The code to understanding Donald Trump’s tweets?

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Donald Trump can be counted on to do his tweets within 24 hours after ANYONE mentions his name….


When ANYONE disses him in the media….(The Media  LOVES this stuff!)

Everybody now knows that the guy checks the media and social media continually …..

Other President’s didn’t have time to……they had things to do….

Trump doesn’t….

He has a short attention span…So they don’t load him up with what’s going on in his Admin.

…..after paying close of attention to President Trump’s bombastic tweets and speeches for almost nine months, none of the gases escaping from his ripe id scare me anymore. This is not to say that Trump’s tweets present zero threat. The NFL, for example, has good reason to fear Trump. But that’s only because they’re too cowardly to stand up to his bullying and explain to fans that open political expression is the highest form of patriotism in a free society. With few exceptions, though, I treat his incendiary tweets the way I do my morning alarm: I open one eye, glance at the thing and go back to sleep. His tweets aren’t just paper tigers; they’re virtual kittens.

As cognitive linguist George Lakoff explained to On the Media’s Brooke Gladstone in January, Trump primarily uses his tweets to divert and deflect attention from news that threatens him, or to launch a trial balloon for one of his proposals. He also tweets to pre-emptively frame a topic before his opponents get a chance to comment, the best example being his categorization of news he doesn’t like as “fake news.” Consider the empty tweets he’s posted recently: He’s beefed about the fact that the late-night hosts ridicule him, demanding equal time to respond, even though equal time doesn’t apply to jokes about the president; he ordered NBC News to apologize to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson for reporting that Tillerson had called him a “moron,” even though Tillerson never denied it; he called critical coverage of his Puerto Rico response “Fake“ when anybody with a TV set and a pair of eyeballs knows he’s lying….



Democratic Socialist Dave

War heroes obviously make the President feel defensive enough that he has to attack them or their families — John McCain, the Khans or La David Johnson.

Nothing makes him look smaller.

If Admiral Stockdale were still with us and made some remark that dissented from the Trumpline, Trump would no doubt attack him, too.


And the media won’t report this whole twitter attack is race based. Still pretending that the GOP base is somehow not racist.

Scott p

This morning Trump tweeted that a war widow was a liar.

His base will go along with it because she is a black war widow.

That may be hard for some to hear and I hate saying it but it’s true.
Not a chance in hell he would do this if she were white and from “real America”