The next Governor of Jersey is probabaly going be a Democrat….

Chris Christie has done his party NO favors…..

GOP gubernatorial hopeful Kim Guadagno‘s campaign was hit with a bucket of cold water by a new poll Monday, less than a week after a separate survey suggested her rival’s lead over her to succeed Gov. Chris Christie wasn’t that wide.

A new survey on the race shows Democratic hopeful Phil Murphy with a nearly 20 percent point lead — 44 percent to 25 percent — over Guadagno, Christie’s second in command, according to the Suffolk University/USA TODAY Network Poll. Among “very likely voters,” Murphy’s lead drops a percentage point: 45 percent to Guadagno’s 27 percent.

Late last week, a Fox News poll showed Murphy’s lead at only 13 percentage point — representing the smallest gap between the two.

But that was short lived.

Making matters worse, Christie could be one of the largest factors hurting Guadagno’s chances.

Is Murphy's lead over Guadagno that wide?

A new poll from Fox News also shows 62 percent of voters are not happy with how things are going in New Jersey.

After “don’t know,” “Chris Christie” was the first word or phrase that came to mind when people heard Guadagno’s name, according to the poll. Fifteen percent thought of Christie, followed by 7 percent “Republican” and 6 percent “lieutenant governor.”….


Democratic Socialist Dave
There’s been a very slight, fairly-recent trend for New Jerseyans to elect a Governor from the party opposed to the sitting President: not so strong as Virginia’s was until Terry McAuliffe’s election under Obama in 2013, but parallel perhaps to New York City’s partial tendency to elect such Mayors. (Those are the three most prominent offices to come up for election the year after a presidential election.) [For years where some sort of pattern can be seen:] Governors of Virginia Jan. 1977 Jimmy Carter –… Read more »