Election Day 2017….

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It’s the voters turn today….

Not the pundits….

Not the polls….

The national media will define the results in turns of Donald Trump….

But for most voters it won’t be that at all…

All politics is local….

And it will be the emotional tag a particular candidate drops on the person doing their ballot receives…

Of course the BIG WILLY race is the Virginia Governors race which has turn to nasty shrill in the final days…

But there are other races around the country….

The New Jersey Governor’s race and tons of other state and local races out there….

Democrats hope to start to make gains they can build on to add to their chances in next years midterms….They also hope to look ahead on the state and local level where they suffered the last few elections….

Republicans will try to hold on to their narrow, but strong voter base….

We’ll see the results later today….

Update from Daily Kos with a graphic of most of todays elections results….HERE

Good news for Democrats

image…NY Times.Com

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75 thoughts on “Election Day 2017….”

  1. James at 10:26 last night you posted
    “It DOES appear that Trump realizes he was a problem for Gillespie and is trying as usual to get ahead of the media curve”

    I disagree. Trump doesn’t realize shit. He honestly thinks he can do no wrong. And his cult like minions agree. I’ve already had discussions online with a couple of them this morning. It might be bullshit but Trump honestly believes it’s true because he’s been spoiled and delusional his whole life. That people buy into it is sad, but they’ll get burned too. Oh well.

  2. I think Trump’s issue from childhood is more that he was tormented by his father and thus always has to put up a “front.” At some level he might have profound insecurities about everything, but will try to avoid an inkling of that ever appearing.

    The same sort of treatment drove his older brother to the bottle and an early death.

  3. Yeah I agree on Trump’s insecurities and terrible treatment by his father. It’s tragic that his brother drank himself to death. It’s admirable that Donald recognized the danger of also becoming addicted and avoided going down the same path. But he still has issues he has not dealt with and now we all have to be part of it.

  4. I don’t know if psychoanalyzing Trump is a great idea…

    I do know that:

    1. Democrats had a good showing last night and now they need to build on that momentum into next year, which a win certainly helps you do that.

    2. For the congressional elections next year the money will flow two ways, anti-Trump and pro-Trump…the lines are drawn…I think it is too late for Republicans to turn against him because a majority of their base strongly supports him still…and fracturing the party going into a election is bad…if they get trounced in 2018, then they can have a full out civil war to remake the party…

  5. I was going to say something similar Zreebs, my work schedule allowed me to help yesterday. Katie Hall of the Hall Winery set up a phone bank down in St. Helena. 40 lines with constant calling for 9 hours. It was fun.

  6. Also regarding gun control an NRA backed Republican was defeated in conservative SW VA by a Democratic nominee whose girlfriend –a news anchor–was shot to death on TV.

  7. No drop in from Manila, Daniel or RepubiCAN, eh?

    CG is the only stand up Republican?

    Hey…Anybody hear from DSD?

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