Stand-back…The spotlight on sexual harrasment turns on Congress…

There are going to be a LOT of congressmen called out …..

This isn’t gonna help Roy Moore….

But just like with Bill Clinton?….

The spotlight has no regard for political parties….

CNN spoke with more than 50 lawmakers, current and former Hill aides and political veterans who have worked in Congress, the majority of whom spoke anonymously to be candid and avoid potential repercussions. With few exceptions, every person said they have personally experienced sexual harassment on the Hill or know of others who have.
In an environment with “so many young women,” said one ex-House aide, the men “have no self-control.” “Amongst ourselves, we know,” a former Senate staffer said of the lawmakers with the worst reputations. And sometimes, the sexual advances from members of Congress or senior aides are reciprocated in the hopes of advancing one’s career — what one political veteran bluntly referred to as a “sex trade on Capitol Hill.”
These anecdotes portray a workplace where women are subjected to constant harassment — both subtle and explicit. They also highlight an antiquated reporting system that discourages some victims from speaking out, leaving many professionals on the Hill to rely instead on hushed advice from peers and mentors…..

A TV host and sports broadcaster on Thursday accused Sen. Al Franken(D-Minn.) of kissing and groping her without her consent in 2006.

Leeann Tweeden accused Franken of groping her, without her consent, while she was asleep and provided a photo as evidence


There will be more stories coming out …..

How Sexual harrasment complaints in Congress are handled……

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127 thoughts on “Stand-back…The spotlight on sexual harrasment turns on Congress…”

  1. I understand why the Minnesota rape victim would feel betrayed. It is good that the culture appears to be changing and people (including GHWB) who did these things are now being called out.

    My best bet is that we will be hearing more names in the next month. And if they are Democrats, then so be it.

  2. Why do you believe Donald Trump fanatics about George H.W. Bush?

    Do you not realize how much they hate him, especially now because they know he voted for Hillary? They’d accuse you as well if you were somebody noteworthy. Be careful who you choose to lie down with.

  3. Tweeden was a Trump supporter. That doesn’t make what Franken did to her any less true. And why would Trump supporters go after GHW Bush rather than another younger still politically active Bush that also opposes Trump?

  4. I’d say Franken is in the league of someone who realized what he did was wrong and has apologized rather than call his accuser a liar. It doesn’t get him off the hook but it shows he is miles ahead of Trump and Moore

      1. LA radio station: We tipped off ‘news partners’ before publishing Franken allegations

        A Los Angeles radio station is pushing back on reports that former Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone appeared to know sexual misconduct allegations involving Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) were coming hours before they were made public.

        In a statement Friday, KABC said a “very small group” of employees discussed the best day for host Leeann Tweeden to come forward with her account of being forcibly kissed and groped by Franken in 2006….

  5. I see we are off to the races with the usual false equivalencies. The right wing smear machine is in high gear today against Franken in a very aggressive attempt to drown out the Roy Moore accusers. Republican women are the worst, excusing Moore and attacking his accusers. Interesting that we don’t hear the same from Democratic women about Franken’s accuser.

    If we are going to go all the way back to Clinton, another distraction brought to us, in part, by Democrats, then we should discuss the disgusting things that George HW Bush did for over his career in DC. No wonder W drank like he did.

    Or we could just talk about those folks that are on the ballot and have not only assaulted women, but that have made rulings as a Judge that went against the rights of women.

    Look, even Franken’s accuser has accepted his apology. I bet that pissed off the folks at FOX. Why are we still talking about this?

  6. Scott, what is your sourcing that Leann Tweeden is a Trump supporter? Where is that coming from? You tried to say something like that yesterday regarding her and Hannity. There was nothing on her Twitter indicating she was political and clearly if she was doing this as a partisan, she could have called for Franken to quit, etc. Regardless, it is clear she told the truth. I saw a bit of her on CNN last night and she was extremely tough on Roy Moore, so it’s not like she is making up an accusation as “payback” to the left.

    This is quite in contrast with the woman in Maine who claimed that George H.W. Bush groped her several years ago before he was in a wheelchair. Yes, they took a picture together, but nothing looks suspicious in the photo. She went on to become a local Republican candidate and her social media indicates that she was a Trump supporter from the early primaries on. Her social media also featured numerous denouncements of the Bushes and Clintons, clearly a calling card for the Trumpists. (Her narrative about the incident with Bush 41 even included a jab at Bill Clinton, which does not sound like something Bush would have said.) This is the crowd that believes all sorts of crazy conspiracy theories. So, I consider her account highly suspect. George H.W. Bush has been in the public eye nationally for almost 50 years. Until last month, there was never a story or a whisper about him as a “groper.” All the books that have been written about him and all the “behind the scenes with the Secret Service” books etc, never brought anything like that up. If this was really something he did a long time ago, it’s hard to imagine that it would not have been picked up on by someone.

    Why are they going after Bush 41? It’s pretty simple. It’s because he already apologized for incidents that occurred since he has been in a wheelchair. Thus, it’s a lot easier for people to try to accuse him of something else. Assuming he has no senility at all, which is just an assumption, he was wrong to try to play off as a joke the inadvertent contact he made with people when trying to pose for photos in his wheelchair, where after decades of taking thousands of photos with strangers, his natural reaction was to try to put his arm around the person next to him, but it’s at least understandable why he might have done that and covered it up with the joke he used. It’s sad, but he would have rather had those woman think of him at that moment as a naughty old man than someone who is physically a shell of what he once was. I don’t think it qualifies as sexual assault and minus some actual evidence, I don’t think this was something he was doing years ago.

  7. OK I was wrong. Tweeden tweeted about Trump’s announcement that he would not run in 2012. I thought she had endorsed him last year. It wouldn’t matter if she did because I still believe her and she was still the victim of unwanted and inappropriate behavior on the part of Franken. She is not asking for him to resign, only to tell her own story. Franken apologized as he should have and Tweeden has accepted the apology. Its up to MN voters if he deserves to stay in the Senate past 2020.

  8. He is still kind of questioning her when he says he does not remember the rehearsal the same way.

    So, since this is going to go before the Ethics Committee, he can tell what he remembers, and if the facts are on her side, then he should resign. He can run again and appeal to MN voters after that if he wants.

  9. And Roy Moore doesn’t remember pulling his dick out in the woods in front of a young girl. What’s your point?

    The voters will decide on December 12th if they believe Roy or even if they care he is a pervert. Today countless Republican women in Alabama said they believe the women but will still vote for Roy.

    This conversation is a diversion, and getting old.

  10. So the Republican Governor of Alabama, and a woman, is voting for Moore even though she believes his accusers.


    But, but, Al Franken………

        1. Alabama’s female GOP Governor will vote for Moore….

          Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey plans to vote for Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore in spite of allegations that the former judge sexually assaulted multiple women.

          “I’m going to cast my ballot on December the 12th, and I do believe the nominee of the party is the one I’ll vote for,” the governor told reporters on Friday, according to Ivey was responding to questions from reporters after an annual Thanksgiving turkey pardon event at the governor’s mansion.

          “I believe in the Republican Party, what we stand for, and, most important, we need to have a Republican in the United States Senate to vote on things like the Supreme Court justices, other appointments the Senate has to confirm and make major decisions,” she said. “So that’s what I plan to do, vote for Republican nominee Roy Moore.”….


  11. The last paragraph in the Governors statement above is why ,despite all that’s happened, I still rate Moore a slight favorite.

    I believe you will seee more Republicans and “independents,”who always vote Republican ,and are totally disgusted with Moore ,begin to slowly move back into his column as Election Day draws nearer.

  12. I have stated that I think it is classic tossup right now with a slight edge to Moore.

    I would also point out that that the election is around a month away.There still may be several twists and turns before the actual vote.

  13. I would like to see how absentees are coming in and from where. How many younger more educated voters have already voted. Jones spent a great deal of time building a field organization, let’s see if it pays off.

    The Governor’s comments the other day were amazing and a critique on the Republican Party.

    But let’s all talk about Al Franken.

  14. Yes they were,but It’s why I give Moore a slight edge.

    Alabama is one of the reddest states.

    I believe you are going to see over the last few weeks of the campaign a subtle effort to essentially echo the Governor by making the point that no matter how bad Moore is the Republican voters of Alabama have to vote for him for the reasons given by the Governor.

    This is Southern Republican politics at its rawest and reveals the utter hypocrisy of the Right Wing Evangelicals whose claim of moral superiority are now revealed for all to see as nothing more than political hackery of the worst sort.

      1. Remember the collateral damage GOPer’s got from going after Bill Clinton?

        Jonathan Swan: “Members of Congress with histories of mistreating women should be extremely nervous. Major outlets, including CNN, are dedicating substantial newsroom resources to investigating sexual harassment allegations against numerous lawmakers. A Republican source told me he’s gotten calls from well-known D.C. reporters who are gathering stories about sleazy members.”


            1. …twitter….

              Susan Page‏
              Outside the Beltway: At least 40 lawmakers in 20 states have been publicly accused by more than 100 people of sexual misconduct/harassment, a USA TODAY NETWORK investigation finds. via @JoelEbert29

              1. …twitter….

                #Breaking: Nancy Pelosi seeks ethics investigation of John Conyers

                Taegan Goddard‏
                Conyers Confirms Settlement But Denies Allegations (via @politicalwire)

              2. Trump has spoken on the Roy Moore / Doug Jones race…..

                Claiming (as he did with himself)
                That the accusals by numerous women are false….Alabama voters should NOT above all vote the Democrat…..

    1. A new KSTP/SurveyUSA poll in Minnesota finds that just 22% of Minnesotans surveyed said Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) should remain in office. Another 33% say he should resign, while 36% say he should wait for results of a Senate Ethics Committee investigation.

      Nate Silver: “I think Democrats have underestimated how seriously voters are taking the Franken allegations and how hypocritical it makes them look.”


      1. If the GOPer’s ain’t dropping out…The Dem’s shouldn’t either…


        Taegan Goddard‏
        Franken Says He Won’t Resign (via @politicalwire)

        1. Well….Well….Well….

          What do ya know….

          Guy Benson: Congressional Sexual Harassment “Slush Fund” Is A “Self-Protection Racket”

          On this week’s edition of ‘Fox News Sunday,’ editor Guy Benson described the system by which Congress secretly pays victims of sexual harassment on Capitol Hill to settle workplace disputes as a “slush fund” and a “protection racket” for officeholding abusers…..


  15. Matt Lauer fired from NBC amid sexual misconduct allegation…..

    If this continues with media and Democrats ?
    It will begin to help Moore, Trump and Republicans …..The actions play to Trump’s fake news rants

    1. Republicans , as usual, are moving ahead while Democrats are worried about Conyers and Franken…..

      Moore and Trump make Franken and Conyers look like boy scouts…

      The GOPer’s are focused on gaining and holding power while the Democrats are focused on fucking themselves….


  16. Jim Clyburn, the #3 Democrat, said yesterday he didn’t believe the accusers of Conyers because all are white. I don’t know if that’s true or not that all are white, but I do not see why that should matter.

    It is true that all were hired by and worked for a liberal Democrat Congressman. Clyburn must think they were undercover racists all along.

  17. Clyburn, a member of Pelosi’s leadership team, even compared Conyers’ female accusers to Susan Smith, the South Carolina woman who once falsely accused a black man of killing the children she herself murdered.

    That’s easily as bad as whatever backbench fool Mo Brooks said. Clyburn though will be defended here.

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