We Want YOU!

I’m proud to be moving along at this place for more than EIGHT YEARS…..

We have a dedicated group of guys who come to this place everyday to sit around and talk, debate and beat the keyboard keys ……

I post about Politics, National Security, Sports  and other things that hit the net’, newspapers or just about anywhere…..

Several of our regulars have impressed upon me the need for some new blood commenters here….

I agree…..



We’re looking for more people to jump into the on-line discussions here…..

And for those who seethe posts on facebook , twitter and other social media ?

Come on….

Don’t be shy….

Drop in and join the on line fun……


Crazies need NOT apply……

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63 thoughts on “We Want YOU!”

  1. James, you will be happy to know that I had a dream last night about this post. First time ever to the best that I can recall. In my dream, two new people actually addressed your request for new posters and responded – which made you exceedingly happy.

    My other dream from last night that I remembered was less interesting. I was planning to eat Cherios, but I will tell you anyway. I finished up the milk, so I had to eat the Cherios with a blend of skim milk and chocolate milk. Based on my recollection from my dream, I don’t recommend it.

  2. I’m surprised James wants RepubliCAN back.

    He’s the poster who offered the very technical explanation several years ago of why James belief that this site attracts thousands of visitors was faulty.

    The reason the site attracts few other posters ,beside the regulars, is simply that the regulars are the only people who daily visit the site.

    I mean simple logic is that if they’re not visiting the site they are not going to comment.

    This has been my point from the get go.James thinks that I am being critical of him in some manner.Im not just offering what I believe is the logical observation as to why there aren’t more posters.

    1. In fact the site does get over a thousand visits a day…

      Yes….extended comments DO convert to visits….

      But the site is actually SEEN by several hundred….

      The numbers explanation by RepubliCAN also applies to the major sites that claim tens of thousands of vistas/hits….

      I also noted that if check some of those sites Jack?

      You’ll notice the same people talk extensively like here…

      You’ll also notice that some people show up and don’t even talk about what the post is about….

      Oh, and about the ‘bots’?

      If I get a hundred ?

      Daily Kos and Breitbart have to get hundreds of thousands….

      Your point is so noted Jack…

      But we have steadily increased our weekly hits/visits here in the last few years and I’m happy to have you and the others who have helped me carry on when Ron gave up daily blogging….

      Props to the guys here at the Pdog!

      1. And I would welcome RepubiCAN back for one of his infrequent visits as I would for any of the old regulars….

        My only problems here was with the guy from Texas and the grizzly crew that CG invited to perform for a few weeks a few years ago….

  3. Your response is noted.

    I’m sure those larger sites get plenty of bots,but their total volume is so much more than yours that the comparison isn’t really apt.

    Now, as to why the site doesn’t generate more commenters?

    You have never satisfactorily answered that other than essentially saying,”I don’t know.”Accordingly ,my observation appears as good as any.We can quibble over numbers forever.The simple fact is whatever actual number of viewers there are,they can best be described as simply casual viewers who probably just drop by occasionally .

    Obviously, they re not interested in joining in the conversations here for whatever reason.After your invitation of two days ago,not a single person from the hundreds you cite as visiting here have taken up your offer.Actually that’s rather odd.

    One would think that reading your invitation , at least one or two of these hundreds would at least have offered some comment .

    Oh well…

    1. Well Jack?
      I’m NOT the only person who comments here
      So I’m NOT the person to hang this on….

      I spend a shitload of time running this place

      I need others to help us increase thee number of commentors …

      Any help would be appreciated!

  4. I’m not blaming you,nor am I being critical,although as I said earlier you take it that way.

    I’m just offering a logical explanation as to what is occurring.

  5. I don’t recall RepubliCAN ever being a regular. And I wonder why he always capitalized “CAN”. I mean if we learned anything over the last 20 years, the GOP can’t do anything other than borrow and spend and complain.

  6. Yes, even a blank website, like one I setup once, will attract bots like flies to honey. Especially if that site has a message board. Bots of all stripes:

    – Web crawlers/url indexers
    – Archiver bots
    – Email scrapers (ever wonder why your email is spammed?)
    – Spam bots (see this site)
    – Referrer bots – really a type of spam bot – their goal is to advertise their site to the site administrators!

    I couldn’t believe how many “hits” my blank placeholder website was getting! If I had added a message board it would have been even better.

    1. They want u to come back more often to comment RepubiCAN….

      And image how many of the hits big site list are actually bullshit?

      Like I said
      It’s ALL relative

  7. Zreebs,

    I am a born again Christian who grew up in the South. Like alot of southerners, my grandparents were Democrats. Now, we see Democrats as elitist, misguided, and intolerant. Some of that left-wing bigotry is in full display on this site at times…..

      1. But we keep nailing him to the wall here as he twists and turns to deal with a party leader that he says he doesn’t like….

  8. RepubliCAN,

    Thanks for sharing.

    I think the Democratic message is more complicated than the GOP message (maybe that comes across as elitist, but it is what I believe).

    with regard to tolerance, it is true that Democrats are fairly intolerant of what we perceive to be the intolerant, but even with that (for example), black people are more likely to be stopped by police, more likely to be arrested when stopped, more likely to be convicted, and more likely to receive longer sentences. Perhaps you believe that being more tolerant of the police would actually help reduce injustice, but I think the opposite is true. I would actually agree with you though that banning conservative speakers from college campuses is almost always misguided.

    I am hopeful that you respond with specific examples of where Democrats are misguided,intolrrant or elitist – preferably not by talking about the posters here, but Democrats on the national stage. If you do want to use an example of the posters here, use me.

  9. James,

    I’ll never support trump even though I admit that I agree with most of his policies (one notable exception: the wall). As health care, Puerto Rico, Scaramucci, and North Korea show, he’s not fit to serve – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. He’s so immoral he makes the Clintons look like saints – and that’s saying alot!

    Calling Republicans racists, deplorables, sexist, rednecks, etc… at every turn just makes Democrats come across as bigots. A little self awareness for some of you there. That’s what I meant, Zreebs.

    1. Interesting …..
      Thanks RepubliCAN…..

      You seem to be on the same page as CG here who feels the same as you about Trump ….
      Some of the guys here see things in absolutes….(I do not)

      There feeling is Trump leads the Grand Ole Party, so ALL Republicans agree with his actions…..

      Of course that isn’t true….

      But HE IS the head of the party and polls seem to say the most party members will hold their noses and support him?

      You view ?

  10. trump is the leader of the Republican party – for now. His support is weak and several Republicans I know have vowed to not support him again. trump could all come crashing down fast. Along the same line, I see Bernie Sanders as the defacto leader of the Democrats and the 2020 front runner as well. Your party needs to stop endorsing that wacko in his Senate races at least. I’d love to see a Vermont Republican replace him.

    1. Bernie Sanders is NOT a Democrat….

      In polling OF Democrats for 2020 Biden leads…Then Warren and now Harris….

      Sanders lost the nomination of the Democratic party..
      His choice to lead the Democratic party LOST…
      The people he endorses loses…
      His Single Payer bill will go NOWHERE…

      He is a legend in the Media’s mind….

  11. Not happening CAN, but those Republicans you know have already had their asses kicked by Trump, and that includes Lying Ted “I let him insult my father and my wife” Cruz. Trump runs your party CAN, get use to it.

  12. RepubliCAN,

    Thank you again for sharing.

    why do you call Sanders a wacko? I mean, I would define a wacko as beyond foolish. Surely you know that there were a lot of very smart people who did support him.

    I genuinely want to know where you are coming from. It can’t be just the name calling that upsets you. I mean, “wacko” isn’t any less insulting than the words you described that we use to describe Republicans. Is it?

  13. Polling for 2020 at this stage is meaningless. I don’t think either Sanders or Biden will get the 2020 nomination. But Sanders endorsement will carry a lot of weight.

    1. On Polling….

      I have addressed this question in the past….

      Polling this far out is NOT meaningless….

      Running for President IS about money….

      That money initially comes from big money backers ….

      The early polling will influence the early money support….

      Trump was a abnormality….
      He had his own money and he was a master at getting free media…

      So the Democrats for 2020 NEED to work on their early poll numbers….

      Especially if the field ends up being wide ….

      You could be right about the two NOT running…

      But so far?

      Sanders endorsements have meant nothing for people running for office…

      My feeling is if Biden DOES run?

      He will be the guy to beat….

  14. According to CNN Poll released this week,the results of which I posted here,

    79% of Republicans said that Donald Trump ” shared their vision” for their party.That is quite a bit more than”weak” as RepubliCAN described their support.

    James,whoever said “ALL” (your emphasis) Republicans agree with Trumps actions?I know I have said the “vast majority” do(see CNN Poll and others which regularly show him with around 75-80% support among Republicans ) and have identified him as “leader” of the Republican Party(he is) .Ive never said “all.” So please tell us who you are referring to with your”Some ofthe guys” routine.

    Indeed James, your criticisms of Republicans are often more vitriolic than those of the “guys” here.Maybe you were talking about yourself?

    1. We in fact have a couple of GOPer’s here that do NOT like Trump and are not happy that he is the leader of their party….

      On course this is just here….

      But it goes along with my view that Trump is NOT as popular as polling appears to make him…

      My mistake if you don’t mean all….

      It’s my thought that you are again ‘absolute’ on something….

      And I’m glad to hear you confirm my knocking Republicans….

      He, he, he…

      Kinda dilutes your….’James is a closet GOPer’ song, eh?

  15. James frequently distorts what other people say to cover up for his own foolish comments. But we all know that.

  16. I just don’t see “Trump come crashing down fast” – as RepubliCAN suggested. Why? Republicans could care less for example as to why Maniford worked for free (paid only by the Russians) as the campaign head after his stint of working on pro-Russian campaigns. So of course Republicans would side with Communists if that is what it took to oppose the Democrats. There is close to nothing that Trump can do that will make him lose his support. If he admits to raping women? Naah, most evangelicals still love him.

    1. In defense of RepubliCAN and CG….

      I HAVE posted here SEVERAL piece which point to the softening of Trump’s support around the edges…

      Our two just happen to be in that softening group….

      In fact RepubliCAN is correct…

      There is a narrative running on who the GOPer’s are that is out there that isn’t true…

      Just like the Republicans shopping around that Sanders is the holy grail of the Democrats…

      The Russian thing is also without fact…

      Since Trump has come into office ?

      The REPUBLICANS have done EVERYTHING they can to rip Trump form his wet dream of getting in bed with Putin…

      That dream is costing him heartburn and COULD very well cost him his job…

      Right now it’s costing him and his buddies TONS of lawyer money…(Trump is using his campaign money for the bills , a real stand up guy, eh?)

      Politics IS perceptions…

  17. It was a purposeful” mistake.”

    You seem to play this little game whereby you continually bash Republicans, then ,when one of the other posters(usually Keith or I) do, you leap to their defense.Then you make accusations that you have not the least bit of evidence for, as you did when claiming that “some of the guys” …as I cited above.It was a lie ,you knew it was ,but you wrote it anyway.

    As to CG and RepubliCANs not “liking” Trump ?So?

    They both support most of his policies ,so what’s the big deal.RepubliCAN admits that he does .

    Your “thoughts” are meaningless to me James.They change by the hour.You are the most well known person here for making “foolish comments” as as Zreebspoints out above and for continuously contradicting your self,often in the same post.

    As for your contention that you aren’t a”closet” Republican?Who knows ?I mean after all,as you say,”people can be more than one thing,”


  18. James, you can quit your slobbering over RepubliCAN .I guess in some desperate attempt to keep him coming back..

    The guy forthrightly admits that he supports Trump even though he doesn’t “like” him.

    Apparently,you haven’t even read his comments.

    As usual,you simply embarrass yourself.

    1. He, he, he…..


      Did YOU read his comments….

      He says he would NOT vote for the guy now….

  19. Of course Trump won’t come crashing down anytime soon, if at all. The Republicans in Congress won’t move on him as long as they are in power. They are afraid of the Republican base. So, it depends on what happens in 2018 right? If the Democrats get the House back things will change quickly.

    That it why the Virginia and New Jersey off-year elections will be the “canary in the coal mine” for Republicans (especially Virginia, and state that the Republicans gerrymandered to the hilt when they were in power). If the Democrats make gains in the Virginia legislature they will show they can flip districts that were designed to put them at a distinct legislative disadvantage. It will also show us if the Democratic base is more motivated than the Republican base, something I believe to be true.

    That’s why I also mentioned yesterday that I think it is entirely possible for the Democrats to win the House back given Nate Cohen’s statistical model, and stay close in the Senate. Of course that prompted a hissy fit from our resident self-proclaimed pollster.. I made one error, Nate used Obama’s 2008 election results and laid them over the current House map.

    I think the Democrats will flip both the Arizona and New Mexico Senate seats, and, if that happens, they should at least stay close to the current division. And yes, I know, the Democrats will have trouble defending seats in Indiana and Missouri.

    But, people seem to forget that Trump and the Republicans are extremely unpopular at the moment. If this continues, and I have no expectation from what we have seen this weekend that it won’t continue, then 2018 will turn into a wave election.

    I won’t go into the silly predictions of what might happen in 2020. Chris Christie was supposed to be the Republican nominee in 2016 remember? I am sure Jack and Zreebs do. Folks like Bernie and Biden won’t be nominated at the age of 78, it won’t happen unless the Democrats have become desperate (and to quote our host, “that ain’t happening”).

    1. And Trump will have to get thru Robert Mueller’s throw down….

      THAT IS going to interesting and could be brutal….

    2. Donald Trump is currently 71 years of age….

      He’d be 75 going into a second term….

      NO ONE is talking about his age….(And few that he’s residing in a Alternate Universe)

  20. Yeah “slobbering.”

    Another one of your corny views”absolutist?”If by that you mean that I accept what Republicans say about their views and beliefs.Yeah I am.

    I presume by your criticism of my view that you don’t believe that.So,I guess you believe CG and RepubliCAN are liars.I don’t.I respect their views while vigorously disagreeing with them.

    Once again another one of your well known irrelevant “points.”

    Then again maybe they are “closet Democrats?You know James,tyat “more than one thing” garbage you throw out?

    Silly of course.

    Both are simply Republicans.Why can’t you accept that?

  21. Paul Ryan ,who has accused Trump of being a racist in the past now says that Trumps “heart is in the right place.”

    Ryan, one of the Republicans that James used to tell us was going to put Trump in his place, gives wimps a bad name.

  22. Careful there Scott.

    You’ll be accused of being an “absolutist.”

    See in Jamesworld, this comment by Ryan doesn’t mean much.Sure he said it but he’s “really” against Trump.

    He is “more than one thing.”

    So this?Just being a pro Trump “thing”today.but who knows?Tomorrow he might say something nti Trump that James likes and he will be citing him as an example of an anti Trump Republican.

    Weird?Sure but in Jamesworld?All “things” are possible.

    1. In fact Ryan has REPEATILY disagreed with things said and done by Trump….

      THAT is one of the reasons Boehner is having a good laugh and enjoying his retirement from his old second job….

  23. Yeah he’s called Trump a racist.

    Now he says his “heart is in the right place.”

    So which is it ?

    Ryan is Afraid to take a stand because he’s scared to alienate the Majority of Republicans who support Trump.

    Tell me James all the issues where Ryan disagrees with Trump.

    “More than one thing?”Maybe in that that dream world where you sit around making excuses for Republicans.

    In my world?Hes a two bit coward and wimp.

    1. Ryan disagree’s with Trump list….

      Arpaio Pardon



      Establishment Republicans and the way they run Congress


      Maybe I can think of some more later….

      1. Ryan may be worried , but in the end he will join with McConnell to get important stuff done….

        And it will be up to McConnell and Ryan to do those things on THEIR terms….

        It IS ironic….

        Ryan got the Speaker’s job because he bitched about Boehner doing things without consulting the rest of the House members….
        He now finds himself RIGHT BACK where Boehner WAS keeping shit under wraps before dropping it on other GOPer’s to vote on….

        Yes Jack….
        They ARE Two faced….

      2. And I make NO excuses for Republicans….

        But as I have done from the first post here?

        I WILL point out bullshit from Democrats in addition to it coming from Republicans….

  24. The Bullshit here is mostly from you.

    I asked you to address Issues.instead you “listed” insignificant matters like Arpaio.

    Ryan has been desperately trying to gut Obamacare.Is now trying to pass a massive tax cut for the wealthy.Has done nothing on immigration.All issues you “claim” to care about.

    He’s been totally ineffective At doing much of anything.All you’ve done is excuse his ineffectiveness by reciting some matters where he said he “disagreed “with Trump on personnel type matters.As to DACA?What exactly has Ryan done?Nothing.

    Tell us all the things that Ryan and McConnell have gotten “done.”

    You have offered nothing of significance on real issues.

    You spend a great deal of time blasting Bernie Sanders who ,whether you like it or not,is the most popular figure among real Democrats and your hatred of Elizabeth Warren is well known

    Instead you spend most of your time defending people who advocate policies you “claim” to oppose.If you “really” believed in these policies you,not me, should be criticizing the likes of Ryan.

    And here you are defending the wimp..Not surprising however.

    1. I stand by my agreeing with you Jack AND disagreeing with ya….

      And just to make ya feel better?

      I shall REPEAT…..

      Bernie Sanders is NOT a Democrat….

      In polling OF Democrats for 2020 Biden leads…Then Warren and now Harris….

      Sanders lost the nomination of the Democratic party..
      His choice to lead the Democratic party LOST…
      The people he endorses loses…
      His Single Payer bill will go NOWHERE…

      He is a legend in the Media’s mind….


      Elizabeth Warren is just a sideline player….

      On Paul Ryan?

      My views are here and speak for themselves….

      You’re just cranky tonight….

      I’m used that….

  25. Paul Ryan opposes everything the Democratic Party stands for.Proudly..

    Why do you defend him James?

    What “bullshit” are you talking about?

    The fact that Ryan once referred to Trump as a racist and now says his ” heart is in the right place?”

    Is that the ” bullshit” you are talking about?

    You simply refuse to admit that the vast majority of Republicans support Donald Trump.You don’t want it to be true so,with no evidence whatsoever, you claim they don’t.
    You see James it’s stuff like that which is the real


  26. How my times are you going to repeat the exact same thing? Maybe if you can prove, for example, that endorsements usually matter, you can explain your talking points beyond the once sentance. Usually, most people stop repeating themselves when they turn five. I don’t know what it is with you. Perhaps old age?

    Anyway, you may find it amusing when your grandchild repeats the same thing over and over, but it is not endearing when adults do it.

  27. He does this because he really has nothing to say.

    He must be the only person in the country that believes that Paul Ryan is qetting “important stuff done.”

    I ask him what?He has no answer.

    Then (and I confess I did this to bait him) I bring up Sanders and Warren and like the dog chasing the car he’s all over it.He can’t help himself.

    He is far more critical of Democrats than he is this useless Republican Paul Ryan whom he seemingly “admires” in some way.

    And when confronted with this,all he can do is call me what?cranky.A common tactic when he is confronted with questions he either does not want to or can’t answer.

    Better to just repeat his talking points over and over and over.

    No he’s got nothing to say.

  28. I wouldn’t mind James going back to a topic if he was willing to provide some insight. For example, James frequently cites that Sanders choice for Democratic chair lost – albeit in a close election. He uses this as an example to illustrate that Sanders won’t get nominated. Perhaps he can illustrate that prior Democratic nominees have been very influential in these votes. For example, perhaps James can illustrate that we could have foreseen Michael Dukakis’s nomination because the long shots that Dukakis endorsed almost always won. But the reality is that in most cases endorsements don’t matter. Some do. For example, an endorsement by Teddy Kennedy usually increased the odds that his candidate would get nominated.

    But just saying “His choice to lead the Democratic party LOST…” is totally meaningless to everyone who has thought for more than one minute about the topic. James spends a lot of time replying to posts. We would all prefer that he spent more time using discretion in what he writes. But he doesn’t care if he comes across as foolish, so how are we supposed to respond?

  29. The Democratic and Republican National Committees’ memberships are totally different from the voters in a Democratic, Republican or cross-partisan primary election.

    (They’re even different from the 50-odd state, commonwealth and territorial Democratic and Republican committees, which often select the state or territorial party chairman, national committeeman and national committeewoman.)

    When a party wins a presidential election or re-election, it’s my impression that the National Party Chairman is someone of the President’s choosing, or at least not opposed by the President.

    But when a party loses such a national election, there’s usually a lot of reappraisal, if not recrimination, often resulting in a change of National Party Chairs (for example, Dean Burch, chosen as GOP Natl Chairman by the Goldwater campaign and national convention of 1964, but replaced in 1965.)

    So the failure of Keith Ellison to become Donna Brazille’s successor as Democratic National Chair says almost nothing about the effect of Bernie Sanders’ endorsement of another candidate for another office.

    1. Ok DSD….


      He WAS Sanders guy and if he had won?

      The credit WOULD HAVE gone to Bernie….

      Almnost nothing….But not quite….

  30. Just think. If the NRA had their way Stephen Paddock would have been able to use a silencer–which almost certainly would have led to more loss of innocent life in Lax Vegas last night.

  31. Trump sent his “warmest condolences” to the victims in Las Vegas, what are those? Republicans Senators who voted against the assault weapons ban are sending their condolences. Really? Over 50 people are already dead.

    My mother, in one of her better profane political rants over the “sending thoughts and prayers line,” once said, “put your thoughts and prayers in one hand, and then shit in the other, see which one weighs more.” Very appropriate for this morning I think.

    A comprehensive assault weapons ban would weigh more. When is Congress going to get busy? When will Paul Ryan, that guy who will stand up to Donald Trump, going to let an assault weapons ban come to the floor of the House.

  32. It’s what I meant Jack. Attacks with assault weapons have doubled since the 2005 expiration of the ban.

  33. Sorry my post was on the wrong thread.

    I was responding to James post about Paul Ryan and the gun bills in the House alittoe not do veiled sarcasm.

    Yesterday he posted that Ryan was getting important stuff done in the House.

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