George W. Bush disses his party leader….

No he didn’t mention Donald Trump’s name at a New York ‘bipartisan conference that his presidential center sponsored in New York to promote democracy and freedom.’…..

But everybody in the room knew who he was talking about….

Former President George W. Bush never mentioned his name but delivered what sounded like a sustained rebuke to President Trump on Thursday, decrying nationalism, protectionism and the coarsening of public debate while calling for a robust response to Russian interference in American democracy.

In a speech in New York, Mr. Bush defended free trade, globalization and immigration even as Mr. Trump seeks to raise barriers to international commerce and newcomers from overseas. He condemned the “casual cruelty” he sees in public discourse and denounced white supremacy two months after Mr. Trump suggested that “both sides” were to blame at a neo-Nazi rally that turned violent in Virginia.

“We’ve seen nationalism distorted into nativism, forgotten the dynamism that immigration has always brought to America,” Mr. Bush said. “We see a fading confidence in the value of free markets and international trade, forgetting that conflict, instability and poverty follow in the wake of protectionism. We’ve seen the return of isolationist sentiments, forgetting that American security is directly threatened by the chaos and despair of distant places.”

The former president said these afflictions have created a crisis of confidence in the United States that has endangered its historic ideals. “In all these ways, we need to recall and recover our own identity,” he said. “Americans have great advantage. To renew our country we only need to remember our values.”….


image….Seth Wenig/Associated Press


We’ll see if Trump goes after another Bush…

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11 thoughts on “George W. Bush disses his party leader….”

  1. How I wish we could have four more years of President George W. Bush.

    I read the entire transcript of the speech and the words are extremely eloquent (Dubya may not be the best deliver of speeches). Of course, it is fair to assume that Trump was being indirectly referenced in parts, but the overall theme of the speech was much broader about America’s responsibilities at home and abroad. I agreed with every word. It’s too bad our country, and both parties, have moved so far away, from this vision of American greatness.

  2. I also read the speech in its entirety and I agree with Corey that it was a very good speech.

    It did occur to me though that the speech was so broad that different people could interpret different meaning from it. For example, in Bush’s calls for democracy doesn’t it follow that true democracy doesn’t have gerrymandered districts?

    I’m glad Bush made the speech. While I still think he was an incredibly ineffective president who made some terrible decisions as president, my opinion of him was raised a notch by this speech.

  3. Nice speech, providing fuel for the right wing Republican hate fest for all things Bush.

    But who would want this village idiot back in the White House? His campaigns and administration set the stage for Trump, racism and unnecessary wars and deficits. Can I guess everyone forgets that Trump’s first target on his way to the nomination was Bush.

  4. Sure next to Trump Dubya looks like Lincoln.

    But to pine for another 4 years of the President that brought us the Iraq War and left us with The Great Recession? Nah

  5. I guess all of us here would take just about anybody over Trump.

    If that was supposed to be complimentary to GWB ,it is more in the nature of damning with faint praise.

  6. Wonder how GWB feels about the Trump/Republican Tax “Reform?”

    Seeing as it is very similiar to his own in 2001-02,hard to see he he could oppose it.

    And this illustrates what I keep harping on.

    I don’t doubt Bushs or other Republicans abhorrence Of Trumps antics ,boorish personality and hate filled rhetoric ,but in most cases his policy proposals are straight out of the conservative playbook.

    I will note that Bush had a pretty good immigration program .It should be further noted that the Democrats agreed to support it if he could garner sufficient Republican support to make it assured of passage.Conservative opposition made that impossible and the proposals died.

  7. Why would you want to go back to an Administration that took us to the wrong war for a lie, and almost destroyed our economy James?

    Just because Dubya is a nice guy? He’s delightful in person and Laura is a lovely person. I enjoyed the time I spent with them, and I was a member of his Senior Executive Service. His appointments were pretty good where I worked, except for our last Secretary, and they respected the career employees. None of that changes the damage he did, and of course he paved the way for Trump.

    He should be embarrassed by his Republican President.

  8. I second Jack’s view….

    Bush II would STILL be BETTER then what we have now….

    I didn’t like the guy he was in office…

  9. Come to think of it, all of us here probably do view Bush II as better than Trump, with the probable exception of Manila.

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