FEMA: “Not our job to deliver water and food” to Puerto Ricans. Think I am making this up? Wrong!

That was the response Rachel got when FEMA was asked why it has been almost 3 weeks since the last hurricane hit Aibonito, a small town high in the mountains about an hour south of San Juan, and FEMA has yet to deliver a single bottle of water.

FEMA claims the roads aren’t passable,   For the record, when I say “about an hour south” I mean Google Maps puts the drive — right now — at 1 hour and 5 minutes if I take the autopista (highway).  BUT it also says there are portions of the road that are closed.  Soooo you have to take route 173 and that takes 1 hour and 24 minutes.  Maybe Google is wrong, right?  It would be nice if someone on the ground could actually make the trip…. oh wait… what’s that?  The MSNBC film crew already made the trip and it took them “about an hour and a half.”

As the MSNBC video shows, they got there no problem because the road was clear. No bridges out, no trees in the way, no mudslides, no raging rivers.  Not even bad hombres. I realize the last menace would be Mexicans and there shouldn’t be any Mexicans clogging up the roads in Puerto Rico right now. But we all know to the Trump Klan, Puerto Ricans are just Island Mexicans, so they probably worry about that sort of thing.

Presented with the fact of Maddow’s team having video evidence directly contradicting their claims,  FEMA then dropped this bombshell: Apparently, FEMA says it is the mayor’s job to distribute food and water. They are just there to help people fill out paperwork….


Scott p

Yes Keith I hope everything is as good as it can be when you return home. Living in the Midwest and south my entire life fires are tne one natural disaster I have no experience with.


Keith, I thought of you this morning when I was looking at a map of the fires. Wish you good luck.

I don’t know how my new company determines its profitability bonuses, but if natural disasters aren’t excluded, I might not get any bonus. What a horrible year for natural disasters.


Sitting in London doesn’t mitigate the angst I feel about what our President is doing to our country or the Republican Party’s support for his actions. He just threatened to stop helping Puerto Rico with the recovery. He is a chaos machine. What will Paulie and Mitch say?

Leaving early to return to California to see if we still have a house.

My Name Is jack

Reflecting the views of their Commander in Chief and his supporters…

You know “good people” who are “concerned” about their country.

Now as far as amassive tax cut for the wealthy?

That be problem numero uno…

You know so they’ll have money to “invest” and “create” jobs.(gotta be sure to get the “conservative” talking point down right!)