Looking at Trump and who actually has his back….

Check your news paper…..

Check your cable news channel….

The lead is gonna be something counter to what things have been for the last ten years politically….

Donald J. Trump is trying to get the world to see AND DO things HIS way….

The Big guy KNOWS that saying things without restraint works for him…Good or BAD attention is still ATTENTION and the media, he rants against LOVES Bright Shiny objects…

For most of us who can think and chew gum at the same time this focus on him causes us to shake our heads….

But for others?

He’s the guy that earns their support for fighting for those who feel America has moved to fast to help those who should pushed aside and left behind…They are afraid of what they though America would be in the 21st Century…

When we break down his approval ratings by specific areas, we get a more complex picture of his image. The president gets 65 percent approval for hurricane response and 53 percent approval for the economy and fighting terrorism. He gets his lowest marks for the way he is administering the government. And he is a divider when people want a uniter.

No question that 68 percent or more say they would like to see Trump stop tweeting, but is measuring that really reflective of his underlying political power compared to what’s happening in the economy? In the end, will voters cast ballots on tweets or jobs?

We see the same dynamic being played out over and over again: The president grabs the spotlight with strong statements (typically on Twitter) of his policies, for which he is savaged as over the top on social and mainstream media. Then, over time, he often wins the underlying policy argument. You can see how this played out on the economy and taxes, the national anthem, attacks on bad trade deals and calls for more border controls.

Remember, Americans liked President Obama for his way with words and his calm leadership style. They just opposed many of his policies, so Obama’s numbers gave a false sense of approval. Trump is the mirror opposite. People are put on edge by his words while favoring a lot of the positions he is taking on issues.

When it comes to rank-and-file Republican voters, Trump is the undisputed leader of the Republican Party. No poll I’ve seen puts his support from Republicans at below 80 percent and we at Harvard-Harris have it at 84 percent, which is remarkable, given his knock-down-drag-out fight with some mainstream Republicans....More…

Stung by the miss in Trump actually pulling off a win some pundits and pollsters caution us to NOT underestimate Trump’s support….Which is at roughly 35 to 40% of Americans, across a wide sample of polls, not just one or two….The linked piece above wants to discount that based on special elections for Congress, but does not note the wins the Democrats are getting in special elections on the state level  nor does it address the closeness of Democratic loses in the Congressional contests….

The fact is?….Donald Trump LOST the popular vote….The overall Trump support  polls are probably right…The MAJORITY of Americans think the guy is operating in an Alternate Universe….

The problem though is this…..

As Trump wonders thru his first year of Presidency, with little idea of what he’s doing except trying to ‘WIN’?

Will saner heads be able to keep the country in one piece until he leaves the stage and a Democrat comes in to straighten things up and move forward , NOT backwards?

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142 thoughts on “Looking at Trump and who actually has his back….”

  1. james, if she had close to the support of the pro-gun voters her husband had in the 90s, it wouldn’t have even been close to begin with.

    But people just completely ruled her out because of her far-left position on guns, and even people who hated to vote for Trump, went ahead and did so.

    Do you seriously not remember the comment about only cops and people who drive the bank trucks? I’m going to feel like an a-hole if I search it out.

  2. I disagree CG…..
    The President of this country was a mixed race Democrat
    They got a Major Healthcare Bill passed
    And have forced Republicans to highlight things they trying to TAKE AWAY from voters

    Yes they have taken HUGE hits in state races
    But they are trying to claw back

  3. They’ve taken a huge hit at every level of government. Beyond huge.

    Dreams built and sustain America every day.

  4. I ‘ll stand on the view that 3rd parties have NO CHANCE getting someone elected President in this country

  5. “”I ‘ll stand on the view that ‘mixed race guys’ have NO CHANCE getting someone elected President in this country”

    “I ‘ll stand on the view that reality tv stars have NO CHANCE getting someone elected President in this country”

  6. Yes
    We DO LOSE some and we DO WIN some

    I did NOT think America would elect Barack Obama
    I’m GKAD I got that one wrong the first time

  7. Political wire has a story this morning that Trump has given Bannon the go ahead to primary GOP Senate incumbents.
    My guess is Trump is pissed his endorsement of Luther Strange didn’t pan out and he doesn’t want to be caught flat footed again. This will get bloody I think.

  8. The Strange loss was a big blow to Trump. His base didn’t go along with him and it was Alabama. It was also a big blow to the Turtle, poor thing.

    Still waiting on fire news, difficult with the time change. They are beginning to contain the fire adjacent to our area, but still won’t let anyone in yet.

    Yesterday’s conversation was surreal given what is going on in present day politics. The Republicans, other than Corker, won’t cross Trump because they are afraid of the racist base of the party. But, hey, five percent of the Democrats were endorsed by the NRA and we all must both apologize and confess our political sins. The Weinstein treatment.

    Well, it’s Saturday and not a work day, so I assume we will have to wait until Monday to continue the great NRA debate.

    I need to get moving, our last night in London with an angst ridden flight back to SFO. The husband’s family will be moving their investments to the EU next year, so we will be back. They can’t afford Brexit.

  9. Enjoy…

    They KNOW that was a knee jerk vote…

    Now May is stuck….

    And Merkel will NOT let her off the hook easily

    Nor will the countries financial health…

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