Senate Republicans barce for a possible Roy Moore loss…

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A Republican close to McConnell said that contrary to the view we originally reported here, McConnell has “led the pack on Moore from day one”: “McConnell is a very pragmatic guy, but he’s very principled guy. And he’s willing to lose the seat to prevent someone who’s guilty of these things from taking it.”….



5 thoughts on “Senate Republicans barce for a possible Roy Moore loss…”

  1. Bran washing?

    No,I would call it the prime example of the hate that exists among many of these Trump cultists.

    Why would they be “more” likely to support Moore?

    Because their hatred of the media and libruls is so great that it is enough that those groups are seen to be pushing this story.Accordingly, these people feel they must support Moore,even if they believe he is guilty of the acts claimed.

  2. A new JMC Analytics poll found that 37% of evangelicals were now MORE likely to vote for Moore as a result of the accusations. That surprised even me.

  3. …twitter….

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    As an Alabaman said on @chucktodd yesterday, right now, all that matters is that Roy Moore will vote for a wall. Luther Strange wouldn’t & the Dem definitely won’t.

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