What if Nothing Happens after Mueller can prove Trump and Co. committed crimes?…Open Thread for 11/3/17

Vox is out with a piece that asks a question that SHOULD be asked….

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What happens if the Republican majority in the House are MORE afraid of losing their jobs by voting to impeach a guy who 60% of America doesn’t approve, of and 49% are all right if they do bring him up on charges…… BUT….60% of Republicans do approve of the guy, not caring about his politics , or that he can remember what he said ten minutes ago …(Most American actually don’t seem to care about these doings because they do NOT affect them directly)

What happens if 60% of the Grand Ole party voters/supporters/party members poll that they do NOT care if Donald Trump starts a war with North Korea that could get tens of thousands of Korea’s killed and thousands of American soldiers also?

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What happen’s if Donald Trump keeps coaxing his adopted party to KEEP TRYING to ‘steal from the poor and give to rich?’…..

All these things ARE FUCKING SCARY…..

But so far?

It seems that almost NOTHING is more important to most Republican lawmakers than  KEEPING their jobs….

Some of those who don’t like what going on have stood up and been greeted with applause….But most who question Trump out loud are subjected to abuse from some of their local vocal party members …..

They get to add that to Trump berating them in public…..

In reaction to THIS?

Some have announced they’re giving up and not running for re-election…

But most?

Most keep their heads down, swallow hard and vote to support Trump’s all over the place requests and proclaim their allegiance to Trump’s  wishes….

The specter of Donald Trump winning the GOP nomination and Presidency still haunts these party members….Heck, it still spooks the media which has always ignored the rightwingnuts…But now tries to front some of their crazy stuff….

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If you get the time to read the Vox piece by David Roberts…..It IS good to understand NOT the law and legal part of Trump’s story for the last year…It sis also important to understand the political dynamic he is running on the American government…..And things unimaginable  COULD occur next year that could change the American way of governance and way of life if one parties lawmakers do NOT grow the ball’s to stand up be counted if  Robert Mueller and his investigators and prosecutors lay down a story of a cover-up’s , lie’s ,  money, laundering, conspiracy , obstruction and maybe even treason….

What if facts and persuasion just don’t matter anymore?

As long as conservatives can do something — steal an election, gerrymander crazy districts to maximize GOP advantage, use the filibuster as a routine tool of opposition, launch congressional investigations as political attacks, hold the debt ceiling hostage, repress voting among minorities, withhold a confirmation vote on a Supreme Court nominee, defend a known fraud and sexual predator who has likely colluded with a foreign government to gain the presidency — they will do it, knowing they’ll be backed by a relentlessly on-message media apparatus.

And if that’s true, if the very preconditions of science and journalism as commonly understood have been eroded, then all that’s left is a raw contest of power.

Donald Trump has the power to hold on to the presidency, as long as elected Republicans, cowed by the conservative base, support him. That is true almost regardless of what he’s done or what’s proven by Mueller. As long as he has that power, he will exercise it. That’s what recent history seems to show.

Democrats do not currently have the numbers to stop him. They can’t do it without some help from Republicans. And Republicans seem incapable, not only of acting on what Mueller knows, but of even coming to know it.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe US institutions have more life in them than I think. But at this point, it’s just very difficult to imagine anything that could bridge the epistemic gulf between America’s tribes. We are split in two, living in different worlds, with different stories and facts shaping our lives. We no longer learn or know things together, as a country, so we can no longer act together, as a country.

So we may just have to live with a president indicted for collusion with a foreign power….


Top image…marketwatch.com

Middle image….bailtmoresun.com

Bottom image…latimes.com

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85 thoughts on “What if Nothing Happens after Mueller can prove Trump and Co. committed crimes?…Open Thread for 11/3/17”

  1. What’s new?

    Some of us,not you,have been saying this from the beginning of Trumps Presidency.

    Republicans don’t care about all this stuff.

    All they care about is that the He is sticking it to the “libruls” and the “media,” even CG has conceded that .

    Flake, Corker, Kasich?They represent a small slice of the Republican Party.

    It’s past time for you to shake off this idea that the Republicans themselves are going to do anything about Trump.

    Theyre not .

    Mueller s investigation ,that you have placed so much faith in ,is only of importance to those he indicts.To Trump himself and the Republican Party?

    It’s an annoyance at best and a sideshow at worst.

    1. …..figure of speech ole serious one….

      Trump walks on this and gives out get out jail free cards to all will mean the America government has failed to work the way it is supposed to with checks and balances

      Opposite the linked piece
      I do not expect NOTHING to come from all this….
      I do not think you believe that also…

  2. I never said “nothing” would come of it ole clueless one.

    I specifically said that Mueller indictments were a problem for the indicted ones.Some may go to jail.

    The point is that your hints that this investigation might bring Trump down is fanciful.Indeed in the above editorial comment you essentially concede the same .

    Republicans don’t give a damn about any of this.

    1. Woa?

      You have changed up on me?

      You originally said here that you thought
      ‘Nothing’ would probably come of this and that it would last for a really long time I believe?

      Now you ARE admitting that SOMETHING WILL happen because Mueller’s Grsnd Jury has handed up the first of many indictments,….

      Just want point out that you, like me change things when the fact and info changes….

      Very Good

  3. No I didn’t.

    I said it would take a long time.

    It will.

    I expect this matter to drag on for quite awhile yet.How can you prove otherwise?

    1. I agree it will take a while…WE AGREE…

      But you did say it would be of NO consequence….

      It already IS OF consequence ….

  4. No I didn’t.

    I said that Republicans don’t care about it.

    They don’t.

    Amusingly ,you keep arguing this point ,although you essentially agreed with it in your comments above.

    As I’ve said, anytime I offer a comment you automatically disagree with it, even when ,as here, you had previously agreed with it yourself.

    Yes, maybe humor is called for.

    As I will repeat,fundamentally your comments are


  5. “Maybe to you…”

    No to everybody who posts here.

    Ignorance is bliss though and you are a living,breathing example.

    And no I haven’t changed my views and no amount of lying by you will change that.

    On to another topic,

    Can you explain why,after writing your appeal for more posters, ,out of the thousands of people you “claim” visit here daily,not One answered your call?

    The simple law of averages is that at least one person would have at least responded,but not One Word.


    That is if one believes the premise.


    1. Don’t know….

      To tell ya the truth…

      Our exclusive club here remains the same….

      Drop – in’s come and go….

      I’m still pressing on regardless….

    1. Of COURSE!

      I mean he NEVER could be wrong?……Could he?

      Not ole’ Jack?

      He, he, he….

      You guys keep me smiling….

      Thank You!

      1. Could it be more of he will NOT ADMIT if he’s wrong…Or even CHANGES his point of view????


        He’s Jack….

        Gosh ?

        That whole resoning is so?….So Trump like since we aren’t talking about politics but me?

        Anyways? enough of this….

          1. Saudi Arabia is saying it intercepted a Yemini launched ballistic missile aimed at its main airport…..

            No damage….

            The airport is operating normally

            1. …twitter…

              BBC Breaking News‏ @BBCBreaking
              Loud explosion heard near Riyadh’s airport, unconfirmed reports say Saudis intercepted missile from Yemen

              1. Now we have a report that a Saudi Prince has arrested other Saudi princes and government officials?

                Busy time in the kingdom

            2. Arab coalition forces hit Iranian experts, military base in north Yemen
              Arab coalition forces hit Souq Allaf in north Saada province in Yemen. The military raid targeted a…


              1. Rand Paul was assaulted at his home in Kentucky yesterday

                He’s ok….

                Suspect was arrested by Kentucky State police,,..

  6. The Hill reports that one of Trump’s personal lawyers has warned the Mueller investigators to NOT delve into Trump’s pre campaign business dealings saying they would challange such probes..

    I don’t how they could prevail since TheMueller mandate gives him leeway to investigate anything coming from his Russia probe..

    Trump is KNOWN to had money problems in the past that necessitated him borrowing money and making trips to Russia….

    It is thought that Mueller ‘s IRS investigators have gone over Trump’s tax info that he refuses to release….Furthermore?

    Trump’s Real Estate deals in NYC could be under investigation by the NYS AG….

  7. Another GOPer our for 2018….

    Rep. Frank LoBiondo (R-NJ) is retiring, NJ Advance Media reports.

    “Last year, LoBiondo, 71, crossed party lines and voted with a majority of Democrats against a majority of Republicans 16.9 percent of the time, putting him ninth among all House GOP lawmakers, according to Congressional Quarterly.”


    1. The ‘House of Lies’?

      Forbes says Commerce head overstated wealth by $2 billion

      — Forbes reported Tuesday that Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross exaggerated his net worth to the magazine by $2 billion….


  8. There are two comments in this article though that CG would specifically disagree with,

    “Hate became the rallying cry for far too many conservatives”


    Maybe the best thing that can happen to the Republican Party next year is to lose House and Senate majorities to the Democratic Party.”

    CG specifically refuses to acknowledge the primacy of “hate” as a motivating factor of the Trump Republican Party and still wants the Republicans to retain their Congressional majorities.

    As I explained earlier this week CG believes the Republican Party can return to the way he liked it after shedding Trump and ,while making some snarky remarks about individual Republicans (see Roy Moore,Trump,Bannon,etc) ,he remains enough of a Republican to still favor their ascendancy in Congress even while likely acknowledging many of the fundamental points made in this article,

  9. I think deep down, CG would agree with the first sentence – although he would disagree that the magnitude of the problem is as great as you believe (he’ll, I don’t agree it is as great as you believe)!

    He might agree with the second sentence because it includes the word “maybe”.

    Let’s hear what he has to say…

  10. Well yes, I suppose I am going to get mentioned throughout this Saturday until I “go on record.”

    I have said that so many of Trump’s base put emphasis on “hate” and I have heard it remarked that many of them are nihlisists who think America is already done for and they just want to fight back against what they don’t like (i.e, immigrants and Muslims). However, it is completely unreasonable to ascribe that philosophy or or the label of “hate” to every one of the millions of Americans who did vote for Trump. I certainly know it doesn’t apply to me (as someone who would never have thought about voting for Trump).

    Would losing Congress be good for disaffected Republicans short-term politically? Well, maybe, but i don’t really see how. Are you guys actually going to do the dirty work and get Trump convicted and removed? If so, it might make it even harder to win in 2020, so somehow I do not see that as something that top Democrats will place priority on, minus a major criminal investigation development. It’s far more likely he either quits the job under pressure or does not run again, and that would depend more on Republicans finally breaking with him, and would have more impact if they are in the majority. Democrats winning Congress would lead to gridlock. It seems like we already have that anyone. I know others cannot, but I still separate Democrats, Republicans, and Trump in the governance sense, as many of his fans do as well. Polls show that a whole lot of Americans believe that Trump “governs” as a third-party President and that is how I view him as well.

    I have to take partisan Democrats calling for the destruction of the Republican Party, or failure to rehab the party, or defeat of the party for what it is. You guys want your team to win, so it’s hard for me to look at your motives as being pure, but whatever, that’s politics. If we wind up having such fundamental realignment though, what does that portend for our system in general? There could be some unwelcomed results for current Democrats.

    My attitude towards elections now is that I hope the candidate who best shares my beliefs and values wins. That will never be Donald Trump (or a Roy Moore) for me and increasingly I will want more and more Republicans to lose if they continue down the current path, but still, on average, most Republicans will be far better for me than most Democrats. The math can sort itself out. I will try to predict it and track it as a political junkie, but it’s not going to be like I was in cycles past when I cared a lot or thought a lot about how “my party” will do. It’s out of my hands.

    I hope everyone enjoys the weekend.

  11. You don’t believe racial resentment motivates the majority of the Republican base Zreebs? Does it matter what our Republican friend thinks or doesn’t think about his party and its future? He has been apologist for this sorry group of racists for years now, starting with Willie Horton, through the birther movement to today.

    Try knocking on some doors in the next election and mentioning Barack Obama in a older white neighborhood in, shall we say, the suburbs of Cleveland or Detroit. Hate is very much a motivating factor for the core Republican constituency. These folks will stick with Trump until the bitter end, because of two things, racial tribalism and the fact that Trump angers folks like you and me.

    The Roy Moore event today would be very sad if it weren’t so frightening. These folks believe Roy Moore and his us against them rhetoric. At some point yesterday RepubliCAN announced that God had forgiven Moore. My question, how does he know this?

    The fact that the Republican Party would now sell its soul to keep this Senate seat in Republican hands is the death knell of the Party. First came Trump, and now this.

  12. Since the word,”hate” seems to arouse you guys ire?

    How about “intense dislike?”

    Look, I don’t believe that All of Trumps vote was based on”hate,” nor did I ever say that.Do I believe though that “hate” (or intense dislike if you find that term less objectionable) is a major factor in the Trump Republican Party?Yes I do.

    Indeed,many old line conservatives(CG agreed in a conversation we had one day) have said that the term “conservative “ now refers to one who “dislikes” liberals and the media.

    In reference to the above,Steve Bannon was in Charleston last night,addressing The Citadel Republican Society, was introduced by Nikki Haley’s friend(and gubernatorial candidate) Catherine Templeton (who passes for a “moderate” among SC Republicans) ,was greeted with an enthusiastic standing ovation before and after his address ,the main topic of which was?

    That Republicans needed to get “angrier.”

    So use whatever word you wish.There you have it.

  13. No, of course the motives for hoping for the destruction of the GOP are not 99.44% pure. If I am to be honest, I would tell you that I was glad to read the charges of Moore being a pedofile.

    But I also recognize that it in the long run it is better for us all to have two ethical people running for public office than one, even if that reduces the odds of a Democrat winning. With that said, I don’t think there are many GOP Congressmen or Senators who genuinely care enough to end obstructionism, and While we are not perfect, I don’t blame the Democrats for this current partisanship. So in the short term, It would be good for the country if most republicans got defeated.

  14. Of course I’d rather have a competent opposition party that doesn’t rally behind pedophiles and pussy grabbers. But as long as they do I want them not just beaten, but fucking annihilated!

  15. In an effort to fight back against hate I just wrote a $250 check to Doug Jones on top of my previous donation. I have now gone over the reporting limit, so this contribution will be “verifiable” and my stalker will have access to my address. That’s how strongly I feel about taking a stand against yet another Republican racist and homophobic candidate.

    And yes, I know that there is only a slight chance Jones will win this election given the make-up of the Alabama electorate.

    We have a series of house guests over the next week, one of them will be the former Chief-of-Staff to Charlie Baker. He is a Democrat, but worked for both Baker and Romney. The conversations should be very informed and lively. Oh, and I will get a check out of him too.

            1. …twitter…

              Matthew Yglesias‏
              Jeff Sessions’ weak memory seems like a problem for a high-ranking government official.

  16. Two setbacks yesterday for those who want to “lock her up”. Sessions when asked about a special counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton said there is no “factual basis” for such.

    Then over on FOX Shepherd Smith debunked the Clinton–Russia– uranium conspiracy theory that has been running nearly non stop on the network. Lots of teeth gnashing today

      1. The Keystone Pipeline last section will done…..

        That was my original prediction…

        $$$$$$$ wins…

        Environment does not for GOPer’s…

  17. Burma Was renamed Myanmar in the eighties I believe. Did Yugoslavia or the Ottoman Empire make it into the top ten countries for visitors?

  18. There does not appear to be anything on line suggesting that Leann Tweeden has ever stated she is a Trump supporter.

    If she had a political agenda, it wouldn’t be too hard to tell, such as right-wing radio host who is accusing Franken of having harassed her. Since, her allegations are not related to sexual harassment, I don’t think it qualifies as relevant to this story, and they both seem like miserable people anyway.

      1. Black men sentenced to more time for committing the exact same crime as a white person, study finds

        Black men who commit the same crimes as white men receive federal prison sentences that are, on average, nearly 20 percent longer, according to a new report on sentencing disparities from the United States Sentencing Commission (USSC).

        These disparities were observed “after controlling for a wide variety of sentencing factors,” including age, education, citizenship, weapon possession and prior criminal history….


  19. I’m confused. I still haven’ t heard when the hearings will be held on the Niger killings. Didn’t we have something like 21 hearings on Benghazi?

    1. Mel Tllis has passed….

      Mel Tillis, whose career as a country singer and the writer of enduring hit songs like “Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love to Town” earned him a place in the Country Music Hall of Fame and a National Medal of Arts — but who was equally well known for the stutter he employed to humorous and self-deprecating effect onstage — died on Sunday in Ocala, Fla. He was 85….


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