New Hampshire GOP voters wary of Trump second term in Oct. 2017…

It’s early….

But reflecting Donald Trump’s polling numbers acros the board?

His support among his adopted party supporters isn’t as strong as it could be in an early Republican primary state right now…

Less than half of likely New Hampshire Republican primary voters intend to back President Donald Trump in the state’s 2020 primary, according to a University of New Hampshire poll released Wednesday.

Forty-seven percent of likely Republican primary voters say they will vote for Trump in the next presidential primary, a significantly lower percentage than the 64 percent of likely Democratic primary voters who said in October 2009 they would vote for then-President Barack Obama in 2016. Nearly a quarter of likely GOP primary voters say they will vote for another candidate in 2020, and 30 percent say they are unsure.

Just 5 percent of likely Democratic voters in New Hampshire said around this time eight years ago that they would vote for a candidate other than Obama, and 30 percent had also said they were unsure at the time.

Trump won New Hampshire’s primary last year with 35 percent of the Republican vote…

Note ….

For Democrats it’s Sanders first with Biden behind him for 2020 this early….


3 thoughts on “New Hampshire GOP voters wary of Trump second term in Oct. 2017…”

  1. Maybe Trump will quit the GOP–remember when our “rarely wrong” prognosticator from IL predicted that?

  2. You don’t beat somebody with nobody.

    Unless there is a major candidate to oppose Trump in the primary,such numbers as these don’t matter.

    Interestingly, the Democrats in NH favor Bernie Sanders.You better get up there James and straighten these dumbasses out and tell them he isn’t aDemocrat.

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