Looking at Trump and who actually has his back….

Check your news paper…..

Check your cable news channel….

The lead is gonna be something counter to what things have been for the last ten years politically….

Donald J. Trump is trying to get the world to see AND DO things HIS way….

The Big guy KNOWS that saying things without restraint works for him…Good or BAD attention is still ATTENTION and the media, he rants against LOVES Bright Shiny objects…

For most of us who can think and chew gum at the same time this focus on him causes us to shake our heads….

But for others?

He’s the guy that earns their support for fighting for those who feel America has moved to fast to help those who should pushed aside and left behind…They are afraid of what they though America would be in the 21st Century…

When we break down his approval ratings by specific areas, we get a more complex picture of his image. The president gets 65 percent approval for hurricane response and 53 percent approval for the economy and fighting terrorism. He gets his lowest marks for the way he is administering the government. And he is a divider when people want a uniter.

No question that 68 percent or more say they would like to see Trump stop tweeting, but is measuring that really reflective of his underlying political power compared to what’s happening in the economy? In the end, will voters cast ballots on tweets or jobs?

We see the same dynamic being played out over and over again: The president grabs the spotlight with strong statements (typically on Twitter) of his policies, for which he is savaged as over the top on social and mainstream media. Then, over time, he often wins the underlying policy argument. You can see how this played out on the economy and taxes, the national anthem, attacks on bad trade deals and calls for more border controls.

Remember, Americans liked President Obama for his way with words and his calm leadership style. They just opposed many of his policies, so Obama’s numbers gave a false sense of approval. Trump is the mirror opposite. People are put on edge by his words while favoring a lot of the positions he is taking on issues.

When it comes to rank-and-file Republican voters, Trump is the undisputed leader of the Republican Party. No poll I’ve seen puts his support from Republicans at below 80 percent and we at Harvard-Harris have it at 84 percent, which is remarkable, given his knock-down-drag-out fight with some mainstream Republicans....More…

Stung by the miss in Trump actually pulling off a win some pundits and pollsters caution us to NOT underestimate Trump’s support….Which is at roughly 35 to 40% of Americans, across a wide sample of polls, not just one or two….The linked piece above wants to discount that based on special elections for Congress, but does not note the wins the Democrats are getting in special elections on the state level  nor does it address the closeness of Democratic loses in the Congressional contests….

The fact is?….Donald Trump LOST the popular vote….The overall Trump support  polls are probably right…The MAJORITY of Americans think the guy is operating in an Alternate Universe….

The problem though is this…..

As Trump wonders thru his first year of Presidency, with little idea of what he’s doing except trying to ‘WIN’?

Will saner heads be able to keep the country in one piece until he leaves the stage and a Democrat comes in to straighten things up and move forward , NOT backwards?

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142 thoughts on “Looking at Trump and who actually has his back….”

  1. That would be thing, train is moving all over the place coming back from Oxford.

    Seriously, how can anyone deny that the NRA owns the GOP?!

  2. I probably could, but who would admit to being “proud” of Democrats there?

    Someone in favor of the 2nd Amendment voting for Democrats is akin to a chicken voting for Col. Sanders.

    Both the NRA and the Democrats can be extremists on the gun issue. The NRA is more honest though. Many Democrats are trying to hide the fact that their ultimate objective is the elimination of all guns from all civilians.

    1. I would contest that ‘all guns’ thing…

      From Obama on down….. Democratic lawmakers do NOT call for ALL guns being taken away…

  3. Here, using a “progressive” source, is a list of all the Democrat U.S. Senators who during the Obama Administration sided with the NRA.


    I don’t think anyone here opposed the election of any of these Senators or has ever criticized their gun votes.

    Now, a bunch of them are no longer Senators, so yes, the Democrats will be moving more and more towards a platform of complete gun prohibition and the time probably will come when the NRA endorses over 90 % of Republicans.

  4. Not yet, but it’s clearly what they prefer. They want the Second Amendment abolished.

    That would not be a popular position and the overall issue is a big reason why Democrats are toxic in so many parts of the country.

    You yourself said on here that if it were up to you the only people who would have guns are police and people driving armored bank cars.

    Myself, while I support the Second Amendment, I have never been a great fan of the NRA. They can be too rigid. Congress should get rid of the bump stocks and should expand background check safeguards, such as the Toomey-Manchin bill would have, but enough pro-NRA Democrats voted against it (joining with enough Republicans) that it did not pass.

    And of course, we should also realize that any kind of reasonable gun control is still unlikely to stop horrific mass shootings. Dianne Feinstein, a strong proponent of gun control, said that herself a couple days ago.

    1. I said should….

      I do NOT think THAT is possible and I wouldn’t want to take them away….

      Most gun owners ARE responsible people….

      And I do NOT hold anything against them….

      The Second Amendment actually has NOTHING to Do with this…
      But has been bent to fit it…

      1. But there SHOULD be background checks and there REALLY isn’t reason to carry your gun exposed nor is there any reason for bump stocks or silencers or assualt weapons that can be modified to rapid fire…

  5. CG your 1:02 comment shows how full of shit you are. You are repeating the NRA line about the Democrats you claim they support.

    Time to give it up.
    Maybe you should post on Trump’s comments on the Iran Deal. You should be happy about that considering you have said you are unable to support Democrats who are in favor of keeping it. Even if that means allowing Republicans who strongly support Trump (still basically all of them) to win and keep Trump in power.

  6. Once again false equivalency from our friend who voted for a self loathing homophobe for the U.S. Senate.

    If you want to talk about people who are no longer in office maybe we could talk about the Republican child molester that was third in line to the Presidency. But comparing voting records from 30 years ago is fucking boring and meaningless unless you only want to change the subject.

    Sorry whataboutism isn’t on my schedule tonight. Dinner in London is.

  7. All those Senators listed on the link I included expressed those views on guns while Obama was President and legislation was before the Senate.

    Now, Manchin, switched to an extent, with his bipartisan bill with Toomey, but still enough Democrats voted against it so it did not pass. This did not happen 30 years ago. This happened I think 4 years ago.

    You people continue to flouder with personal attacks and irrelevancies. Par for the course.

    I do not know exactly what Trump said about the Iran Deal today. He may be totally right on that one issue. (Whatever he said, somebody else wrote it for him) I still do not like him. I am sorry that is so hard to grasp.

  8. I’ll ask one more time and maybe somebody will be brave enough to answer.

    If the NRA “owns Republicans”, should Democrats reject any NRA endorsement?

    Somehow, I gather you people would answer no, but do not want to admit it here. You want these Democrats to capitalize on NRA support in states where it can be useful.

  9. Who here will call for Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) to receive a primary challenge?

    She is endorsed for reelection by Donald Trump and is supported by the NRA and she supports their agenda. She is the one Democrats left in the Senate who voted against Toomey-Manchin four years ago. The others have retired or been defeated.

    But I think you all really want Heidi Heitkamp to be reelected, in spite of being on the same side as Trump and the same side as the NRA, because you know Democrats need as many seats in the Senate as possible and those connections may be the only chance she has.

    So, it comes down to politics over principle from party hacks, as usual.

  10. So let me get ths straight ,if I disagree with Heitkamp on an issue,say gun control, the such means that I must support aprimary challenge to her ?

    Is that what you are trying to say?

  11. Now let’s see…

    You disagree with Susan Collins on healthcare policy.Do you support a primary challenge to her?

    You have said you are “disappointed” in Paul Ryan.Do you support aprimary challenge to him?

    You have ,on numerous dates, ,stated your differences with a number of Congressional Republicans on immigration proposals.Do you support primary challenges to them?

    And if you don’t ,does that make you a party “hack” placing politics above “principle?”

  12. It wasn’t put to you again alone jack, but thank you for making your views known.

    Should she reject Trump’s endorsement and the NRA endorsement when she gets it again?

    It is interesting that the left wants to primary anti-gun Dianne Feinstein in CA but wants to make sure Heitkamp does not face a primary challenge.

    Because ND and CA are very different states politically of course. But when it all comes down to it, it’s politics. The rhetoric here and elsewhere is just “noise.” You folks will get in bed with the NRA in a second, if you can get something out of it.

  13. “Same side as Trump”

    Heitkamp is guaranteed to be less of a Trump supporter than a Republican that would replace her. She also voted against the disastrous Republican health care bill. Something a GOP replacement would almost certainly have supported.

    You know that but you want to play this card of moral superiority over those of us who live in the real world and acknowledge that in these times we need to make choices and pick someone who isn’t perfect but is better than someone who will vote almost certainly in lockstep with their party that put a dangerous incompetent in office and shows no signs of changing on that subject. Because, you know, his “heart is in the right place”.

    But hey you keep up your smug self righteousness if it makes you feel better.

  14. No, I do not support primary challenges to Susan Collins and Paul Ryan, but I don’t pretend to be outraged over votes they cast that I disagree with.

    On the day she voted against Graham-Cassidy, I said on here specifically that I thought Collins was a good Republican and I have nothing at all against her voting her conscience.

    There are other Republicans I definitely want to see primaried and lose, over character matters or extremism and whatnot such as Dana Rohrabacher, Steve King, Scott DesJarlais, et al.

  15. Yes, I definitely want to see Steve King lose, be it to another Republican preferably, or if applicable, an acceptable Democrat, over his horrific immigration views (would support a write in if the Democrat is no good either)

    I hope that is clear.

  16. As to Heitkamp I couldn’t care less whether she accepts an endorsement from the NRA.Do you care whether Republicans accept their endorsement?You said earlier you weren’t a”fan” of theirs and they were too “rigid.”

  17. I have said on here, more than once, that I support getting rid of the bump stocks and I support background checks, including expansion in some cases.

    Silencers and assault weapons (which are illegal already) are not valid, as a silencer would not work on an assault weapon. (if one was attempted to be used, it would make the weapon fire less accurately)

    james said though not long ago, that if it were up to him, the only people who would be allowed to have guns are cops and people who drive trucks for banks. That is what I disagree with.

  18. So which Democrats specifically have I,of anyone else here .been “outraged” over?

    I’ve never mentioned Heidi Heitkamp until today.

  19. So, I think what this boils down to is that in spite of all the rhetoric and the profanity, we all essentially agree.

    The NRA is not an evil organization, even if we disagree with some of their positions. Somebody being endorsed or supported by the NRA does not make them unacceptable. Politicians should be expected to capitalize on their support, where it would make them more popular, which happens to be many places.

  20. So just to be clear here,

    Even though you disagree with many Republicans on specific issues ,the only one you support being primaried is Steve King, but ,unless the Democrats here don’t support a primary opponent for Heidi Heitkamp or become “outraged” because they may disagree with her on guns or an NRA endorsement then they are political hacks?

    Is that correct?

  21. It’s convienient how Heitkamp is not mentioned.

    Since you asked, I was talking more specifically in this instance about Scott and what looks like fake outrage over the NRA since he has not had any issue with the NRA when they are on the same side as his candidates. He certainly would not have advised Koster to turn down the NRA endorsement. He probably was pumped when they gave it to him because he thought it would help Koster win (I did too) This is just a diversion to attack Republicans, which is what a lot of you live for in discussing politics above all else.

  22. Who ever said anything different?

    I never used the word “evil” to describe them.

    I disagree with their rabid opposition to any gun control measures(I presume you do too based on your earlier statements today).

  23. I mentioned other names too. You said over immigration specifically though and Steve King is the first to come to mind.

    Frankly, I would be voting for a ton of GOP primary challengers theoretically in 2018. If an anti-Trump Republican ran against Paul Ryan in a GOP primary, I might vote for them, but the people running against Ryan are those who love Trump a lot more and who think Ryan is all against Trump.

  24. I’ve said in the past that being a party hack is not a horrible thing. I might have been one in the past, but then my party betrayed me and I couldn’t go along with it anymore. But when I was one, I admitted it, and others should do the same.

    It’s the fake “NRA is the boogeyman” outrage though that is hypocritical when you definitely also want their money and their support where it helps you.

    I am just at the point, where after years as a political junkie, I am sick of the dishonesty and hypocrisy on all sides.

  25. Ok, so we agree, they aren’t evil, and we also agree that if there is a candidate we want to win, where an NRA endorsement would be helpful, we want them get it and we want them to publicize it.

    In my state, the Senator I voted for (and who lost big) was one of the few Republicans to vote for Toomey-Manchin and I believe the only one to vote against a certain kind of assault weapons ban. He never got any points for that by partisan junkies of course, but those were the votes he cast, and he was endorsed (at least initially by Gabby Giffords) anti-gun group and he publicized that in the Chicago area.

    What also happened is that a ton of NRA members in Illinois did not vote for him in return.

  26. No I don’t want their money and support.

    If Heidi Heitkamp wants it ,that’s up to her.

    Just because I might disagree with her on that matter ,however ,doesn’t mean I would vote against her.

    As I’ve stated numerous times, I have disagreed with certain Democrats on a number of matters through the years .One makes an overall determination as to,all matters considered, whom one will vote for however.

    I see nothing unusual about that,nor, I would imagine does anyone else.

  27. You aren’t running. She is. And my point is that if you want her to win, you want her to get it.

    If it meant that much to someone that she was endorsed by the NRA and by Donald Trump, they would support another Democrat over her.

    Bill Daley had a big op-ed after her pro-NRA vote saying he was betrayed by her and wanted his donation to her campaign back. At least he is consistent.

  28. james, have I mischaracterized the post you made on here (after Las Vegas) about how only cops and armored truck drivers should have guns legally if it was up to you?

    Is that not what you said?

  29. I find nothing “inconsistent” about opposing the NRA ,yet still supporting a candidate they may endorse if ,all things considered, I consider them a better candidate than their opponent

    Once again, I doubt if many would disagree with that.

  30. Better candidate than an opponent of another party or better candidate than a primary opponent? It’s an important distinction.

    What if Heitkamp’s opponent was for Toomey-Manchin and the NRA endorsed her over a Republican? I think the Democrats here would still want her to win.

    So let’s just be clear. This is nobody’s number one issue here and what happened in Las Vegas is not about any position held by the NRA, just as Dianne Feinstein admits.

  31. As to Chris KostervI was only vaguely aware that the NRA endorsed him over Greitens. It really didn’t seem to make much of a difference to Missouri voters either.
    Greitens largely won the rural counties and Koster won the cities of STL and KC and their inner burbs.

    I don’t recall seeing a single Koster bumper sticker on a vehicle that also had NRA stickers. Anecdotal I know but for what its worth.

  32. Gun control?

    No it’s not my number one issue.I favor background checks.Im opposed to gun silencers, AK 47s and the like , and criminals and persons with mental issues having guns.I also support the right of an individual state to require a gun safety class before getting a permit to carry a concealed weapon.I think that’s a good idea.

    On all the issues I consider important though?

    It’s not in my top five.

    I can’t speak for anyone else here.

  33. Having said that I hasten to add that Gun Control is a major issue for a lot of people and the point I was making about a week ago ,which essentially started this whole discussion, was that it is a big issue to a lot of Democrats.

    James said they shouldn’t even talk about it.I expressed the view that the vast majority of peiooe who are opposed to any type of gun control mostly tend to vote Republican anyway.

    That is istill my view.

  34. The people opposed to it are certainly increasing in their Republican voting habits, and that is a growing problem for Democrats. Wanting to toss overboard the rest of the stragglers who might stay Democrat for other reasons does not seem like a winning strategy to me.

    Yes, Democrats are looked at as very anti-gun, and that is a big reason why Hillary lost. (It was the sole issue she attempted to get to the left of Sanders of in the primary) I expect them to continue to go even further to the left on the issue.

    1. Gun control is NOT one of BIG. Reasons Clinton lost…..
      Show me something to back that up….

      She lost for a host of reasons
      That included
      But she actually BEAT Trump by almost 3 million votes

      She WAS winning up to the last 3 weeks
      There was no gun control issue that landed out of the clear blue sky to change things

      We have gone over this extensively here
      She of course was for increased background check
      But i’m Sure she didn’t mention that in speeches in the last weeks of the campign
      To do so would have been counter productive

  35. Yes we all know how everything the Democrats believe in,do,or don’t do means imminent doom..

    What’s new?

    Instead of being so concerned about the imminent demise of the Democratic Party,it would seem that you would be more concerned about your very existence as a Republican.Obviously Steve Bannon ,likely with at least the acquiescence,if not the outright urging of Donald Trump ,is attempting to essentially purge you and those old line Republicans like you out of the party.

    Likely though ,Bannon probably believes that people like you will howl and protest verbally but in the end will stick with a Bannonized Trumpized GOP because you have nowhere else to go.

    That’s not a bad bet.

  36. Look at the track record of Democrats electorally over the roughly past decade. I can view things strictly as a political observer, regardless of my personal beliefs or political associations. It’s not been good for them. It’s been about the worst decade for them up and down the ballot than either party has ever faced before, including Republicans after the Great Depression.

    Yes, I am very much aware of all the problems in the GOP. I have said that the party civil war needs to happen and I hope my side will win. It is also a fact though that Democrats have so many problems of their own and are such a non-entity in so many parts of the country, that they cannot even take advantage of what has become of Republicans.

    What that signals to me, as someone who has studied politics, is that there is going to be as ripe of a time as ever for a movement independent of the two parties.

    1. I disagree CG…..
      The President of this country was a mixed race Democrat
      They got a Major Healthcare Bill passed
      And have forced Republicans to highlight things they trying to TAKE AWAY from voters

      Yes they have taken HUGE hits in state races
      But they are trying to claw back

  37. How can I “stick” with a Bannonized Trumpized GOP if I never was part of it to begin with? I didn’t vote for them before and I would not in the future.

    (I got a call this week from the NRCC after going to great lengths to get off all RNC lists last year and I went off on the poor guy/computerized system about how I could not give them money as long as Donald Trump was part of the party. They tried several of the computerized prompts in response and finally had to settle with “We seem to have a bad connection. We will have to try to call you another time.”)

  38. You have been vocal on that subject for awhile now.

    We all know the problems of launching aThird major party are gargantuan.

    In my view, such could not happen unless a large number of members of Congress, Governors and State officials of both parties would,more or less within a short time, defect to this upstart party,yet there is simply no indication that anything like that is about to happen.

    I don’t see a slow transition situation.Such would allow one of the other two existing parties to coopt the fledgling new party.

    I remember back in the late sixties there was a short lived movement of Dixiecrats in Congress from Mississippi,Alabama and Louisiana to organize a defection to Wallaces American Independent Party,Wallace ,however ,offered no encouragement to them or to the party he had created.Four years later it essentially became an organ of the far Right John Birch Society.

  39. I don’t doubt your sincerity at the moment.

    Assume however that Bannon is successful.

    Your choice is to stay with a party that, while you might abhor the leadership thereof, you probably still agree with issuewise the vast majority of the time or, go with a party that you fundamentally disagree with on almost everything ,or simply drop out of politics.

    Bannon believes that people in your situation will elect to remain in the Party ,even as a rebellious element which he and his types would tolerate because in the final analysis you will vote their way.

  40. Enough politics for the day…

    Prime rib night at the Elks Lodge where me and a host of Trump supporters will call each other names ,listen to some old tunes and take turns buying each other beers.


  41. Then I’ll drop out. At least the Cubs haven’t been letting me down.

    I don’t think a party apparatus necessarily needs to be in place first before a non-major party President can be elected. That part can happen first. Maybe it would be a one-off, maybe it would be the start of a complete Realignment. I just know that there are tensions in both parties that have never existed before and it’s hard to see how either of them suddenly all come together in harmony.

    It’s different though because the Republican issue is primarily centered on Trump himself. Without Trump himself on the scene, at least some of the problems resolve itself. With Democrats, its more ideological and a continuing shift more and more towards the left and identity politics and the inevitability of interest groups forced against each other in conflict.

    (or I’ll associate politically with whatever group of people shares my beliefs and values. It’s not really any different than being in a religious minority)

    1. I ‘ll stand on the view that 3rd parties have NO CHANCE getting someone elected President in this country

  42. Enjoy the weekend. (see, it is possible for people here to disagree or converse civilly at times…. I’m almost scared)

  43. james, if she had close to the support of the pro-gun voters her husband had in the 90s, it wouldn’t have even been close to begin with.

    But people just completely ruled her out because of her far-left position on guns, and even people who hated to vote for Trump, went ahead and did so.

    Do you seriously not remember the comment about only cops and people who drive the bank trucks? I’m going to feel like an a-hole if I search it out.

  44. They’ve taken a huge hit at every level of government. Beyond huge.

    Dreams built and sustain America every day.

  45. “”I ‘ll stand on the view that ‘mixed race guys’ have NO CHANCE getting someone elected President in this country”

    “I ‘ll stand on the view that reality tv stars have NO CHANCE getting someone elected President in this country”

    1. Yes
      We DO LOSE some and we DO WIN some

      I did NOT think America would elect Barack Obama
      I’m GKAD I got that one wrong the first time

  46. Political wire has a story this morning that Trump has given Bannon the go ahead to primary GOP Senate incumbents.
    My guess is Trump is pissed his endorsement of Luther Strange didn’t pan out and he doesn’t want to be caught flat footed again. This will get bloody I think.

  47. The Strange loss was a big blow to Trump. His base didn’t go along with him and it was Alabama. It was also a big blow to the Turtle, poor thing.

    Still waiting on fire news, difficult with the time change. They are beginning to contain the fire adjacent to our area, but still won’t let anyone in yet.

    Yesterday’s conversation was surreal given what is going on in present day politics. The Republicans, other than Corker, won’t cross Trump because they are afraid of the racist base of the party. But, hey, five percent of the Democrats were endorsed by the NRA and we all must both apologize and confess our political sins. The Weinstein treatment.

    Well, it’s Saturday and not a work day, so I assume we will have to wait until Monday to continue the great NRA debate.

    I need to get moving, our last night in London with an angst ridden flight back to SFO. The husband’s family will be moving their investments to the EU next year, so we will be back. They can’t afford Brexit.

    1. Enjoy…

      They KNOW that was a knee jerk vote…

      Now May is stuck….

      And Merkel will NOT let her off the hook easily

      Nor will the countries financial health…

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