Census Bureau and mixed race American’s….

Barack Obama is noted as America’s first ‘black’ President….

But that is only half true…

His mother was as white as the snow from Kansas ……

His father was a brown man from Africa….

The United State’s Census up till 2000 had no box for someone like Barack Obama to check off….

For the first time, the 2000 census offered an option for mixed race that gave the respondent the chance to self-declare the components of his or her own identity. Dozens of racial and ethnic categories were listed for those who wished to check all the boxes of their multicultural, multi-racial, selves, including a box for white, allowing people like me to acknowledge, legally and honorably, both sides of their heritage. After more than 200 years, the census had stopped dictating who people had to be and asked me to define myself.

And I did. And again in 2010, when the number of racial and ethnic census choices expanded further, I felt as if my country could finally see me. My mother’s race was recognized, as was my father’s. For the first time, I found some humanity in the government’s census boxes. Apparently many others did too. Between the 2000 and 2010 counts, the census reported that 7 percent of Americans identified as multi-race, a group that grew three times as fast as single-race people. PEW Research’s Multiracial in Americareport projects that the multiracial population will triple by 2060. Further, in 2020, the census is considering how to clarify categories for Latinos. ….


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