goddamned pedophile who is on the ballot next month. He was chosen by Republican voters to be their nominee and the Republican President of the United States endorsed him. It deserves discussion

  2. A new Survey USA poll shows 33: of Minnesotans want Franken to resign
    22% say he should notvresign and 26% want to wait for the Senate Ethics investigation

    I put myself in the 26%. Yes I condemn Franken. The easiest thing for both sides would be for him to go. It would be satisfying for Republicans like our IL prognosticator to see someone who stands stands up to the Koch Brothers and for those who aren’t in the top 1% be finished doing so. And Democrats could wash their hands of his misconduct.

    But we all know this goes beyond this week and Al Franken. There will be more accusations of office holders on both sides. In extreme cases like Moore the road is, or should be, clear. However there needs to be a process to evaluate others and determine what punishment fits their actions. I would support going this route if tomorrow it were Roy Blunt accused the same as I do for Franken today.

    And that’s all I’m going to say about Franken today.

  3. Former RNC chair Michael Steele on Chris Matthews just gave a scathing rebuke of the President and his party’s embrace of Roy Moore. Unequivocal. No mention of Franken.

    1. Steele works across board and has not been a victim of the Trump brainwashing

      Of course he is NOT the only anti-Trump GOPer out there

  4. The Franken story no doubt gives CG great glee.

    Maybe James can pu up the number of posts he has made these past few days since Franken was accused but I can tell you just observing its obvious he has posted WAY more about Franken than Moore. I5 has given him new life. Instead of having to accept that his party has become the party of a pussy grabber and pedophile he was able to get back to his favorite past time–bashing Democrats.

    Jack is right. I should ignore his foolishness. As I have been working some at night I do have free time during the day sometimes to jawbone but these “conversations” which are really just a self serving exercise in making him feel better about what has become of his party–what he should have seen years ago.

    I have better things to do.

    1. I have posted about Moore, Franken and the growing list of those accused of misdeeds…

      The list will continue to grow

      CG like Trump is a tape recorder on rewind
      Continuing to loop the Franken story over and over as a answer to everything…

      It HAS gotten old….

      The Moore thing is up the voters in Alabama

      But I again caution
      If Moore is elected?
      There will be HARD PUSH BACK against his accusers
      And the others across the nation
      That IS how these things usually go
      The media story could change in a heart beat just like it did for Trump…..

  5. Yes – Your logic is simple – almost child-like in its simplicity. “He did something bad years ago. He should resign”. Good night.

  6. Excellent point Zreebs.

    Since CG claims that he believes Trump should resign,I believe he should spend the upcoming Holiday season on this personal quest.

    He can daily berate those Republicans in Congress, almost all of them ,for not joining him in calling for his resignation.After all the President Of the United States is many times more important than a single Senator and we see the time he has spent on that.

    Now do I believe any of this will happen?Of course not.Maybe CG is sincere in his desire that Trump quit ,but is it worth his time to pontificate on the subject to the extent he has on Franken,the Democrat?

    The answer is obvious.

  7. Moore, Franken, Trump, and Conyers should all resign.

    It’s simple when you don’t care about the party label next to their name.

    Enjoy the evening.

  8. “In order to protect Franken and in order to keep Moore around as a whipping boy, they will probably say, the voters have spoken. Both have to be in the Senate.”

    Seriously? Are you really that clueless?

    First of all, there is no great political reason to “protect” Franken. The Democratic governor would just appoint another Democrat. And what do you have against letting voters decide whether Moore should be elected. What makes you so special that you or a small group of senator should have the power to decide whether he can be seated. Democracy requires that we sometimes allow people to be elected that we abhor. We elected Trump, and he assaulted women too, But while you complained about Trump, you haven’t spent 1/10 as much time in saying that he should resign as you have been saying that Franken should resign.

  9. A new poll on Politicalwire shows Republicans are the only group that thinks Moore should be seated in the Senate if he is elected.
    Overall 60% of Americans think he should not be seated but by 49 to 33 Republicans think he should.

  10. Looking up this account by the “ex-girlfriend” of Clarence Thomas as it appeared in an UK tabloid, she also said that Anita Hill was a liar and a “woman scorned.”

  11. I’m not aware of anything said by an “ex-girlfriend” of Clarence Thomas, or even if she is actually even that, but porn is not illegal. Personally, I doubt Thomas was into porn. But lots of people want to point fingers at a “scary black man.”

    Is absolutely everything that Bill Clinton’s ex-girlfriend Gennifer Flowers, said about him (or Hillary) the gospel truth? She said he had quite a cocaine habit when they were together. He obviously was involved with her in the past, but I wouldn’t say that everything she alleges about him after the fact is true.

  12. Not all, but you went a step further than anyone else has here and said you wish he would quit. I know you people aren’t anyone “important” but I still feel like I need to call out hypocrisy just as I do at HHR. Why is it is so hard for others here to say that he should go and a different liberal, who has not assaulted anyone, perhaps a liberal, should take over?

    Why is it that any allegation made against George H.W. Bush, regardless of any lack of evidence or reasons the source should be discredited is automatically true or just as bad as anything illegal alleged against Clinton but any made against Bill Clinton were either made up or “old news?” Why can’t there be some recognition that Bill Clinton really may not be a good person?

    Where is Schumer though on Franken? Where are the other Senate Democrats who if it were a Republican Senator who had done this in 2007 would be demanding resignation? The Minnesota DFL Gubernatorial frontrunner is calling for him to resign, so it’s not only Republicans and in fact, there is not a single Senate Republican who has actually even called for Franken to resign. This should have been a slam dunk for Democrats to get out of the way and point to Republicans and shame them for Moore.

    As for Trump and I, you know I have said the number is closer to 50%, but I wouldn’t care if it was 100 percent.

  13. Regarding CG’s 4:18 “nobody before or since has ever claimed he tried to talk to them about porn”, Clarence Thomas’s former girlfriend went on national tv several years ago and said that Clarence Thomas previously had a bad porn habit. But let me guess. She was lying too? Maybe Bernie Bernstein put her up to this?

  14. All the posters here have condemned Franken.

    This is really getting old and frankly boring.

    Do I wish Franken would quit?Yeah and probably ,at the end of the day ,he will, but your insinuation that a few people here(all five or so of us) are somehow causing you to remain what you are, a Republican ,is beyond ridiculous.

    You remain a Republican for the simple reason that you are one.You don’t like Trump.Yes I get that.Such doesn’t mean that you have changed your political beliefs in any way,shape or form.Indeed ,as I have pointed out and will continue to ,you agree with Trump on ninety percent or so of the major issues facing the country.You reluctantly concede the same ,often trying to obfuscate the same in ambiguous wording.I understand your extreme disappointment with what your party has become .

    Apparently though this little minuet that you play out here daily of insisting you aren’t what you so obviously are gives you some psychic satisfaction.If so, more power to you.Dont expect me,However, to play along.Further, I might be so bold as to suggest that the other posters here(comprising the “you guys” Of your post above ) likely agree to a large extent with what I have said.They,of course, may disagree if they so desire.

  15. What is your standard for “remaining in a party?” What steps am I taking to do that? My state does not have party registration and I do not pay dues to the party or attend meetings of the party anymore, etc. etc. I have gone to considerable lengths to tell people in the party that I do not want anything to do with them at the present time.

    But you guys seem to be worse, so what else am I supposed to do?

    What I want to know, is to what noble end does defending Al Franken lead to? Just depriving conservatives of a “scalp” seems to be all that matters. Had Franken messed around with teenagers in the ’70s as an SNL writer and performer, I have no doubt that people here would be finding ways to justify it and say it no longer matters in 2017.

  16. Why do you people remain in a party where over 80% support Donald Trump and his “vision” for America?(not “reluctant voters”)?

    I regard this type back and forth as juvenile and engage in it only to show that silliness of this kind of comparison.

  17. I never said Democrats were at fault for Moore winning the primary. Get real.

    But since the allegations against him have come out, they seem to be not wanting to be deprived of the opportunity of having him in the Senate to rail against. Trump is a disgrace on this matter, but at least Senate Republicans have been trying to get rid of Moore any way they can.

  18. It’s not correct to say that every Republican Senator has said that Moore should withdraw.

    Most have used a variation of ,”if the charges are true.”

    Since Moore explicitly denies the charges ,presumably those Republicans taking that stand would want to see some proof,otherwise why the “qualifier” as some said he should withdraw period.

    It’s called trying to have it both ways, an old political trick.

  19. There will be voters in Alabama who will vote for Moore solely to keep the liberal Democrat from winning, who will want and expect the Senate to immediately go about preventing Moore from being a Senator, so he can be replaced by a different Republican.

    I don’t think that is right for those voters to do that in this circumstance, but that’s how many will act, and you can at least understand their motivation. I saw it in Illinois when people voted to reelect Blagojevich assuming (correctly) he would eventually be indicted and removed from the Governorship.

    Nonetheless, the chances of Jones actually beating Moore would have been and still would be substantially higher if Democrats were demanding that Al Franken resign and that there should be zero tolerance for sexual assault regardless of party.

    If the election were held today, I think Jones would beat Moore. The more people in a very conservative state see the double standard though, the less they are going to care about principle and the more they are going to see the election nationalized and more of them will act accordingly.

    Is Franken really worth this? Why do you people think he deserves to be saved?

  20. Your incessant effort that somehow blame the Democrats for the fact that Republican voters selected this character as their Senate candidate,before any of this dating stuff cane out ,is humorous and disingenuous.

    So in your vision these Republicans in Alabama were all ready to dump Moore but recoiled from doing so because of Franken?

    That’s absurd.

    They support Moore because he represents who they are.It is past time that you conceded that.You won’t Because to do so is to concede what a large part of your party has become.

    Yeah if the Democrats would just throw Franken “overboard” all these good God fearing Republicans would figuratively say”hark cast out thy sinner Moore!”

    Good God This gets more ridiculous by the hour.

  21. If the Republicans vote to kick the pedophile out of the Senate and Democrats vote to keep him there, it will be quite the contrast.

    It will also be a contrast if Republicans vote to kick Moore out and Democrats vote to keep Franken in. In order to protect Franken and in order to keep Moore around as a whipping boy, they will probably say, “the voters have spoken. Both have to be in the Senate.”

    So, yes, then it would be the Democrats’ fault if they do not act to get rid of Moore at least.

  22. Every single current Republican Senator, except for Rand Paul, who might be preoccupied with his recovery, has called for Moore to exit the race.

  23. So if Alabama Republicans decide they want to elect a pedophile to the Senate abd Republicans in the Senate decide to seat said pedophile it will be a Democrat’s fault.


  24. I doubt Trump would stand in the way of expelling Moore. He would be replaced by another Republican. Trump just doesn’t want his own past put on display but I really do not think he wants Moore to be in the Senate.

    Bannon might be another story, but who cares. If there is a vote to expel Moore, I would anticipate nearly unanimous Republican support to get rid of him. How will the Democrats vote?

    I think McConnell expects and wants Moore to lose to Jones at this point, but otherwise envisions a vote to expel Moore and Franken on the same day, with the pressure put on Democrats in both cases to be consistent.

  25. I doubt if before last weekend Scott ever gave 10 seconds of thought to thinking that Clarence Thomas was guilty.

    Considering how many times over the years he has praised John Danforth of Missouri as “his kind of Republican” and someone whom he supported but that the party has moved away from, causing him to become a Democrat, it wouldn’t be very consistent with the belief that Thomas was “guilty” considering that Danforth was his most ardent defender during the saga, wrote a book about how Thomas had been mistreated, etc, etc.

  26. Assuming his election , any Republican Senator who voted to expell or not seat him is guaranteed a blast,at least from Trump, and a primary opponent with Bannon s backing and likely Trumps tacit support.

    Except for a brave few, Republican Senators ,so far ,have been loathe to face Trumps wrath.

  27. The chances of Moore losing the election or being expelled from the Senate if he did win, would be far greater had Democrats done the right thing and thrown Al Franken overboard (it’s not like his seat would have gone to a Republican), but no, that’s a price too big to pay. So both parties look like hypocrites, at least until there might be a vote to expel both Moore and Franken at the same time.

    It really does seem like the people here actually want Moore to be a Senator so they have someone to lump all Republicans in with.

    And with Scott, anybody who does not believe that Republicans are always 100 percent guilty and Democrats are always 100 percent excusable is practicing “false equivalency.” Funny though that I am the only one who calls for punishment of politicians who have either letter next to their name.

  28. If you are asking me, I say he is “toast” in regards to either he will lose the election, will not be seated, or will be expelled.

  29. One of the more inventive defenses of Moore’s behavior has come from an Evangelical “reverend”named Benham.

    The reason Moore was messing with these teenagers was that all the women his age were spoken for.

    When pressed the “reverend” conceded he would have a problem if Judge Roy had been courting a ten year old.

    One can only imagine what goes on in his “church.”

  30. Trump basically endorsed child molester Roy Moore today claiming its OK because “he totally denies it”

    I predict just as they did with Trump himself last year other Republicans will slither back to defend Moore as well. Spineless and ball less these creeps are too afraid to piss Trump off.

    Time to ename the party the Grand Old Pedophiles.

    Oh but we’ll have our Master of Ceremonies for False Equivalency Theater here for a daily matinee where we wil be regaled with “whataboutisms” like–“Well some House Democrat once honored Michael Jackson” or
    “Hollywood libruls clapped for Roman Polanski that one time ” to somehow equate a party that has a few issues with one run by a Pussy Grabber endorsing a homophobic religious bigoted child molester

  31. Donald Trump has implicitly endorsed Roy Moore for the Senate today.

    Further ,in a Quinnipiac Poll,almost fifty percent of Republicans don’t think Moore should be expelled from the Senate if he is elected.

    You still believe Moore is “toast” as you claimed last week?

    I don’t.Indeed I would ,as of now, rate him a slight favorite in the election and an even greater favorite to survive any effort to expel him if he is elected.

    There are still over three weeks till the vote so other matters unknown now may intervene but I’m not ready to pronounce him as “finished.”

  32. The only other woman who alleged to have been a witness of this by Thomas, was a Ms. Wright, who was discredited because she had opened up to others about having an axe to grind with Thomas, who had fired her for calling a colleague a “faggot.”

    Was Thomas not right to have fired her for that?

    I looked up her entire sworn testimony. She never “described his penis” except to claim that he said it was above average in size. Gee, let’s try to prove or disprove that.

    There was a sick political attempt to keep Thomas off the court because he was a black conservative and these groups, led mostly by white liberals, were willing to play on any racial stereotype they could.

    But “the voters decided” and Thomas is on the Supreme Court and nobody before or since has ever claimed he tried to talk to them about porn.

  33. The only other woman who alleged to have been a witness of this by Thomas, was a Ms. Wright, who was discredited because she had opened up to others about having an axe to grind with Thomas, who had fired her for calling a colleague a “faggot.”

    Was Thomas not right to have fired her for that?

  34. Anita Hill was not the only woman who complained against Thomas. You probably just forgot, but look it up.

    And that third paragraph of CG is a joke. As if it wouldn’t be hard to find “liberal and conservative, male and female, black and white” people who would say that the Bill Clinton they knew (other than that made public by the Starr investigation) was not a rapist or philanderer. And what does “demanding professionalism” or “being uncomfortable with foul language” have to do with anything? If you found that Moore was uncomfortable with foul language, would that make you less likely to believe the charges against him?

    I recall how Hill described Thomas’s description of his penis. Why would she make that up if it would be so easy to disprove? Guilty, guilty, guilty.

  35. When did she ever claim that he “badgered” her for dates? What is your source on that? Her complain was basically that he talked about porn, which does not seem to add up.

    She did follow him from one job to another after the alleged harassment and after she stopped working with him, did go out with him socially, although there is no evidence to suggest that he had any interest in her other than as colleagues.

    Various colleagues, liberal and conservative, male and female, black and white, all said that the behavior she described was nothing at all like Clarence Thomas they knew and worked for who was described as stiff and formal, uncomfortable around foul language, and demanded professionalism in the office.

    Under oath, he completely and categorically denied any wrongdoing.

    Her story does not add up but was designed to fit the stereotype of a dark skinned black man being unable to control himself sexually. A high-tech lynching indeed.

    Back later.

  36. Thomas badgered Hill for dates , made lewd sexual comments and basically made it a hostile work environment for her day in and day out.

    By “contrary evidence or testimony” I suppose you mean those who worked with Thomas and said he never harassed him.


    Franken also apparently has a host of former female coworkers who put put a statement saying he never touched them. That is immaterial.

    1. As I pointed out ….
      There is a grey area….
      The media for Republicans AND Democrats paints with a broad stroke…..

      Caution Warning
      If Moore wins?
      Be prepared for HARD pushback against woman that will make Trump’s look like child’s play

  37. First of all, as to Scott’s “guess”, no I would not have voted for Mark Kirk had there been evidence he had committed a sexual assault. Of course, he has never been accused of anything like that.

    Now, in regards to Scott’s sudden interest in the Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill matter, I really wonder what he is talking about as he is so often factually incorrect and then forced to backtrack on statements he makes online.

    So, let me ask Scott to explain what it is specifically that he believes Thomas was accused of back in 1991 when he was up for confirmation to the Supreme Court, and what he believes is true and why and why he does not believe any contrary evidence or testimony.

    Also, I never said Hill was lying because she was a “scorned woman.” That is another thing Scott completely invented here as it relates to what he wants to think my views are.

  38. I completely concur with Zreebs 12:53 comment.
    And my guess is CG does too. Let’s say Mark Kirk was accused of doing what Franken did last year just before the election and it was too late to change the ballot. I’m pretty sure he would have held his nose and voted his issues over voting for a Democrat. And while I would disagree with him I would understand it. Now if he was accused of child molestation that would be a different story.

  39. I’m not excusing Franken. I said yesrerday any national ambitions he might have had are now over. The ethics committee is investigating him. He may decide it’s better to resign or not seek re-election.

    I’m not ready to say he needs to resign though.

    Honestly what Clarence Thomas did to women was far worse though it didn’t involve physical contact. He would have been forced out as a CEO for doing what he did and you don’t want him to resign. So if we are hypocrites for not demanding Franken be treated the same as Moore you are a goddamned hypocrite too for defending Thomas. Black and white right?

  40. Franken deserves the abuse he is getting. And if he can’t handle it, he should resign. Certainly, the voters should take his actions into account when they decide whether to renominate or re-elect him. And yes, I would be less willing to vote for the guy with what we now know.

    But ultimately, if it is a choice of someone who wants to make it more difficult for blacks to vote, or who wants to encourage more use of fossil fuels because the Koch brothers gave him a donation, or who wants to transfer more wealth from the poor and middle class to the wealthy, well, I will probably be likely to overlook what Franken did.

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