The NY Times Situation Report on the Niger firefight that resulted on 4 Oct. 2017….

Several different agencies , including Congress, are conducting post action investigations to find out what actually happened several weeks ago and why one Green Beret wasn’t found for 48 hours….

Bear in mind that the ‘fog of war’ is a real phenomenon that happens and that most civilians do not understand….

Things have NOT  been going good between President Trump and the family of  the last solider to be brough home for burial…

The Pentagon is trying to determine whether American forces involved in a deadly ambush in Niger this month diverted from their routine patrol to embark on an unapproved mission, military officials said on Friday.

The questions have come up because the American and Nigerien soldiers on the patrol have given conflicting accounts about whether they were simply ambushed or were attacked after trying to chase Islamic insurgents, according to military officials from both countries.

The episode has engulfed the White House in crisis and prompted demands from members of Congress for answers about what the soldiers were doing before the attack on Oct. 4.

In interviews with both the Defense Department and The New York Times, Nigerien military officials said that a lightly armed convoy of about 50 Nigerien and American soldiers gave chase to Islamic insurgents on motorcycles until the men crossed the border into Mali, then returned later to ambush the troops.

American service members, by contrast, insisted that they did not chase the insurgents but simply “noticed” them in the vicinity of the village of Tongo Tongo, Defense Department officials said. It was not until the troops interviewed village leaders and were on their way to their base, by the American account, that the insurgents ambushed the convoy, overwhelming them.

The inconsistencies are at the heart of why the Pentagon has not been forthcoming with details about what happened in Niger, according to American military officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss a continuing investigation. Four Americans were killed in the attack, including three Green Berets, as well as four Nigerien soldiers. Two Americans and six Nigeriens were wounded.

The contradictions added to the major questions emerging about the attack: Had the soldiers acted beyond their planned mission without first gaining approval? And if they were given permission, who granted it?

Military officials have said that the troops were on a reconnaissance patrol, which means they almost certainly were out to collect information on the Qaeda and Islamic State groups operating in the area; the American military has a list of Islamic State leaders they are targeting. For that mission, the commander of the American team would have needed approval from at least one or two higher levels — a subcommand in Chad and a task force commander in Germany, where the United States Africa Command is based….



The question of why American troops are operating in Africa is only asked by those who have little knowledge of the American military efforts in Africa to search for ISIS or other militain groups their…

American Special Forces units , acting undet the US Africa Command, and the Specail Operation Command have been expanding their roles since President Obama signed off on the mission..

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  1. Yes “Bubba”Gowdy was going to be made a Star in the Republican firmament after that faux “investigation.”

    Then he made the mistake of bringing Clinton before the “investigating committee”aka lynch mob where she proceeded to make babbling fools of all the Right Wing extremists who were desperately trying to fabricate a “scandal” where there was none.

    Bubba was reduced to begging people to read the mobs “report” which quickly gathered dust on the shelves at the government printing offices because it revealed nothing that hadn’t been known since the few days after the Benghazi incident,

    Don’t hold your breath for any “investigation” as to the Niger matter.The Republicans will dutifully protect the Republican administration.

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