Reminder…Trump may have a majortiy GOP support…But more than 60% of Americans don’t approve of him…

One has to keep remembering the WHOLE picture which has actually gotten worst since Donald Trump LOST the vote for his current job, but won the election with votes of 50,000 or less in a small amount of states….

While the media paints Trump power in broad strokes?

It is good to remember that the media narrative is basically incorrect…

Americans far and wide do NOT agree with the Republicans efforts on Healthcare, parts of Immigration and Foreign Policy…

Trump’s adopted party lawmakers do NOT either….


There are continual reports that even Trump’s staff do NOT agree with him….

When asked even most supporters of the guy do NOT mention policy….

They mention the view that Trump is a strong leader….

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Most of us KNOW that Donald Trump, the Real Estate guy form New York is in WTF over his head….He does NOT do policy well, bouncing all over the place depending on who was the last person he talked to…He has no conceptional understanding of how the legislative body actually works to get things done…

He care less about the rules, campaigning against them, which now has him and his friends and Admin under a microscope by a special prosecutor conducting a criminal investigation with grand juries in Virginia , New York and Brooklyn….

He wasn’t supposed to win….

Every day reinforces why….

How long the people in his party in Congress, who are the only ones that can remove him from office, unless Vice President Pence and his cabinet do so stick with a guy they shake their head about in private about, but are afraid of losing their jobs to challenge will be seen after Robert Muller and the NY State Attorney General…

The scary thing is?

Almost everybody KNOWS the guy is operating in an Alternate Universe 

We seem to have to endure his fumbling because the party he rode in on wants to stop America from growing, so they and their friends can make more money today robbing the country of its future….

Their short term game will NOT stop this Great Country from evolving as it has done from its inception…

Even the constant tries to change the subject, or the truth, won’t hold up in  the end….


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27 thoughts on “Reminder…Trump may have a majortiy GOP support…But more than 60% of Americans don’t approve of him…”

  1. You really believe there is any chance that the Republicans will remove their leader from office?

    How naive!

    Further, your childlike faith that Mueller “Report” will have any effect upon them is pure fantasy.

  2. Very naive Jack, don’t you know it’s all Hillary’s fault. That’s why they are investigating her.

  3. Maybe Beauregard Sessions will finally indict Hillary as I’ve been advocating.

    Let Beau and his merry brand of Trumpites prosecute her in front of a DC jury and when she is acquitted?

    Why wouldn’t surprise me if Beau advocates abolishing jury trials for “certain” groups.

  4. A former co worker of mine opined on Facebook that if Sessions doesn’t indict Hillary it proves he was paid off by the Clintons.
    The GOP is the party of conspiracy theorists now.

  5. Plenty of conspiracy theorists on both sides. Remember the polls that showed how many Democrats believed GWB was behind 9/11 or who believed that Dick Cheney was pulling strings for eight years in the name of Halliburton.

    What will be said if Mueller does not ultimately produce anything against Trump or anyone in his family or currently in his Administration? Will the left just accept that a thorough investigation was done and the matter is over? Or will they attack Mueller as a Republican shill, or possibly as someone who was paid off?

  6. Show me where the leader of the Democratic party ever espoused such conspiracy theories or else it’s another false equivalency

  7. I’ve done that before.

    Hillary Clinton gave a speech on the floor of the Senate with a blown up tabloid newspaper cover that said “Bush Knew.” I think the message she was trying to send was clear.

    Equivalently, what Republican Congressional leader now or during the past election called for the prosecution of Hillary Clinton? Only Trump alone did that, quite disingenuously, and I have routinely criticized him for doing so, but his official position has been that his Administration will not prosecute her.

  8. In 2007, Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) who is now Vice Chair of the party said that Bush might be behind 9/11 and compared the events to how Hitler burned the Reichstag in order to consolidate power.

  9. And Hillary of the “Bush Knew” prop came just a relatively few votes short of being the Democrats’ party leader for a longer period of time than she was.

    Thankfully, I was able to vote against both “party leaders.”

  10. Harry Reid, the Dem Leader in the Senate saying, “some guy told me that Mitt Romney did not pay taxes for 10 years”, does not qualify as a conspiracy theory? That was accusing a Republican Presidential nominee of having committed a felony.

    Reid even laughed and admitted he made it up himself after the election.

    Nary a word of criticism from his party for him of course.

  11. Yeah and I could counter with the countless Republicans who parroted birther stuff.

    What Reid said was wrong but I consider that more a rumor than conspiracy theory

    For someone so “independent” you are quite defensive of the party you claim not to care about much anymore

  12. Let’s hear the equivalent. Name the Members of Congress who were Birthers. (Not that that is the same thing of accusing someone of committing a felony.) I can’t say I get the analogy.

    Keep in mind what John McCain said to the woman at the Town Hall in 2008 who called Obama an “Arab.” Has a Democrat ever tried to stick up for their Republican opponent during a campaign in a similar way?

    Is there an equivalent to what Ellison said? Was he wrong? I know that I roundly criticized another Minnesota Member of Congress, from “my party” on here when she made some kind of comparison of Obama to a pilot who purposely crashed an airplane.

    What Reid did is actually called slander, but due to loophole in the law, in regards to speaking on the floor of the U.S. Senate, he was covered. It’s why he couldn’t repeat it anywhere else.

    I don’t recall you criticizing him though on here after he admitted he made it up. At least one other said they were proud of him for making it up because anything is fair in politics when you are trying to win an election.

  13. Well Bush did know of an impending attack now didn’t he, his Administration was warned in a detailed report that terrorists were determined to strike the United States. Of course it’s an open question if he read the report, but technically a headline like that would have been correct.

    It would also be interesting to read what Hillary said in that floor speech, if she verbally attacked Bush for dereliction of duty in his failure to protect the Nation. This is about the only area that I agree with Trump on, and, of course lots of Republicans agree too.

    Sad that one of the Bush legacies is the largest domestic terror attack in history. Of course Daddy Bush is busy with his new legacy, dirty old man.

    I am sure all will be forgotten when the “new” Hillary investigations get underway.

  14. Everyone knew that Osama bin Laden was a threat who wanted to harm America but of course nobody knew of a specific plan to weaponize hijacked airplanes or where or when it might occur, which is what made Hillary’s props and the conspiracy theories about it so dangerous.

    We should all agree though that in retrospect, it was a huge failure of the Bill Clinton Administration not to accept bin Laden when Sudan offered him up. To his credit, Bill Clinton has basically admitted as much.

  15. I do NOT belive Pelosi or McConnell have any trouble with keeping the positions…


    I DO believe that if Mueller and his grand juries go HARD against Trump’s buddies, family memebers and Trump himself, along with the NYS AG?

    Yea….Republicans COULD have a moment, hour, day , week, or month where they would have to think about giving Trump his walking papers….

    If the facts are presented where Trump has little or no wiggle room?

    Republicans might have no choice but to turn to Pence…

  16. Yep, “not much” of a Republican

    Independents always go ballistic pointing out every obscure goofy statement from the past decade on one side while ignoring the other. Very non partisan

  17. EVERYTHING wrong in American politics is Hillary Clinton’s fault ?

    The GOPer’s seem to NOIT want to touch Obama?
    Just undo his regs?
    Oh, could that be about Obama’s approval at a level DOUBLE Trumps and FOUR times the GOPer’s in Congress?????

  18. Of course then Bush used 9/11 to start the wrong war based on a lie, that in turn led to the greatest recession this country has ever experienced.

    But, by all means let’s talk about Hillary Clinton.

  19. If Mueller does NOT produce ANYTHING against ANYBODY in the Trump campaign or Trump himself?

    Then we should ask him to refund all the money the government spent on his investigations….

    Manafort, Flynn, Page ARE gonna get charged…

    Kushner and Trump Jr. Could get charged….

    If there is a conspiracy charge?
    They ANYBODY that helped Trump fire Comey could be charged…

    Mueller has IRS people working for him…
    So money laundry charges ARE coming…

    Wouldn’t be surprised if he postal inspectors working with him…
    Anything do thru the mail would be chargeable…

    The firing of Comey almostr certainly will be reffered to the House as a Obsrtuction of Justice….
    Yes the case would have to be air tight….
    If so?
    Then the pressue falls on Speaker Ryan who will beaten on by the media and Democrats to at least try Trump even if they do NOT susutain an impeachment…


    I’d bet my collection of hats that Mueller throwdown is gonna something like a hurricane in Washington DC of the likes of Watergate and Bill Clinton….

    GOPer’s will NOT be able to just Bull Shit away….

    Oh, and lets NOT forget?
    The New York State AG probably will get a bite out of Kushner, Trump Jr and even Trump himself maybe…

    Trump could pardon everybody on Mueller’s list which effectively end their political life and effectiveness
    Add to that lawyers costs ALREADY to try and clear their names

    Trump cannot pardon out any state criminal charges…

    A SHIT STORM is comin CG….
    A BIG one….

    Donald Trump looks over his should EVERYWEEK at it coming….
    And he IS SCARED….

    He’s up against the first team in Mueller’s group….
    And as I said….
    Mueller isn’t gonna walk away from this looking like a guy who spent the tax payers money for a BIG ZERO

  20. If Trump does shoot someone in the middle of 5th Ave?
    Republicans will ask why Clinton didn’t warn NY pedestrians of a man with a gun.

  21. I mentioned yesterday ….

    Trump is SO scared?

    He’s interviewing a Guliani guy for one NY US Atty spot and anther guy who’s from his dfense lawyer firm…
    He’s also suppssed to be looking a US Atty Guy in Florida that covers his Mar Largo property that was on his Apprentice show

    President’s DO NOT interview US Atty’s that could be appointed to offices that are INVESTIGATING themselves, their families and their buddies….

    Donald Trump IS….

    Anybody thing this guy ain’t scared?

  22. The Clinton thing by House GOPer’s is just a try to keep Trump happy for few minutes…

    Let’s face it….

    As Jack pointed out…

    For NOW?

    GOPer’s have to keep Trump happy every morning when he reads the news and they are tryin to cover their butts with Trump supporters….

  23. Probabaly would be better for Trump to have the gun in a Red State…

    NYC has Democratic DA, Mayor, AG and Governor….

    He’d get charged…

    And they’d make the Secret Service guys testify against him like with Bill Clinton

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