About the iPhone X facial recognition?……

Apple is gonna sell million of the new iPhone X’s…..

The phone unlocks itself by reading several thousand  data points on  its owners face…..

Image result for iphone X faCIAL RECOGNITION

That picture data of your face gets stored in the phone AND in an Apple iCloud server…..

Once Apple has that info?

Who knows what they could do with it?

CEO Tim Cook bravely refused to help authorities access the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone over privacy concerns—specifically taking the stance that deciding when to provide assistance and when not to help law enforcement is too slippery a slope for a publicly traded company vested with zero legal authority over such matters.

With the obvious caveat that no Silicon Valley company is ethically spotless in the land of data monetization, Apple is more privacy true-believer than not when compared to its cohorts in the corporate sector. To be clear: This doesn’t mean to say that Apple isn’t in the information business, because it is. But in general, under Tim Cook’s leadership, the company has been sensitive to the issue of consumer privacy.

And this is precisely why the latest iPhone whizzbang—or privacy field test, if you will—is puzzling, because the use of facial recognition technology raises serious questions about security and privacy.

Granted, the particular technology driving Face ID, for the time being, seems difficult to spoof without a fair amount of expensive equipment and buckets of technical acuity, but in the world of hacking exploits, all things crack with the application of enough time and pressure…..



Please understand….

NO cell phone is completely secure…..

And Apple saying it will fight to secure your privacy is nice , but NOT the last word….

Hackers have gotten into phones….

The government, if want to can get into your phone…..

Open server’s by their nature are NOT immune to hacking and if the Fed’s REALLY want you face ID from Apple?

They ARE gonna get it…..

Apple NEEDS Federal ok’s to do it’s business and the guys running the government now ain’t like the guys that used to….

I’ll upgrade to the iPhone 8, thank you….


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