Trump says he’ll pay at least $430K of his Staff’s lawyer fee’s due to Russian probe…

Good Luck people….

Donald Trump has a history of NOT rememebering what he pledges to pay and actually sending the money….

$430,000 isn’t gonna be nearly enough to cover the spread….

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President Trump has pledged to spend at least $430,000 of his own money to help cover legal fees for White House aides and campaign staff related to the probe into Russia’s election meddling.

A White House official told Axios and The Washington Post on Saturday that Trump’s pledge is not meant as a reimbursement to the Republican National Committee (RNC), which has spent a nearly identical amount on lawyers representing the president and his eldest son Donald Trump Jr.

The official told Axios that the money would be used to “to defray the costs of legal fees for his associates, including former and current White House aides.”

The official said Trump’s pledge did not preclude him from increasing the amount available for aides in the future, according to the Post….