Could Democrats pick up a House seat in Utah?

Democrats ARE making high hopes in challanging Republicans across the board including in states that might not be where you might NOT expect them to….

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On Wednesday, Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams announced his challenge to GOP Rep. Mia Love in Utah’s 4th District. A significant chunk of the district has already voted for McAdams for mayor. Plus, while Trump carried this district in 2016, he did so with just 39 percent of the vote. Clinton garnered a meager 32 percent, while independent candidate Evan McMullin collected votes from those who weren’t satisfied with their major-party options.

We’re changing the Inside Elections rating of the 4th District race from Solid Republican to Leans Republican.

Love lost a close race to Democratic Rep. Jim Matheson in 2012. Two years later, she won a close race for the open seat against Democrat Doug Owens when Matheson retired. The congresswoman won a rematch with Owens by a wider margin last fall…..


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  1. We’re looking at an election that will occur in Utah (a unique and relatively-remote state about which, frankly, few of us know that much about) over 12 months from now.

    A poll now gives some indication of whether both candidates are viable (and therefore raise money and recruit volunteers), but frankly not that much else.

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