Key Senate Republicans want Trump to back Healthcare compromise deal….

This won’t just go away because Conservitive Republicans keep mentioning ‘Repeal’, which is a goner with THIS Senate….

And actually?

Donald Trump wants a deal and win….No Matter what it is….

And it is no fluke that he keeps trying to bring the Democrats into the picture with his adopted party…

None at ALL…

Key Senate Republicans are urgently trying to get President Donald Trump to reconsider his apparent opposition to a bipartisan deal shoring up health insurance markets, several senators said Thursday morning.

Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), who negotiated the deal with Democratic Sen. Patty Murray of Washington, both spoke to the president about it on Wednesday evening. Trump has variously praised the deal and trashed it as a “bailout” of insurance companies, and both Graham and Alexander are trying to pull him back from the brink.

In a conversation on Wednesday, Trump told Graham: “I want a deal. I want to get something for this money,” Graham recounted. The South Carolina Republican responded by explaining that Republicans’ bills to repeal and replace Obamacare continued the law’s subsidy payments and argued the plan is a bridge to the Obamacare repeal bill he wrote with Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-La.).

“I told him that if Graham-Cassidy became law tomorrow, you’ve got two or three years before this thing gets implemented. You’ve got to do something in the interim period,” Graham said in an interview. “You can’t save Obamacare but you can keep the markets from collapsing until we get a replacement, which will be Graham-Cassidy.”

Alexander said it was his fourth phone call from the president over the last 10 days…..


In the end?

I keep mentioning here that Republicans WILL HAVE TO make deals with the Democrats and ignore the rightwingnuts of the party to get ANY major legislation passed…

It IS the way the Congress is designed to work….

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  1. I understand that you dont understand that allowing the states to withdraw from the Obamacare strictures is the beginning of the end of the program.

    I understand that you don’t understand that Lindsay Graham understands this and is trying to accomplish through the back door what he couldn’t through the front.

    I understand ,as I stated earlier, that the Democrats are getting the best deal they can .

    And,finally, I understand that you are now trying to obfuscate again.Your whole premise for the past five years ,over and over, was that Obamacare would survive with ,”minor adjustments.”

    The “adjustment”of allowing the states to exempt themselves from part of the program they effectively destroys it as a national program and I understand that the Republicans get that and that you don’t,

    1. Jack?

      I DO understand that Obama wanted the states to NOT be able to offer less LIKE they did in the past….

      Elections have consequences ….

      Democrats lost the White House, They don’t have Congress…

      In making the deal for the contuation of Obamacare they HAVE TO Give up something….

      The Republicans do NOT want to give THEIR citizens the same services we get in Blue states…

      YES Jack….


  2. iI Understand, and I suspect they do too, that this is the beginning of the end of Obamacare.

    Graham gets it.

    The Democrats are simply making the best deal they can given Trumps adminstratrative maneuvers.

    My larger point is that you never have understood how Obamacare was supposed to work and your support of it was more analogous to a clueless cheerleader rah rahing for the team ,rather than one who understood the mechanics thereof.

    I also understand that you are a liar who,when confronted with your blazing ignorance on policy issues ,lashes out with plain falsehoods in frustration at your gross inability to sustain a discussion on the subject at hand because you don’t understand it.

    I don’t need your corny civics lesson to see what is happening,if it indeed does.

    Celebrate this “compromise”James.In reality you are watching the beginning of the end of Obamacare.

    1. I have always felt that you do have a problem with the greys of things….
      Democrats ARE the minority party in Congress
      They have to do with what they can,…
      For the umpteenth time ?
      Democrats AND Republicans wiil NOT
      LET the healthcare program fail Jack,..
      It just isn’t gonna happen….
      That means Obamacare lives
      It is THAT SIMPLE

  3. You’re a liar.

    I said that I supported Obamacare as a temporary measure and that is what it’s turning out to be.

    Once again, you apparently don’t understand that the basis of private insurers offering these extensive plans was that everybody would be required to have health insurance.The idea was that by doing so ,younger ,healthier people would have the same plan as those with preexisting conditions.

    This “compromise,”will let states allow insurers to offer cheaper ,no frills plans which many younger people will buy.Accordingly ,there will be less money flowing to the main plans which will mean their prices will rise at a much faster clip.

    Accordingly ,the economic underpinnings of the whole structure will be rent asunder and it will no longer be economically viable in a few years.Note this compromise is for two years.The Republicans are betting(correctly in my view) that by then, the insurers will no longer be interested in selling policies in the marketplaces and the entire edifice will collapse.

    I know you don’t understand any of this.You never really understood how Obamacare worked to begin with.

    LindsayGraham does.Thats Why He’s on board with this,

    So instead of lying about me ,try to educate yourself on these matters from which you speak with the most abysmal ignorance.

    1. You DO UNDERSTAND Jack that Democrats HAD TO give up Something in the ‘compromise’

      You do UNDERSTAND THAT THE compromise
      Allows Democrats a say in the action?

      ANd allows the law to cover MOST that a Repeal would price out


  4. So?

    Read the article you posted.

    Graham rightfully recognizes that the compromise that you seem to be so anxiously supporting is a lead in to what he was trying to accomplish, namely ending Obamacare as a national program and making healthcare primarily a state function.

    I repeat…

    You have never really understood what Obamacare was and here you are apparently supporting its demise.

    Is this the “tweeking”you were babbling on about?

    1. He, he, he….

      Garham/Cassidy is going NOWHERE…It didn’t HAVE the votes and now CERTAINLY doesn’t….

      Lead into WHAT Jack?

      Obamacare IS the countries healthcare law….
      By January 1, 2018 ?

      Republicans…With the help of Democrats are gonna fund the CRS payments to the Insurance companies thereby giving the program another few years to gain even MORE support from Americans…GOP Governors need the money to balance their budgets…The CBO is telling the media Graham/Cassidy would knock tens of million off coverage…A growing number of GOPer’s who need to NOT have Democrats reminding their voters about them possibly LOSING coverage WILL go along with a bipartisan compromise…

      It is YOU Jack, in your want for something even you admit isn’t gonna happen, that has been rooting for the current healthcare program to fail…

      I’ll say one thing…

      Ypu’re consistent ….
      You’ve been after Obamacare from the beginning ….
      THAT seems so ah?

  5. Graham is right.

    This “compromise” is simply a lead in to the Graham -Cassidy proposal.Once you return the money to the states to do with as they please,Obamacare is essentially dead.

    James doesn’t understand this.

    Then ,he never really understood how Obamacare was designed to work anyway.

    1. The vote wasn’t there for Graham/Cassidy before and it isn’t now….

      The Congress IS GONNA vote the money for low income healthvare
      Even if YOU THE Law to fail Jack

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