Judge in Sen Menendez case seems to think the case against the Senator is shaky….

The recent US Supreme Court decision that the government must link DIRECT favors to gifts received by lawmakers has resulted in numerous acquittals of lawmakers across the country…

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The same may come to be in the Menendez case…

And the Senator and Democrats would happy to hold the seat…

At issue is the “stream of benefits” theory of bribery, which defense attorneys argue was invalidated by the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2016 decisionoverturning the corruption conviction of former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell. The high court’s unanimous ruling narrowed the type of conduct that can be used to prosecute for corruption.

“I’m particularly concerned about stream of benefits. And we’ll see,” Walls told prosecutor Peter Koski after about three hours of arguments Wednesday afternoon. The arguments were held outside of the jury’s presence.

If Walls rules the theory was invalidated in the McDonnell ruling, he could decide to toss out much of the case before it reaches the jury.

Prosecutors allege Melgen, a wealthy Florida eye doctor, plied Menendez, a Democrat and New Jersey’s senior senator, with political contributions, private jet flights and lavish vacations in exchange for various political favors. Those favors, prosecutors say, included helping Melgen secure visas for former girlfriends, interceding on his behalf in a $9 million Medicare dispute and pressuring officials to get the Dominican Republic to honor a port security contract held by a company Melgen owned.

Prosecutors have not directly linked any individual Melgen gifts to a specific Menendez act, which were often separated by months and even years. Instead, prosecutors say, Melgen used Menendez for his power, and Menendez used Melgen for his money…..



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7 thoughts on “Judge in Sen Menendez case seems to think the case against the Senator is shaky….”

  1. So, while none of us are on the Jury, is the sense that Menendez is guilty or not?

    A couple of years ago, back when the Obama Justice Department first brought these charges, a lot of Democrats were happy, because Menendez, as then the top Democrat on the Foreign Relations Committee had crossed Obama on Cuba and Iran and spoke out forcefully against him. They wanted him gone, and many Republicans were suggesting that Menendez was being targeted for political reasons.

    Now, the tables have turned, and Democrats want to keep him around and Republicans will claim he has been corrupt all along

    Frankly, he seems to have been corrupt all along, but I still think he was right on Cuba and Iran.

        1. Menendez Jury Will Have to Start Over

          Jury deliberations in the federal corruption trial against Sen. Robert Menendez will have to start over.

          That’s the word from the federal courthouse in Newark, N.J., where the Democratic senator has been on trial on a total of 18 counts related to alleged public corruption, including allegations he took a slew of gifts for official acts.

          The possibility of the jury having to begin its work again became real because of the unexpectedly long duration of the trial, with arguments going on for 10 weeks. One of the jurors had a pre-planned vacation next week….


          (…this is good news for the Democrats since a new trail will push the case into 2018 when the Governor of NJ will be a Democrat, who would replace Menenedez if need be…)

          1. Change in plans….

            Menendez Trial Jury to Resume Deliberations After Juror Replaced

            Sen. Bob Menendez’s day of reckoning is back on track after a snafu with a juror in his trial halted deliberations last week. The juror has been replaced and deliberations are scheduled to resume today. Read more

              1. Menendez trial seems to have a hung jury…

                The jury in the federal corruption trial of Senator Robert Menendez, a Democrat from New Jersey, told the judge on Monday that it could not reach a unanimous decision on any of the charges in the case, raising the prospect of a mistrial….


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