Breaking…. 3rd Trump person has already pled guilty to lying to Mueller people about Russian connections…


Shoe’s contiune to Drop from Mueller’s probe’s…..

One has to think that this person HAS flipped and is spilling thye beans to Mueller’s people thereby putting pressure on others to jettison Trump and cover their own butts….

The idea that there was NOT Russian contacts with the Trump campaign is NOT GONNA hold….

This is BIGGER than Manafort….

George Papadopolous, another of those first five campaign advisors announced in March 2016 (Carter Page was another), pleaded guilty on Oct. 5, 2017, to making false statements to FBI. Unsealed this morning.

More soon.

Remember, days after being appointed, Papadopolous went to work trying to set up meetings between the Trump campaign and “Russian Leadership – Including Putin.”

We’re reading through the Papadopolous charges now. They are pretty bad and go directly to the Russia issue. More soon….



This guy was arrested back in July….

Offenses committed by Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos

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5 thoughts on “Breaking…. 3rd Trump person has already pled guilty to lying to Mueller people about Russian connections…”

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    Matthew Miller‏ @matthewamiller
    The FBI interview where Papadopolous lied about his Russia contacts came on the same day, Jan. 27, Trump asked Comey for a loyalty pledge.

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    Jim Sciutto‏ @jimsciutto
    Jim Sciutto Retweeted Jim Sciutto
    And, to be clear, this belies Trump’s assertion all criminal charges relate to activity *before* campaign.

  3. …twitter…

    FiveThirtyEight‏ @FiveThirtyEight
    In March, Trump named 5 people advising him on foreign policy. Papadopoulos was one of them.

  4. …twitter…

    Jim Sciutto‏
    This language should concern Trump: “Since his arrest..Papadopoulos met w/the Govt on numerous occasions to provide info & answer questions”

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