Republican House leaders feel they have the votes on the Tax Bill…

The leadership has NOT reached out to House party members in blue states for their support…..

The tax cut bill will hurt people in those states and therefore Republicans in those states will have to defend the action back home…

Any final bill won’t look like what the House will pass….But this HAS to be a bitter pill for those House members in blue states….

Oh, and Democrats are standing on the outside looking in on all of this so far…and it this whole thing may..or MAY NOT work when it gets to the US Senate. whihch is writting its OWN bill…

[House GOP Speaker ] Ryan has also tried to head off internal concerns about the Senate bill by promising to go to conference committee and negotiate a compromise, instead of simply swallowing the other chamber’s version. Ryan made a similar promise on the budget earlier this year, but the House ended up having to accept a Senate blueprint that many Republican members despised.

“The House will pass its bill, the Senate will pass its bill, and then we will get together and reconcile the differences, which is the legislative process,” Ryan said last week.

There’s concern that Ryan and Brady will get squeezed by an impatient President Donald Trump to accept the Senate bill if the process drags out until the end of the year.

“We must have a Conference Committee to resolve differences between the House & Senate #taxreform bills,” Republican Study Committee executive director Scott Parkinson tweeted last week. “The House will not just eat the Senate bill as … the lowest common denominator.”

For now, though, House leaders are focused on the task at hand: getting a bill through the House.

Their challenge has shifted dramatically from past controversial votes: Typically, they’re most worried about Freedom Caucus members banding together and sinking legislation. This time, they’re watching Republicans from swing districts in New York, New Jersey and California — members who are typically in leadership’s corner.

Freedom Caucus members have given leaders room to maneuver on tax reform, largely praising the bill or at least refusing to draw red lines on provisions they dislike…..


One thought on “Republican House leaders feel they have the votes on the Tax Bill…”

  1. “This is all about growth”
    Steve Mnuchin
    Sec. Of Treasury

    It’s really all about more money for the wealthy.Of course to likes of Mnuchin ,anything that makes the rich richer equals “growth .”

    Ironically many Trump cultists ,who believed his lies about this being a middle class measure ,will actually pay even more in taxes than they are presently.

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