Why would Senator Murkowski change her mind and vote for a Healthcare Repeal?

She gets virtually NOTHING in return politically…..

And her state gets less…..

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There are plenty of reasons to think she won’t support this bill. Murkowski already took a political risk in July when she voted down the last repeal bill. She was hailed as a hero for it by many in Alaska, too, greeted by hugs and flowers when she went back home. She’s also not up for reelection until 2022, and this photo of her hula-hooping soon after that vote seemed to show a liberated senator living her best life and not looking back.

But there’s a simpler reason, too. It’s just math.

Various experts have already explained why Alaska would lose under the Graham-Cassidy bill.

 Avalere Health, a consulting firm, said the bill would yield an 11 percent loss in federal funding in the state, or $1 billion, between 2020 and 2026. Groups like Kaiser and the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities show similar numbers. Even the Centers for Medicare for Medicaid Services, which has the rosiest numbers, shows a negative effect on Alaska.

Murkowski’s governor also opposes the bill, and on Friday, Alaska’s health department unveiled a new report projecting that Graham-Cassidy would mean a 65 percent cut in federal funding for the state by 2026.

Those are terrible numbers, and they’ve left bill supporters desperate to figure out a way to win over Murkowski. One idea that’s been floated is to create a carve-out for the state. In that scenario, the bill would be amended to let Alaska keep Obamacare while it’s repealed for nearly every other state.

Murkowski hasn’t said if she’d bite on something like that. But a longtime Republican operative familiar with the dynamics at play in Alaska said the senator is better off not taking any deal on this bill ― and she likely knows it….


image of Murkowski being greeted after voting against the first Republican repeal bill in the US Senate…Shareblue

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10 thoughts on “Why would Senator Murkowski change her mind and vote for a Healthcare Repeal?”

  1. Graham and Cassidy are getting so desperate that they are gone to peddling handouts to various GOP Senators to try to get their votes….

    Bottom lines is that no matter what?

    States WOULD take MASSIVE hits under the latest repeal effort….

    ….Senate Republicans have made last-minute changes to an ObamaCare repeal bill to try and win over senators who are wary of the measure.

    Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-N.C.) and Bill Cassidy (R-La.) have adjusted their bill to repeal ObamaCare to help states home to lawmakers that have said they wouldn’t back a previous form of the bill, Politico reported Sunday.

    Arizona, Kentucky and Alaska would each see an increase in federal funding under the law, instead of losing federal dollars as they would have under the original bill.
    Arizona’s funding would increase by 14 percent, while Kentucky’s would jump up by 4 percent and Alaska’s by 3 percent…..

    More @ http://thehill.com/news-by-subject/healthcare/352187-gop-changes-graham-cassidy-bill-to-win-over-senators-wary-of-the

  2. Rand Paul stays a ‘NO’…..


    AP Politics‏@AP_Politics
    BREAKING: Spokesman says GOP Sen. Rand Paul opposes party’s health care bill despite revisions, latest blow to Republican hopes.

    ABC News Politics‏ @ABCPolitics
    Sen. Susan Collins says it would “very difficult” to envision herself voting for Graham-Cassidy health care bill. http://abcn.ws/2y3cn8b

  3. The Main Event is at 9 p.m. EDT tonight on CNN — an eve-of-battle tag-team match between “Red” Sanders (Ind.) & “Northwoman” Klobuchar (DFL) versus “Doc” Cassidy & “Flyboy” Graham.

    [ James will no doubt note that neither of the anti-Graham-Cassidy debaters comes from a pure, undiluted Democratic party, since Minnesota’s DFL is a merger of the Democrats with the Farmer-Labor Party.]

  4. Rep Louis Gohmert of Texas has suggested John McCain be “recalled” and replaced with someone who would support Graham/ Cassidy. He claims suffering from cancer has made McCain unfit to serve.
    Of course there is no recall provision for Senators. But Republicans don’t care much for the details when they are so filled with hate.

  5. Sure…..

    This guy could get the recall set up in a few hours?….Really?….From the sublime to the ridiculous?

  6. Maybe they could write that “replacement” provision into their next version of their Obamacare repeal bill Scott.

  7. Gomhert is a tool, but had McCain cast a vote against Obamacare since his diagnosis, I have no doubt that there would be comments here (at least from one person) stating that cancer has impacted his judgment and he is not fit to serve and others here on the left would have looked the other way.

  8. Sen Collins confirm’s she will NOT vote for Graham/Cassidy ……

    The bill is dead like the last attempt

    I doubt there will be a vote

    Murkowski now has cover to join the no vote GOPer’s…..

    Congress must vote to now SUPPORT the existing program…..

  9. I do believe that the anthem stuff is ALREADY A MISDIRECTION MOVE like he did all
    Last year during the campaign …..

    The media is ALWAYS gonna take the hook on this diversionary tactics…

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