Megyn Kelly ain’t doing too good over at the ‘Today Show’

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Turns out that former Fox Cable star isn’t what NBC audiances like and want to watch….And she can’t get bookings to show up either….

Megyn Kelly’s slot of the ‘‘Today’’ show desperately needs a ratings boost after less than a month on the air.

On Thursday, Hoda Kotb, the ever-upbeat popular ‘‘Today’’ host from another hour, appeared as a guest. They chatted. They danced. They tried to get the audience on its feet dancing, too

Critics hated the moment.

‘‘I’ve never been so embarrassed,’’ tweeted BuzzFeed News’s Kate Aurthur. ‘‘I feel nothing but second-hand embarrassment for Megyn Kelly,’’ chimed in media critic Ian Miles Cheong. Vulture called the clip ‘‘22 nearly unbearable seconds.’’

Last year, Kelly was a rising star on Fox News, earning national headlines for her dogged questioning of presidential candidate Donald Trump. But her short tenure on NBC’s ‘‘Megyn Kelly Today’’ continues to be challenging both for her and the network.

The show premiered on Sept. 25, and its ratings continue to tank.