New Air Force One Update…Options..Saving A Billion Dollars?

The Present Air Force Boing 747-200 series jets (two of them) are more than 20 years old….

Donald Trump came into office pledging to cut One Billion dollars from the price tag the taxpayers will pay for the President of the United States new primary aircraft an Boeing 747-8 ….

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Saving what he wants isn’t gonna be THAT easy ….

These sort of things tend to have mission creep….

But the White House Military Office , The Air Force and the Defense Sec are working the project….And trying to come up with the cost savings Trump announced on his own from figures he didn’t actually understand….

Two weeks after Donald Trump threatened to kill the plan to replace aging Air Force One jets, Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg walked into Mar-a-Lago with some ideas for slashing its estimated $4.4 billion cost. In a Dec. 21 meeting with the president-elect, Muilenburg laid out four proposals. One of them would have cut about $1 billion, and Trump was soon boasting that he had saved that very amount.

But the Air Force — which oversees the jets’ acquisition and operation — rejected all of the proposals, saying that they would have produced a plane unsuited to the uniquely demanding requirements of flying the commander in chief in peace and war.

Since then, Air Force and White House officials have sought other ways to lower the cost of the aircraft, service spokeswoman Ann Stefanek said in an email. Added to some changes already in the works before Trump’s criticism, these are expected to save significant money.

It has yet to be seen whether those savings will equal the $1 billion touted by Trump; the final price tag won’t be known until next summer, Stefanek said. Air Force and industry sources have said they don’t know why Trump gave that figure.

Among the cost-cutting moves: the next Air Force Ones won’t be able to refuel in flight, Stefanek said. That’s not necessarily a big deal; the current aircraft have never made use of that capability, Air Force sources said. And unrefueled, the 747-8 variant can fly nearly 1,800 nautical miles farther than the 1990s jets it will replace, enough to go nonstop from Washington, D.C., to “all of Europe, the Middle East, South America, Africa, and the majority of Asia,” according to Muilenburg’s three-page briefing. (Defense One has seen a copy of the briefing.)

The new planes will also have largely commercial — not custom — interior furnishings…..

Of course, some operational savings will arrive simply by replacing worn-out aircraft with brand-new ones. Compared to the outgoing Air Force Ones, the jet engines on the 747-8 are both more powerful and fuel-efficient, and they emit less noise and carbon dioxide. Boeing estimates that the new planes will save $1.9 billion in operations and support costs over their expected two- to three-decade service lives.

But the acquisition cost of the next Air Force One won’t be known until sometime next year. Even with the purchase deal done for the two 747-8s, the customization work to ready them for presidential transport won’t start until 2019,…




The two aircraft that will be delivered for service in about six years were built for a Russian airline in 2015,  that couldn’t pay for them…

image of a B-747-8 in Air Force VIP colors…defense-blog