Mueller Trump Russian probe Update 11/16/17…Subpoena’s for Trump campaign people’s Russian contacts…

Trump Campaign staff had been turning over doucuments voluntarily ….

But in the media reporting about people talking to Congress some reporters have begun to say that some campaign staff people were NOT turning over ALL of their information to authorities….

They are now being ordered to do so….

Mr. Mueller and congressional committees are investigating whether Trump associates colluded with Russian efforts to interfere in the 2016 U.S. election. Mr. Trump has denied collusion by him or his campaign, and Moscow has denied meddling in the election.

Separately, the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday said senior White House official Jared Kushner hadn’t turned over all the documents it has requested and asked his lawyer to be more forthcoming.

Congressional committees earlier this year asked the campaign to turn over Russia-related documents, emails and phone records dating back to June 2015, when Mr. Trump launched his campaign.

Sending a subpoena to an entity that says it has been cooperating with document requests isn’t unusual in cases in which prosecutors have some concern that their demands aren’t being met promptly or aren’t being entirely fulfilled, former prosecutors said. A subpoena can serve as a backup, to make sure the recipient is complying as promised, and as a reminder that failure to provide documents as demanded would count as obstructing a grand-jury investigation…..


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One thought on “Mueller Trump Russian probe Update 11/16/17…Subpoena’s for Trump campaign people’s Russian contacts…”

  1. Update….

    While the media focus has been on Manafort?

    Those interviewed by Mueller’s people relate that the investigation is far MORE intensive then priovously reported….

    …In mid-October, for example, Mueller’s office subpoenaed a series of documents from the Trump campaign with a list of Russia-related search words, according to a person familiar with the request. The person said the request appeared to be “an effort to be thorough” and not miss any records as the office obtains the communications of campaign members through other methods.

    Mueller’s investigators are also still actively mapping out all the attempts by Russian nationals and people with ties to Russian President Vladi­mir Putin’s government to connect with and possibly infiltrate the Trump campaign. So far, at least nine people in Trump’s orbit had contact with Russians during the campaign or the transition to the White House, according to Mueller’s charging documents and interviews and records obtained by The Washington Post.

    Witnesses questioned by Mueller’s team warn that investigators are asking about other foreign contacts and meetings that have not yet become public, and to expect a series of new revelations. Investigators are especially focused on foreign officials’ contacts with Michael Flynn, a campaign adviser and later Trump’s national security adviser, witnesses said….


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