On those Alabama Special Election Senate Moore/Jones polls?

Since Trump did his thing last year?

Pundits get nervous with polls showing someone clearly ahead….

This time is no different…


Important on why polls in the Alabama Senate special election are likely unreliable 👇

Some people are thinking that the Jones leading stories may push more Moore supports to actually come out and vote…

11 thoughts on “On those Alabama Special Election Senate Moore/Jones polls?”

  1. One of the greatest things about our country and justice system is the premise of “Innocent until proven guilty.” Judge Moore is being labeled a very serious offender based upon an organized effort to keep Judge Moore from winning. This is very obvious! What is not obvious is if the accusations are true or not. All is just hear-say except for one very flimsy piece of evidence. The lawyer of the woman making the accusation with this evidence as proof will not allow this “evidence” to be proven a true or a fake by professionals until after the election and Judge Moore wins. She is making the people of Alabama decide whether this woman’s flimsy piece of evidence is true or whether a person who has been faithful to the state of Alabama for 30+ years without any accusations of any crimes until he looks like he is going to beat his Democratic opponent is guilty. Judge Moore is not even allowed to use the techniques that are used to prove innocence in this case. His lawyer can not have the flimsy proof checked by professional hand-writing experts or have all involved with these accusations (including the lady’s lawyer) take lie-detector tests until after the elections and Judge Moore wins. If Judge Moore fails this test then he should step down. But if the ladies’ fail their tests, they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and then be sued for defamation of Judge Moores character and the lawyer should be sued for at least the election costs because of the accusations. The lawyer is already being sued for defamation of character but she is still not letting the evidence be proven true or false. These accusers could file lawsuits against the Judge but none have. Why not? Alabama, please don’t let this keep you from voting for a man that has served your state well. Trust what the Spirit in you tell you about the truth.

    1. Matilynn?

      The national media and Republicans in Wash are applying THEIR standards to Roy Moore’s action, true or not….

      The uproar and pushback against women coming and revealing the actions against them HAVE let loose a storm in support of them, but also as indicate?…A storm AGAINST them…

      Most of the women who have come forward are afraid being put on trial as the ‘bad’ person while the men who may or may not have taken unwanted actions smile , dick and continue their actions…

      Against this?

      What do women do?

      Just close their mouths and accept this behavior ?

  2. Goofy comment of the day,

    “If we become the party of Roy Moore and Donald Trump then we are toast”
    Jeff Flake

    Good God man!Wake Up!

    I don’t know about Moore yet,but you certainly are in the party of Donald Trump.He is your party’s leader and he has essentially run you out of the Senate.

    Are you really that much of a”Flake?”

  3. CG said the other day that Moore was “toast”.Presumably then he thinks Jones will win.

    I really think it’s a tossup.I might give Jones a very slight edge ,but this one can easily go either way.As I posted awhile back, the hard Democratic vote in Alabama in statewide races is in the mid thirties ,so a lot of people who haven’t voted Democratic in years ,if ever, are going to have to crossover or ,alternatively ,just not vote.

  4. I see Jones as the slight favorite. With nothing else on the ballot I think just enough Republicans will stay home rather than show up just to vote for a pedophile.

    Suburban women on the other hand will be motivated to show up and register their displeasure with Moore.

    1. PDog Alabama US Senate Election Projections as of 11/18/17….

      Jack….Moore win…close

      Zreebs…Jones win…close

      Scott….Jones win…close

      The Dog…Jones win…close

      Keith ?

      CG ?

      Republican ?

      Manila ?

      Daniel ?

      DSD ? (I hope he’s ok)

      Brandon ?

  5. I think Jones will win. From the outside looking in, he appears to be running a campaign designed to attract independents – which you need to do in Alabama. Also, he is not making the election about Moore – it is not needed and people who doubt the charges against Moore will ultimately vote for him anyway. Jones is instead giving people a reason to vote for him as opposed to just against Moore. And he is not bringing in national Democrats – which won’t help in Alabama.

    I do agree with Jack that the race will tighten and Moore can still win, as most “values voters” will ultimately vote for the pedaphile. Jones wins by 4.

  6. I still regard Moore as a slight favorite.

    Undoubtedly, the revelations as to his conduct years ago has taken a toll.

    Alabama is such a red state ,however ,and the very idea of a Democrat winning ,may drive enough Republicans ,even some who may personally find Moore abhorrent, to the polls to give him the victory.

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