Puerto Rico : Time For Statehood?

puerto rico

Puerto Rico, that small island in the Caribbean which has suffered so much in this season of hurricanes, is in ruins.

Decades of miss-management, downright greed and stupidity have undermined this unincorporated territory of the United States.

Puerto Rico was bankrupt before the hurricane, it is a basket case now.


Americans need to see Puerto Rico as different and special, because unlike the other islands that have suffered so badly these last couple of months, Puerto Rico is American and its people are American Citizens with all the rights of their mainland cousins.

Now with no power, little clean water, food or fuel Puerto Rico is in dire straits.  There is little in the way of communications, cell or landline, and the initial calculations are that it will be at least six months before there is a return to some normalcy.

This is colossal damage.

3.4 million people are suffering now, and all of them AMERICAN citizens.

This is not some distant a third world crisis, this is America’s own we are talking about.  In her own back-yard.  Should they be placed at the back of the queue?

Maybe when he goes there in a few days’ time, Donald might offer them full statehood as the 51st state of America to go along with the massive aid that they need?

The opportunities for Trump (should he choose to take them) are outstanding…..


9 thoughts on “Puerto Rico : Time For Statehood?”

  1. Historically, the GOP aligned with the pro-statehood party (now the New Progressive Party, which also has members who identify with the mainland Democrats), while the mainland Democratic Party aligned with the pro-commonwealth Popular Democratic Party.

    But without some quid pro quo (as happened when Hawaii, then leaning GOP, and Alaska, then leaning Democratic, were both admitted in 1959), Jack’s right: it’s now very hard to conceive of circumstances where there would be the necessary Republican votes in both the House and the Senate to admit Puerto Rico as the 51st state.

  2. If you think Republicans are going to admit a new state ,guaranteed to elect two New Democrats to the US Senate,you’re much more naive than even I thought(and that is quite a bit).

    Of course everyone here knows of your total naïveté regarding Republicans.

    And explain to us how this disaster will “change the equation.”


    1. I have stated in the past the objection of Republicans to PR as a state….
      Nevertheless I STILL believe that it needs to be a state…..
      And yes…..
      Like Katrina
      There IS GONNA be a drop in the population of the place which will blue up Florida…

      Can some of them settle down in Texas?

  3. Yeah Puerto Ricans moving to FL coupled with old Cubans still pissed about Castro dying off could give the state a bluer tint.

  4. Nope, too many Democrats live there, but, of course, now they will be living in Florida. And, as citizens of our great country, they will be eligible to vote next year.

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