It has to be no fun being House Speaker Paul Ryan….

Somewhere John Boehner is smiling….

The former GOP House Speaker has to be laughing at the plight of his predecessor Paul Ryan….

Sandwiched between a President and party leader that ran against him and place he works at,  and doesn’t have an ideology , or least the same as the party he adopted and REALLY doesn’t understand ….

Paul Ryan is watching members of his party jump ship and announce they aren’t coming back after next year….

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The Republicans have a comfortable majority in the US House of Representatives and was thought of having little to worry about in next years Midterm elections….

But NOT anymore …..

With little in legislation to show, and internal fighting within the House and Senate?

What’s a guy to do?

Please …I do NOT feel sorry for Ryan or McConnell or Trump……

These guys juiced up their supporters by making promises they can’t keep these days….They deserve EVERY lump they get….

The GOP staffer who recently departed said House members have grown discouraged because the Senate often fails to even take up legislation they send over. But more often, he said, the gripe is over Trump disrupting any legislative momentum with controversial comments that overtake the news.

Republicans then have to respond to the president’s remarks. And while many of them personally abhor Trump’s bombast, they feel they can’t criticize him because their constituents still adore the president.

Republicans also live in constant fear that Trump will sell them out in a spur-of-the-moment deal with Democrats, as he did on the debt ceiling last month, or an off-the-cuff comment. Moderates took a tough vote for an Obamacare replacement bill only to hear the president call their proposal “mean” — a gift to liberal groups looking to pick off swing districts.

More traditional Republicans also worry that Trump will upend their carefully laid plans. The president keeps insisting, for instance, that he wants a bipartisan tax bill when GOP leaders have been writing a partisan one. He also ended Obamacare subsidy payments to insurance companies, injecting uncertainty into health care markets. And he cut off work permits for undocumented immigrants who came to the U.S. as minors.

Republicans hope that tax reform will succeed and blunt the GOP departures. If it falls through, though, they’ll be ready for more Republicans to follow Tiberi out the door…..



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30 thoughts on “It has to be no fun being House Speaker Paul Ryan….”

  1. My recollection is as follows,
    1)Trump wants to repeal Obamacare.Ryan wants to repeal Obamacare.
    2)Trump is supporting a massive tax cut for corporations.Ryan is supporting a massive tax cut for corporations,
    3)Trump is supporting eliminating the estate tax for 3000 of the richest people in the country,Ryan is supporting eliminating the estate tax for the 3000 richest people in the country
    4)Trump is supporting a massive tax cut for the wealthy.Ryan is supporting a massive tax cut for the wealthy.
    5)Trump is supporting a massive increase in the military budget.Ryan is supporting a massive increase in the military budget
    6)Trump is supporting a budget proposal that massively increases the deficit and massively cuts funds for social programs over the next decade.Ryan is supporting a budget proposal that massively increases the deficit and massively cuts funds for social programs over the next decade.
    7)Trump has issued executive orders which cut regulations over a wide range of programs and agencies.Ryan has either actively supported such or has made no comment in opposition.

    I would go on but the point is made.

    Ryan’s opposition to Trump, as that of many Republicans,is based on his boorish style and personal behavior more so than his issue stands which I have illustrated above are for the most part,identical.

  2. Are we feeling sorry for Paulie? Like we felt sorry for Boehner?

    Paulie enjoys screwing children and poor people, and has never crossed Trump.

    Love the way Bannon has gone after Bush. Such a sorry lot they all are.

  3. 1) Ryan wants to repeal Obamacare….Trump is on record as wanting the Democrats to help…
    2) Ryan wants a tax cut…Trump is on record as asking the Democrats
    3) 2, 3 and 4 are the same…Fiscal Conservatives in Ryan and Trump’s party tried to go balanced…Then gave up for now…There is NO tax bill…The budget just out from the Senate is a PLAN…Trump doesn’t care…Just wants a WIN
    4) Trump and Ryan want a military budget spending increase…Their own party wants budget cuts against the increase…Ryan must find a way…Trump doesn’t care…Just wants a WIN
    5) 6…see 4 above
    6) In fact most of Trump’s executive actions are instructions to various cabinet departments…most have not happened…several like the travel bans have been on hold by the courts…SEVERAL Ryan has come out for and against..

    As usual you are doing your absolutism when there isn’t it in many cases….

    Trump says something stupid, off the cuff and YES…You’re right the media pushes Ryan because o0f the Trump’supporters’
    But you glossing over the back and forth that has become common place between Trump and the Republicans in the House and Senate that has enabled them to get NO major legislation done..

    To try and sell me and people here that Paul Ryan is happy with getting CONTINUALLY whipsawed by Trump’s inept political moves and constant tweeter recrimination’s is ridiculous….

    I point out that Paulie is a victim of his parties OWN efforts to cripple the Obama Presidency….

    ‘What comes around…Goes around…’

  4. Boehner worked WITH Democrats some of the time Keith…

    I DID point out I do NOT feel sorry for either when they where doing the ‘us’ only thing…

    Compromise IS the way the place is supposed to work…

  5. As usual you are vainly trying to prove ,with some barely intelligible and confusing language I might add, that there is any fundamental difference between Trump and Ryan on major issues.

    There isn’t.

    Who gives a damn if Ryan is “happy?”

    And what does that have to do with anything?

    Talk about irrelevancy?Ths is a stretch for even the goofy likes of you?

    Paul Ryan is in full support of the Donald Trump Legislative program.

  6. Tell us all about Ryan’s efforts to “work with Democrats”James.

    Maybe you should write him with your little civics lesson.

    See Paul doesnt understand these things like you do.

  7. What did Boehner work with Democrats on, what issues James? And please don’t reference the continuing budget resolutions because that’s not compromise, that’s self preservation. Boehner is no longer Speaker because he couldn’t control his caucus, they ran him and they still aren’t compromising with the Democrats. His inability to get anything done led to his resignation.

  8. Yeah Boehner was one of the most ineffective Speakers in modern history,yet James brings him up constantly as a paragon of “cooperation”and “compromise.”

    Most of this apparently is nothing more than a product of his fertile imagination or his well known penchant for simply inventing out of whole cloth matters that never even happened.

  9. TARP….



    Budget balancing…

    If you remember Keith?
    He quit because he was trying TOO HARD to work with Obama and the Democrats and going around the Conservatives to get deals….

    Yes…for THAT reason he couldn’t get stuff done…

    He’s the bonus!

    The Tea Party types bitched because they where cut out of the Boehner decision making process?
    What is Ryan and McConnell doing these days ?

    Control your caucus?
    Ryan has the additional problem of a President that like Boehner?
    Wants to have the Democrats on board!

  10. Like Boehner?
    The GOP House Speaker has issues
    And one of major one’s is the guy who leads his party and does know WTF he’s doing, but DOES know how to beat down on his adopted parties leaders in Congress

    Like I said

  11. He just refuses to admit what the Republican Party has become.

    Unlike CG who essentially would just like the party to return to what it was a couple of years ago before it was seized by the Trump cult,James wants to imagine the GOP as it was in the seventies with a vibrant “ moderate” wing .Accordingly, he likes to pretend that Hard Right conservatives like Paul Ryan are “moderates”because they aren’t quite as bad as the Tea partiers and Trump at least verbally, although as has been amply demonstrated on all the big issues they have nearly identical stands.

  12. At least you admit that there ARE Moderates still there ….
    Glad to see that….
    And yes it does seem that a batch of them are just feed up with state of things in Congress now….
    One would hope the Democrats can capitalize on this…..

  13. I’ve said there were a few here and there just like a few conservative Democrats are still around.

    Neither are significant within their respective parties.

    Indeed they are not even worthy of discussion.Yet, as I’ve often commented, this site is consumed with minutiae which is of no import.

    This is a good example.

  14. While James was conned,Like for the hundredth or so time by Trump,that he wanted Democratic help on tax cuts(see his comment@10:45 10/21),Trump had House Republicans on a conference call yesterday urging them to adopt the Senate tax cut proposal so they wouldn’t have to deal with the Democrats.(source:Political Wire).

    Rather than listen to the total BS this bastard mouths off mindlessly,he should watch his Actions and almost uniformly they are in support of conservative Republican objectives.

  15. The Republicans will have to come back to the Senate Democrats for ANY MAJOR legislation…

    Budget and Tax cuts….

    Trump and the Republicans KNOW that….

    It’s the reason Trump wants the filibuster removed…

    Wait Jack…

  16. Trump urges House GOP to adopt Senate budget

    President Trump on Sunday pressed House Republicans to adopt their Senate counterparts’ budget so that they can start moving tax-reform legislation.

    In a conference call with House Republicans, Trump and GOP leaders said that agreeing to the Senate budget swiftly would help get the process moving faster…

    Republicans are seeking to use the budget to unlock a procedure known as reconciliation that will allow them to pass a tax bill without Democratic votes…

    More @

  17. If the Democrats, or some Democrats, go along with any tax-reform bill, it will DEFINITELY
    have to be separate from the Budget bill.

    No Democrat with an ounce of party loyalty (and for that matter neither independent) wants to enable a way around the filibuster through Reconciliation.

    But it seems clear that Trump is being too clever by half; thinking that he can use his supposèdly brilliant business negotiating strategy to play the two parties off against each other — i.e., scaring each with the threat of a Separate Peace with their opponents.

    [ This, by the way, is what the Western democracies tried to do between the wars in playing the Axis off Joseph Stalin’s U.S.S.R. It did not prove, as Poland learned, to be a very successful approach. ]

  18. Amusingly, James in his post@9:24 concedes my point.

    Trump is trying to get the Republicans in the House to go along with the Senate so the tax cut proposal may pass without Democratic participation under reconciliation as per my post @6:48.

    He is so obsessed with this “compromise”jargon that he wants desperately to believe that Trump and the Republicans want the Democrats involved when the plain facts show just the opposite.

    Par for the course I might add.He doesn’t even understand what he is posting.

    Now,is it possible that they will have to work with Democrats in some manner?Yes,if they can’t stand united.

    That’s a far cry from saying thatTrump “wants to” however.Quite obviously like his partner, Paul Ryan, he would much rather make this an exclusively Republican Deal.

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