Arizona US Senator Jeff Flake kicks back at Donald Trump his party leader…Again…

The men do NOT like each other…

And Senator Jeff Flake  (R-Ariz) is running for re-election…

Most Republicans running in next years elections do NOT cross Donald Trump, their party leader , even though they think he’s NOT the guy who should be their party leader and President….

Flake has aired his displeasure to Politico , something that Trump will probably read and not be happy with, which will probably generate some harash twitter comments from Trump….

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The Arizona senator is the rare incumbent running as an underdog in his own primary and just might be the most vulnerable Senate Republican on the ballot in 2018. But the first-term senator, who refused to support Trump last year, hasn’t backed away since, even as the president threatened to get behind a primary challenger against him.

If anything, Flake is determined to make his campaign against Trump-aligned candidate Kelli Ward a referendum on the future of the Republican Party.

“You can always eke out an election victory here and there,” he told POLITICO in an interview this week. “But … resentment is not a governing philosophy.”

The GOP has “deviated,” Flake added. “We’ve taken a banner that is not familiar to us as Republicans. And I don’t know how long this will last.”

Flake chastised Trump’s protectionist trade positions and his party’s attempt to “scapegoat” immigrants for the country’s economic problems. And unlike other GOP senators, Flake publicly agrees with the sentiments of retiring Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), who recently blasted the president for potentially leading the country toward “World War III” with his erratic tweets and foreign policy pronouncements…..




Flake is a dead man walking!

Scott p

Yeah I don’t think Flake will survive his primary either.


I would bet that Flake gets knocked out in his upcoming primary. There aren’t too many places where you can insult Trump and win in the GOP primary – although he will be helped by the relatively large Mormon population in the state.