Graham/Cassidy Repeal Healthcare Bill would cut money to NY and CA and add over 300% to 14 Small Republican States!….


The Republicans in the US Senate are trying to pull a bank robbery on the states in this country that have the LARGEST amount of people and send the money to their own by trying to resurrect Medicaid block grants for the states….Small Republican states would get YUGE amounts of Federal money while larger Democratic states with BIGGER populations would lose Billions…..Even some of the Republican Governors are NOT for Graham/Cassidy…

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Lindsey Graham is trying to get something done that Bill Clinton shitcanned back in 1995….

“Let’s get back to the basics of being conservative,” Graham said in a Saturday interview with Breitbart News. “We take the money that we would spend on Obamacare in Washington, and we block grant it to the states.”

What’s new, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, is a discrepancy in state-by-state funding that would be flattened out by the block grants. Most states used the ACA’s funding to expand Medicaid; some Republican-run states, liberated by the Supreme Court’s decision to make the funding optional, did not. As a result, 14 of the 15 states that would stand to gain from block grants are run by Republicans; Democratic megastates including California, New York and Massachusetts would lose billions of dollars, a feature both Graham and Cassidy have talked up to conservatives.

“We will either have to kick hundreds of thousands of people off of health care, or we will have to dramatically increase taxes,” said Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), in one of a string of Monday night floor speeches by Democrats.

“No longer will four blue states get 40 percent of the money,” said Graham to Breitbart. “A state like Mississippi, they get a 900 percent increase. South Carolina gets 300 percent.”

Graham, elected in 1994’s “Republican revolution” to his first term in the House, was present for Capitol Hill’s first serious block-grant campaign. In 1995, in one of many attempts to devolve power from Washington, congressional Republicans teamed up with governors to both cap Medicaid spending and chop up the program’s funding in “MediGrants,” for each state to apply to their own designs.

The proposal died after President Bill Clinton — using one of the pens Lyndon Johnson used to enact Medicaid — vetoed it, denouncing the “wrongheaded cuts” favored by Republicans.

“The president has to realize that Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society has failed,” said Newt Gingrich, then the House speaker…..



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9 thoughts on “Graham/Cassidy Repeal Healthcare Bill would cut money to NY and CA and add over 300% to 14 Small Republican States!….”

  1. GOP Health Bill Would Cut Funds and Raise Costs for Sick, Analysts Say

    The latest Republican proposal to repeal and replace Obamacare cuts federal health-care funding while potentially increasing costs for people with pre-existing conditions, according to two independent analyses.

    The bill, backed by Republican Senators Lindsey Graham, Bill Cassidy, Dean Heller and Ron Johnson, would cut U.S. spending on the Affordable Care Act’s expansion of health coverage by about $81.6 billion through 2026, according to an analysis by consultancy Manatt Health. When the bill’s caps on the broader Medicaid program are included, spending would drop by $215 billion, according to consulting firm Avalere…..

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    1. Jimmy Kimmel weighs in….

      ‘Bill Cassidy just lied to my face,’ Jimmy Kimmel says of new GOP health bill

      The last-ditch Republican effort to repeal Obamacare suffered a bruising verbal assault Tuesday night from TV comedian Jimmy Kimmel, whose emotional appeal against an earlier GOP health care bill — sparked by his infant son’s near-death congenital heart problem — prompted one Senator to promise a “Jimmy Kimmel test” on new legislation.

      That senator and co-sponsor of the latest bill, Republican Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, took the brunt of Kimmel’s onslaught. Under the Jimmy Kimmel test, which Cassidy coined on Twitter, GOP legislation must ensure no family should be denied medical care because they can’t afford it….

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  2. Graham/Cassidy seems to be right where the last repeal effort ended up being…..

    Hard No’s
    Sen Paul
    Sen Collins

    Just said today he’s at the same place as the last vote
    Sen McCain

    Sen Murkowski
    She was received as a hero back home for her vote AGAINST the last repeal bill…..

    Despite the media noise ?
    This may not even come up for that advertised vote
    Next. Thursday right before the end of the month deadline….

  3. What part of compromise is this bill? I guess they all still forgot how legislation really gets passed, no one is happy with the end result…

    1. There is NO compromise in the bill….

      As was pointed out?

      This is a rehash of a Republican 1995 try that Bill Clinton vetoed….

      1. Nevada GOP gov rips ObamaCare repeal bill: Flexibility it promises ‘a false choice’

        Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval (R) on Thursday amped up his criticism of the new plan to repeal and replace ObamaCare, saying the GOP bill would “pit Nevadans against each other.”

        “Flexibility with reduced funding is a false choice,” Sandoval said in a statement to The Nevada Independent. “I will not pit seniors, children, families, the mentally ill, the critically ill, hospitals, care providers, or any other Nevadan against each other because of cuts to Nevada’s healthcare delivery system proposed by the Graham-Cassidy amendment.”….

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  4. Graham Cassidy has a whopping 24% support. 69% want to fix Obanacare. Republicans are going off the cliff on this–all because of their blind hatred of anything Obama.

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