While Donald Trump tries to close down America?…China expands…

Donald Trump go down in history as the guy who relegated America to No.2 in the world economy for the first time in modern history…

China ‘s economy was a little more that 1/2 of America’s…But the Chinese are catching up fast…..Their economy is growing SIX times faster then America’s and Donald Trump is trying  drop OUT of international trade deals that the other countries are glad to jump into…..

China’s ascension as an economic superstar over the past three-plus decades is out of sync with its heft in global financial markets. But things are starting to change, and investors around the world will feel the difference.

China makes up more than one-seventh of the global economy, yet its footprint in international portfolios is ludicrously small, with overseas investors owning less than 2 percent of its domestic stocks and bonds. But its insulated markets are slowly becoming more integrated, as President Xi Jinping loosens rules on foreign participation. That push could get further backing at the Communist Party’s twice-a-decade congress this month, where the leadership will set policy priorities for the coming five years.

Inflection Point

China’s capacity to influence global financial markets has been growing incrementally, but the pivotal moment came in 2015, when the yuan’s unexpected devaluation rocked assets worldwide, showing investors beyond Asia that China’s markets are a force to be reckoned with….


Democratic Socialist Dave

Much of that investment goes not into productive capital producing jobs and stimulating trade in the target countries but into real estate in already-crowded metropolises (e.g. New York, London), where it displaces locals and pushes up rents and home prices while staying unoccupied nearly year-round. It’s so-called “flight capital” put away abroad as insurance against disruption or misfortune at home.