Bob Corker is Right about Donald Trump……So is Rex Tillerson…

Corker has compared the Trump Admin to ‘adult daycare center’…..

Tillerson called his boss a ‘fucking moron’…….

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On John King’s show this morning all of the guest reporters, who  talk to congressional lawmakers everyday, admitted that the comments above are shared up on the Hill by virtually everybody….

Their only solace is the James Mattis is the Sec of Defense and John Kelly is the Chief-of-Staff….

A dominant news story last week was the controversy over whether Secretary of State Rex Tillerson actually called President Trump a “moron.” But even if he didn’t, there’s now an increasing volume of people who have worked closely with Trump offering similarly dim depictions of him — and doing so publicly.

The most recent came Sunday, when Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) fought back against Trump’s criticisms of him by tweeting that the White House has turned into an “adult day-care center.”

Before that tweet, Corker had told reporters last week that Tillerson, White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis were there to “help separate our country from chaos.” He expanded upon those comments in a New York Times interview later Sunday, saying he worried Trump’s frequent threatening of other countries could set us on a path to Word War III. “I know for a fact that every single day at the White House, it’s a situation of trying to contain him,” Corker said….


Trump was closer to Corker  [chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee] than any GOP senator.

“There is no senator — no Republican senator — who President Trump talks to more than Bob Corker,” Alexander said in late August. “I know that for a fact.”


The political bottom line….

“Do most senators have their doubts about the president?” asked John Feehery, a longtime Republican congressional aide now working as a lobbyist in Washington. “That’s probably true, but also largely irrelevant. He’s the president, and they have to find ways to get stuff done with him. Otherwise, they face the wrath of the voters — something Bob Corker no longer worries about.”….



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56 thoughts on “Bob Corker is Right about Donald Trump……So is Rex Tillerson…”

  1. This is the most damning story about these Republicans yet.

    So these pricks sit up there knowing that they’re dealing with a psycho who might start a damn nuclear war and they want to play along because they are two bit moral cowards?

    1. Yup
      And pray Mattis, Kelley and even Tillerson will keep the guy in check and the world safe….

      Scary Shit!

  2. Republicans admit there is a chance that Trump might get into a war, but what about those four people who died in Benghazi?

    1. Ah?

      Republicans would let Trump slow walk into a war?

      Good question Z?



      Do they go all the way to brink before punching his ticket?

      Will things wait for Mueller and the House and possibly Senate?

  3. I’ve asked Republicans about Trump getting us into war and mostly their replies have been along the lines of “so what if he does. Diplomacy hasn’t worked”.

    That’s seriously how these people think.

    1. THAT IS the Issue right now…

      Bluffing Kim ….

      Except if the guy goes off and thinks he’s gone?

      How many American soldiers and South Korean’s in Seoul get dead as Trump goes out to play Gulf?

      We HAVE to hope for James Mattis, Tillerson and Kelley to ‘do the right thing’ for the county and world on this….

      Donald Trump is probably WTF above his ‘deal’ level on this…

      And a fuck up won’t be pretty and couldn’t be something he could just walkaway from….

  4. Somehow these people outside the military (never that I was ever in or even near it myself) are oblivious to what the generals, colonels and NCO’s remember, together with anyone who was conscious during the early 1950’s, the 1960’s and early 1970’s can recall: what a large-scale hot war looks like, when a hundred war deaths was not the record of a month or two, but of a week — so much so that an anti-war weekly like The National Guardian could make its point just by printing the names of the week’s dead on the front page.

    In the past, it’s not been possible to sustain such losses over any length of time without imposing conscription, with all the direct and indirect human, social, economic and constitutional costs of a more-than-nominal draft.

    Diplomacy, multilateralism and compromise can be frustrating and look very weak, but they’re often the best (or the least-bad) and the only truly realistic option. Woodrow Wilson and the Roosevelts (T. & F.D.) didn’t shy away from waging war, but they also all sought to build vigorous world organizations to resolve conflicts without war.

  5. Vietnam is a good example for people to think about when thinking about going to war. Conservatives at the time often argued that the US should have continued fighting. We were told that if we left, Communism would spread to all of Southeast Asia.

    But it became obvious that we could not win the war without a major escalation of US bombing. And what would that accomplish? It wouldn’t lead to peace. South Vietnam would have suffered even more – not to mention North Vietnam, and even more Americans would have come home in body bags or like my cousin, who came home with serious mental issues that likely led to his untimely death. At the same time, Communism didn’t continue its expansion into Thailand as had been predicted by conservatives. So diplomacy failed, but the war most likely accomplished absolutely nothing.

    We lost four people in Benghazi, but it is incredibly easy to see how US intervention could have led to a far, far worse situation in Libya than exists today.

  6. Why would Republicans Show Trump “the door?”

    As Scott says the vast majority of them Agree with him and support his craziness.Some of them seem to find it amusing.

    James, you still refuse to see what the Republican Party has become.

    1. Confirmation of your view Jack that GOPer’s ain’t got no ‘Balls’?…..


      Ezra Klein‏ @ezraklein
      Ezra Klein Retweeted Susan Hennessey
      True that it’s not just cowardice. Careerism and partisanship, too! A lot more could straightforwardly be done though congressional oversight and containment, and Republicans are refusing.

      Susan Hennessey‏
      Susan Hennessey Retweeted Ezra Klein
      Staffers too. Plenty of congressional Rs are openly terrified, but it isn’t just cowardice. They genuinely don’t know what to do.

        1. And the Republicans are the ONLY ones that can show him the door….

          They hold the Majority in the House which can impeach him….

          They hold the majority in the Senate that can only convict him….

          We’ll see what happens after Mueller prsents his case…

          Right now?

          He’s too self involved to realize that he’s fucking up his current job just he fucks up everything he touches…

          Republicans are screwed also….

          The question is?

          Are the Democrats SMART enough to take advantage of this or will they be stupid and go hard left and fuck THEMSELVES out of a chance to get the Congress and Presiddncy back?

  7. Christ, James, every little thing is just another excuse for you to rant against the folks who opposed Hillary from the left last year.

    Speak about intrapartisan civil war (at a time when the party should be uniting)…

    1. Yes….

      I’m against the Democrats moving to FAR to the left (and a civil war)….


      I have laid out SEVERAL reasons why such a move just plays to who the Democrats ALREADY have…
      Deocrats need to cawl back those who left their side because they worried that the party does NOT speak for THEM….
      The new people running seem to be going at things the way feel…
      Pragmatic and dealing with local issues….(and in THAT way addressing the Right’s efforts to move backwards)
      While the media plays the Sanders/Warren song over and over like they always due for shiny objects…
      Democrats must not be lured into a move that will squander a chance to regain majorities in locals, state and national races…

  8. James, Which one or two of the Democratic presidential nominees in your opinion has been the most admirably silent about gun control, and which one or two do you think would be most opposed (either outwardly or secretly) to Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders?

    Tell us who the real Democrats are.

  9. No you don’t.

    If you did ,you wouldn’t ask the question you did@8:36 last night.

    Why would Republicans want to show Trump the door when overwhelmingly they agree with him?

    You try to pretend they don’t.You act as if they are just putting up with him when all the evidence is that they are fully on board with him.


    No.just pointing out what everyone here knows ,which is you still don’t get that Donald Trump reflects the views of most Republicans and this little game you play wherein Republicans are just sort of tolerating him for the time being is bullshit.

  10. You do understand James. That Kampala Harris whom you have. Been toting as the next Democratic presidential candidate agrees with Sanders and Warren on 95% of the issues.

    Is she “too far Left?”

    If so ,and apparently she is given the fact that in your above post you essentially define Sanders and Warren as “leftists” are you supporting her?

    And ,as usual, you didn’t answer Zreebs question.

    1. Good point on Harris….
      Is her moving to the left now for real?
      If so ?
      Trouble in a general
      I don’t think she could win against Trump anyways
      The woman thing…
      Biden , who leads in Dem polls could get the nomination and the WH BACK
      Harris as VP. Sounds about right….
      No Biden?
      Free for all

  11. Do you understand James that the Democratic Party is the “left” Party in this country?

    Do you understand James that Republicans define almost all Democrats as “left?”

    Do you understand James that you yourself a “left” in many of the views you express here (support for Obamacare,Social Security, Medicare,Minimum wage, etc).?

  12. Interesting.

    A few weeks ago you were hailing her as the almost certain nominee.

    Well she was a woman then and she’s a woman now.

    So what happened that all of a sudden her being a woman means that she can’t win and why were you backing her a scant few weeks ago knowing she couldn’t win?

    As usual you make no sense.

  13. I agree with James that the Democrat party would do better as a Republican-lite party. Even I would consider voting for a pro-gun, anti-abortion, anti-Obamacare Democrat. Having a right and center-right party would fit our country better than what we have.

    Unfortunately, the Democrat party’s nowhere near that. They are a full blown far-left socialist party.

    Oh, and senile drunk uncle Joe? Bring him on. He’ll do as well as he did in ’88 and ’08.

    1. No Republican lite…..

      Get the job


      Politicians do THAT ALL THE TIME….

      I do NOT want Democrats to embrace the Grand Ole Party talking points
      I would like them to embrace local and state issues that will get out the vote
      To point out the hurt that GOOer cuts
      Would inflict on them

  14. I agree with RepubliCAN on one thing.

    James is basically arguing that the Democratic Party become a Republican lite Party.

    A few days ago I suggested he return to the status that he claimed when he first appeared on Politics1..

    An Independent who leaned Democratic.

    Whether he cares to admit it or not ,that is what he really is.

    He admires Paul Ryan .

    I can’t think of anyone more opposed to everything he Democratic Party stands for than Paul Ryan.

  15. I think it’s very unlikely that Biden will run in 2020. The argument for generational change in the Democratic Party will be very strong and Joe himself might agree. If he does run however I don’t see him being too far ideologically from someone like Harris, that James suddenly thinks is unelectable

    1. Scott?
      Please search this site or the net for the last two speeches Biden gave
      I like them
      No Trump stuff
      And only stuff from the left that we can afford and that helps EVERYBODY
      He repeats ….I feel your pain….
      The man is doing a pretty damn go intro for 2020….
      How old is Trump?

  16. I agree.

    Indeed, it’s only been over the past couple of weeks that James got on the Biden bit.

    Before him was Kayla Harris and, a few months ago Corey Booker.

    He just flits around,non serious ,just popping off at the mouth .

    1. He, he, he

      May change my mind again also….

      But right now?

      Biden I believe could get the nomination and the house at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave in 2020…

  17. Right now, I could enthusiastically support ANY of the Democrats who are being touted as potential presidential nominees. In fact, there is something I like about ALL of the Democratic nominees.

    Frankly, I am optimistic that the Dems will have a fine nominee in 2020.

  18. Harris might be my favorite as of today, but I could be easily be persuaded to back someone else. I don’t think it will be Biden or Sanders – mostly because of their age. Let’s see how everyone does in the coming months – I will keep an open mind.

  19. Well, I guess 3rd time’s the charm for goofy old plagiarist Biden. But he was a popular VP you say? I guess that’s why we had president Quayle!

  20. Quayle was never as popular as Biden. I believe he was somewhat unfairly pegged as unintelligent, but even putting that aside he was a figure that the GOP base related to but had few fans outside of that.

  21. I agree the media was unfair to Quayle. The point was that the Vice Presidency isn’t necessarily helpful. Plenty of other examples…..

  22. Except James, when Obama was president you still advocated fervently time and time again that the Dems should be silent on gun control. So now you say “Get the job THEN YOU BE WHAT U NEED TO BE….”

    Do you really think we don’t remember how you passionately argued against bringing up gun control while Obama was president?

    Do you really have that bad of a memory?

    1. If the Democrats won all three branches of government Z?
      It would still be prudent for them to at least go easy on the subject…
      I KNOW you understand where i’m Coming from…

  23. Biden an old “plagiarized” eh?

    As I recall he apologized for his act.

    Compare that to the current Republican President, the most notorious liar in the country ,whose “vision” is shared by 80% of Republicans .

    Republicans have forever forfeited their right to ever criticize the moral deficits of any Democrats and their claimed belief in “values” is an international laughingstock.

    Lie upon lie upon lie ,blatant racism ,hatefilled rhetoric from this kook and what do we get from his Republican defenders?Absurd rhetorical excuses and justifications like Paul Ryan declaring that the bigots “heart is in the right place.”Good God.

    Have you Republicans no shame at all?

  24. Oh sure lots of VPs don’t make it to the top spot–Gore, Mondale, Humphrey, Nixon (on his 1st try at least). I honestly don’t think Biden will be joining GGW Bush and Tricky Dick as Vice Presidents who were elected to the top spot. His time has likely passed.

    Quayle couldn’t even get to the first primaries when he ran in 2000. It probably didn’t help him that his old boss–who It was said viewed him like a son–had a son of his own running that year. Still even if GHW Bush had been reelected in 1992 it likely would have been an uphill battle for Quayle to get the nomination in 96.

  25. Yeah I’ve also heard Republicans call Biden “creepy” when he hugs women –yet who do they vote for and support? A guy who bragged of pussy grabbing. No shame

    1. Woa ?????
      GOPer’s knocking Biden ‘hugs’?
      They forget Trump’s grab ass issues?
      I don’t believe this shit!
      GOPer’s do something it’s ok
      Dem’s do something it’s headline BAD NEWS????

  26. So in your 3:23, you imply that Biden is the heavy favorite for the nomination?

    Biden would start out at or near the top of the pack, but I give his odds at best one in four – and I feel I am being generous.

    1. In polls with only Dem’s ?
      Biden tends to hold the lead Z
      That should make him the Democratic Front Runner…..

  27. Yeah Republican sensibilities over sexual matters only extends to Democrats.

    Another area where their rabid support of ol” pussy , pussy, pusdy ” just shows more of their well known hypocrisy.

    Republicans…Strictly of the do as I say not as I do ilk.

  28. Greetings from London, but as fires rage near my home in Sonoma I would rather be there. The fires literally came up while we flew here from SFO.

    We just went to see “Labour of Love” a historical play about one Member of Parliament who represented a Yorkshire constituency that he didn’t really fit given his posh background. I was surprised at the number of jokes I got.

    The Harris discussion is extremely pre-mature. Folks tend to forget that we will elect a new Governor next year. Most likely Gavin Newsom, and the day after he is elected his Presidential exploratory committee will be formed.

    I have to double down on what Jack has been saying, Trump is the Republican Party. Case in point, anyone actually standing up for “LIDDLE” Bob Corker?? Anyone?

  29. 19th century Vice Presidents who succeeded to the Presidency upon their predecessors’ deaths never got elected (or even nominated) in their own right — neither John Tyler, Millard Fillmore, Andrew Johnson nor Chester A. Arthur. Fillmore did run four years later (1856) on the third-party fusion ticket of Whigs and Know Nothings (American Party), coming in third after James Buchanan (D) and John Frémont (R).

    The reverse is true of 20th-century VP’s — T. Roosevelt, Coolidge, Truman and LBJ, who all won both nomination and the White House at the next election. Gerald Ford succeeded after a resignation rather than a death, and won nomination but not the general election.


    Apart from the special case of Presidents who succeeded through the Vice Presidency, the 19th century also differs from the 20th. John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and Martin Van Buren were all elected to the Presidency while serving as Vice President. But John Breckinridge (1857-61) is the only 19th-century VP I can think of after Van Buren (apart from the special case of Fillmore) who won even a major-party nomination to the presidency, let alone the office itself, while serving as Vice President.

    The same is true of the early 20th century: Charles Fairbanks (1905-09), John Sherman (1909-12), Thomas Marshall (1913-21), Charles Dawes (1925-29) and Charles Curtis (1929-33) never (to the best of my knowledge) even sought a presidential nomination, let alone gained one. [In some cases this was due to special circumstance such as Sherman’s early death before completing his first term, or the defeat of the re-election of Hoover & Curtis in 1932.]

    But after that it became more common than not for Vice Presidents to run for President at some point:

    John N. Garner
    Henry A. Wallace
    Harry Truman
    Alben Barkley
    Richard Nixon
    Lyndon Johnson
    Hubert Humphrey
    Walter Mondale
    George H.W. Bush
    Dan Quayle (briefly)
    Al Gore

    [Joe Biden?]

    The exceptions since 1932 were:

    Spiro Agnew (resigned before the end of his second term)
    Nelson Rockefeller (not re-nominated as VP, although he’d run for Pres. several times before becoming VP in 1974.)
    Richard Cheney
    and (again)
    [Joe Biden?]

    1. I saw that Scott….


      What happens EVERYTIME the US does some sort of military action?

      Ten minutes AFTER the feel good thing?

      People start getting worried…

      Then the media starts asking questions…

      Then the WHOLE thing goes South…

      People need to read the NY Times guy’s piece…

      Some of the people in North Korea have been brain washed into thinking they would win even if the US nuked THEM….

      My worry and point?

      The US has 10,000 or more troops close to the DMZ….
      Seoul is 30 miles form the DMZ…
      No amount of US military muscle is gonna stop a LOT of people getting dead if the North Korea’s go after the South…That’s a Lot of possible body bags…

      And Trump would be Golfing after he gave the ‘go’ order and Mattis would probably try to do EVERYTHING in his power to stop such a cluster fuck…

      And EVERYTHING might be what it would come down to…

  30. The casualties from North Korea’s artillery and perhaps nuclear attack against South Korea (esp. Seoul) and Japan would more likely come closer to hundreds of thousands of lives lost than to mere thousands.

    The only logical conclusion about the Trump-Netanyahu attitude towards the Iran nuclear deal is that they want a pre-emptive strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities. No doubt a poll would show that GOP supporters also favor that method of cutting the Gordian knot.

    Needless to say, the result would cause an Arab and Muslim reaction that would be incredibly dangerous to Israel and Israelis (and, because of proximity, to Palestinians, Lebanese and Jordanians, too). It would be the one thing that would suspend or end the Saudi/Sunni vs Iranian/Shi’ite conflict. There would also, I imagine, be immense pressure within (largely Sunni) Pakistan to use her own nuclear weapons against Israel.

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